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The Ihystear
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Mon 6 Feb 2017
at 09:16
Hello all. This is a custom brewed campaign for Pathfinder.

As described in the Game Info, the campaign places you in a world where the gods have disappeared. What happens next will depend partly upon you and your party, but you are far from the only ambitious folk to seek a profit from this new world.

I recommend that you use PCGEN to maintain your character sheet as well as the website, since it has a handy area to keep track of spells, abilities, and so on.

Unfortunately, as Pathfinder seems to be in demand but in limited supply, I cannot approve every request to join the game. I am happy to accept lurkers and will open up all the threads for you to read. Please remember that creating additional rpol accounts, whether to play multiple characters or to gain an unfair advantage, is a bannable offense according to the rpol rules. Do so at your own risk.

At this time, the game is Not accepting applications.

Your RTJ should be within the following guidelines, else it will not be considered:

1) Do not post an entire character sheet.
2) Have a concept (Race, class, what makes them unique) at the least, a fully rolled character at best.
3) Be polite and grammatically correct. Text-speak will be ignored.
4) Have patience. I will attempt to respond as soon as I can, but I do have a busy schedule on some days.
5) Please indicate whether you'd like to join as a solo player or join a party.

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