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Rules and Game System
Welcome to code_name_hero! This is a very relaxed game, meant to be fun and interesting. There will be, however a couple rules: those of the game system and the game itself.

The Window
Window is code_name_heroís system. It has three simple rules called The Three Precepts. This system is demanding, however, in the way that it requires mature players. If you follow these simple rules, the story will be a breeze.

First Precept:
"Everything about a Window character is described with adjectives rather than numbers."
Thereís only so much you can say about a person with a number. Adjectives and descriptions should be put in front of every numerical die value.
Ex. Renee is hardly stable (d20)
      Renee is insanely lucky (d8)

Second Precept:
"It is the actor's responsibility to play their role realistically."
Many authors struggle with this important concept. To put it how the Windows handbook puts it, if youíre shot, youíre shot. Youíre in pain. You do not leap to your feet and sing a ballad, unless the situation accepts that. This also goes for emotional trauma, stress, and fear. Additionally, you need to separate your knowledge with your characterís knowledge. You as an author can read private messages in a post, but if is not intended for your character, you canít write about it.
Third Precept:
"A good story is the central goal."
Simply, the Third Precept means this: I, the GM, and you, the authors, are all working towards a central goal. A story. Strive for originality in your text and be willing to put the story before your character. However, know that I will NEVER do something to your character without your permission. While death is a part of this game, I will do my best to avoid horrible outcomes.

Types of Rolls

There are four types of rolls in the Window. The GM will view your role and send you information on the outcome via PM:
Success Rolls:
A basic roll. You set a target, and if you roll that number or one under you succeed! The typical target for rolls is a 6 or under.

Contest Rolls:
Contest Rolls are exactly what they sound like. Two players roll a die, and whoever rolls lower wins.

Health Rolls:
These relate to the second, and third precept. The higher number you get the more hurt your character is. You can exchange one rung of health in order to recover from a particularly bad wound - At the risk that your character will be in more pain later on, or could even die later down the line.

Plotting Rolls
Plotting Rolls can fall under any of the three above categories, but are made by the entire cast of characters. Depending on the numbers each player gets the scene will play out differently.

Game Rules

  • Feel free to ask the GM anything? Possible plots, any questions, or concerns about another player: I accept them all. You can do this in the OOC or private messages.

  • Nobody appreciates a bully. Itís understandable if your character is mean, we canít all be flowers. But any hostility in the OOC or excess brutality in character (past what is realistic) will earn you either a strict warning or being kicked from the game, depending on the infraction.

  • We like to be flexible for players, and we recognize that you have separate lives. However, if you are going to be out for an extended period of time, please say so in the OOC and state the reason.

  • I am dead-serious about this: I do not smile upon Mary/Marty-Sues, Godmodding, or metagaming. Creating a perfect characters, controlling other characters, making setting or items, and/or hurting other characters without EXPRESS permission from the GM is forbidden.

  • I might ask for you or all players to do a die roll. Please write the reason (Ex: Perception Check). After a die roll, the GM will send you information on what that roll achieved. You can use this information in your post, but no copying and pasting.

  • The main goal of this game is to have fun and tell a story. So letís do it!