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Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 19:07
Brainstorming Session:  Game Discussion
This is a place to have open discussion about the results as developed during the FATE Game design brainstorming session
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Sun 5 Feb 2017
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Brainstorming Session:  Game Discussion
In reply to Rhytch (msg # 1):

Warren posted this over in Three Hammers, but I'd like to x-post it here for discussion:

Greetings All
I had a few extra Questions that I think we need to touch on and define.

1.  What is the nature of Faster Then Light travel?
2.  Is there currently more that type of FTL Drive, if so what?
3.  What is the Cost of FTL travel to the average being?
4.  What Esper powers are not possible or known?
5.  Are the Espers regulated?
6.  If Espers are regulated by who?
7.  How many alien alien races?
8.  Who are they and what do they look like? (we know one Thanicons)
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Wed 15 Feb 2017
at 14:34
Brainstorming Session:  Game Discussion
In reply to Rhytch (msg # 2):

1:  Resonant Cavity Quantum Tunneling.
2:  Yes, but it's Alien and that crap shouldn't work.
3:  About the financial equivalent of an Alaskan Cruise.
4:  Unknown.
5:  "Plus - I can kill you with my brain." - River Tam.  I'm sure there's no reason to regulate that sort of thing...
6:  That's "Need to know"...
7:  Lots.
8:  Who cares?  They're "just aliens - they all look icky."
Robert Sharpey
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Mon 20 Feb 2017
at 18:39
Cost of space travel in relative terms
In reply to Rhytch (msg # 3):

Of these, the reply to question 3 (relative cost of space travel) was an important one.

Having the cost of flying to another system "About the financial equivalent of an Alaskan Cruise" means that there is enough space traffic that spaceports will not be ghost towns and spacers are not automatically rock stars (at least at major ports), both of which are important for role playing.
Robert Sharpey
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Mon 20 Feb 2017
at 18:58
Nature of FTL
In reply to Rhytch (msg # 3):

What is the special effect of "Resonant Cavity Quantum Tunneling"?

Is it some form of jumping or traveling from Point A to Point B (through some method/medium)?

For RP purposes, this matters as it determines if FTL traveling like a cruise (where it takes some time to get there, incidentally allowing interaction between crew and passengers and the possibility of piracy between the stars) or if it is instantaneous (meaning crew/passenger interaction and the possibility of piracy only happen in-system).

Also, if it is some form of jumping, are there limits to accuracy or where in the system we can (safely) appear?

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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 21:23
Nature of FTL
In reply to Robert Sharpey (msg # 5):

It is a "Jump" Technology that is incredibly complicated.  It takes a good while to generate the needed power to conduct the jump and it needs to occur in "Stable" space where gravametric anomalies are minimized so the Resonant Cavity can be created and maintained.  There is a HUGE burst of power and the Jump is instantaneous to the target, but there is an energy "reflection" at the source that can be extremely hazardous.

Therefore, a Jump involves moving to an out-of-the-way place; conducting extensive sensor scans to generate a gravametric potential map; crunching the numbers through a very powerful computer to calculate the energy output and configuration of the Resonant Cavity; building up a sufficient charge to power the Resonant Wave Packet burst; then arriving instantaneously at the target location.

Systems with trade routes have pre-calculated "Sweet-spots" in their systems that are often used by most commercial and military ships.  These spots are marked by navigational buoys and are often patrolled (and tarriffed).