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All about Lacaille and ProjectHERO

In the year x117 on the planet Earth, the world was cured of all it’s problems. Pollution and ecosystem damage has been reversed. War rarely happens, and both terrorism and discrimination have been eradicated. So has poverty and disease. In short, the world coexisted in peace and harmony.

Fast forward to x235. Businesses have blossomed and popped up in this new era of success. One of these businesses is Lacaille, an institution that specializes in mental health, education, technology, science. Lacaille is a corporation mainly responsible for how the world is today, and has many different branches and products that supports the world’s everyday needs.

Lacaille is renowned for many accomplishments, but one important one is their creation of hundreds of high quality private schools for an affordable price, scattered across the world. These luxury low-cost schools are so popular that more children in the world attend a Lacaille Academy than public school, to the point where governments simply handed their schools over to Lacaille, with the request to moderate most important decisions on education. These schools range from K-12 and even universities.

Recently, Lacaille has opened up a new branch called Asterix. Asterix’s purpose, unlike other Lacaille branches, is vague and secretive. The genius Nico Lacaille, founder and CEO of the famous company, stated that Asterix was born to “create a new era where the world is perpetually in wonder”.  According to several media sources, Asterix is almost entirely independent from Lacaille, with separate servers, security, and staff, all anonymous. Asterix is also apparently hiring experts in unrelated fields such as astrophysics, psychology, animation, nutrition,  military training, and virtual reality.

Asterix has announced that they have already have completed something called Project CGB, and are working on another called ProjectHERO. The purpose and results of these projects have not been released. Nico Lacaille, said to be involved with this project, has opened up a completely new compound for this project, in an unknown location.

Entirely coincidentally, a new aptitude test has been given to children ages 13-19 in all Lacaille schools, rumored to be very difficult to pass. All over the world, children wait to see the results.

Some Lacaille Schools (use this to determine your character's school):

  • Shinon High School of Fine Art (Japan)

  • Acadia University for Technology and Computer Science (Britain)

  • Hakabe Middle School (Japan)

  • Saint Cecilia’s School for Young Ladies(Spain)

  • West Creek High School (Prince Edward Island)

  • Eria University of Dance and Music (Germany)

  • The Moscow Institute for High Schoolers (Russia)

  • Blue Ocean High School (Australia)

  • Antila Middle School for Gifted Children (France)

  • Lincoln University of Law (Wasington D.C)

  • Westside Academy of Sports (Oregon)

  • Furījia Reform School for Middle and High Schoolers (Japan)

  • Côte d’Ivoire University (Côte d’Ivoire)

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