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A list of important people and monsters that have appeared in the past. (This will be updated regularly.)

Cultists: Members of Illumina (The Dark Magic Guild) who believe entirely in their cause. They are going around causing havoc in the name of the Witch.

Dragons: Large, mythical creatures that are considered Gods in some regions. Though they take many forms, only the strongest of adventurers have faced this creatures and lived to tell the tale.

Mercenaries: Hired guns that are seen around the world. Due to the lack of business many have resorted to thievery and setting up false checkpoints in order to catch people unaware to make money.

Shades: Creatures of legend believed to be extinct. Their appearances differ, but they always seem to be an 'uncontained mist barely holding their form'. A group of adventurers reported seeing one several years ago, but this hasn't been confirmed as they claimed to defeat it.

Sorcerers/Witches: Terms that refer to people who can use a special type of magic that doesn't require incantation or magic circles. In Sias they are referred to as Sorcerers, in Mirosse they are refereed to as Witches.

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A list of spells the Party has heard the words for and seen the effects of.

Birai: A one word incantation that fires a laser like light that can reflect up to two times off of a smooth surface.
Dragner Nagur: A two word incantation that increases the users overall physical abilities.
Jioruk: A one word incantation that purges foreign mana and heals most bodily wounds. Can only be used once a week.
Radom: A one word incantation that causes an explosion where it is aimed at. The size of the explosion depends on the amount of mana put into it.
Rerudo: A one word incantation that creates a glasslike shield.
Yuruk: A one word incantation that increases the users speed.
Zagurzem: A one word incantation that creates a chain to increase the power of a spell fired at it.
Zeboru: A one word incantation that allows someone to project there presence onto a doll that they have marked.

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A list of powerful beings in the world that the party know of and may need to fight in the future.

Dragon Rider: A powerful man who rides a necrotic dragon. He wields a purple orb and appears to be able to command the undead.

The Witch: A woman who brought the world to its knees a thousand years ago. She eliminated the Great Spirits, and was only defeated after a long battle with Froscht.

The Four Great Witches

Amleth: The King of Cosmic Forces. The Great Witch who has mastery over magic that controls time, space, and gravity. Despite the faction within Illumina that wish to see him as their leader, he obeys Nezaria.

Nezaria: The Great Witch of the Fog. She leads Illumina, the Dark Magic Guild.

The Witch of Sias: A mysterious Witch who was named a Great Witch after only a single act, when she brought the Nation of Sias to its knees in a single night. She hasn't been spotted since. It is believed, that while she is acknowledged by Illumina, that she is not apart of the organization.

???: An Unknown Witch who keeps to themselves. Only a few people know who they are. It is believed that they do not belong with Illumina.

The Twelve

The First: Data unknown. They act as a go between of the Counsel and the Twelve.

The Seventh (Vivian Frixell): A Witch who specializes in close combat fighting, she has mastery over sorcery that allows her to control Earth.

The Eighth: The Thunder Emperor, one of the few male witches. However, his activity within Illumina has been severely limited. It is believed that he may have left the organization.

The Twelfth: Nothing is known about this Witch. Other then the fact that they exist. Their job and abilities are unknown.

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