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Mon 13 Feb 2017
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Requesting to join this game means that you acknowledge and agree with all that is written here. If you have questions, feel free to ask them.

The Penultimate rule:

I. Need. Communication.

This is a PBtA game. Questions are it's life blood. When a new situation arises, I will not be overly descriptive of it, and instead will ask pointed questions towards the spotlight character as to what is going down most of the time. Ditto with villains, and sometimes hard moves.

Keep up a channel of communication with myself and others and we will get along just fine. With that out of the way:

1. My current work schedule consists of me working Tuesdays Thru Saturdays, with off days being Sunday and Monday. They are evening shifts and Sundays are usually my day of rest and social obligations. I will strive to post once-twice during my workdays and a bit more during my Off days. I reserve the right to hold off posting or answering questions if I'm awaiting an answer myself from another player. I will inform you all if that is the case.

While I'm not a post Nazi, I do expect a post rate of at least once a day during weekdays (Monday-Fridays) and at least once during the weekend. If I feel things are dragging, or if one or two player actions are holding thing up overly long, I reserve the right of asking for the posting rate to pick up, but that is only going to be when things drag.

As I stated earlier, I too have a 40 hour work week, and I quite understand if, after an 8 hour day you may want to crash. However, please be respectful of the off chance that everyone else may feel the same way and may have posted in spite of. It's not cool to have sacrificed sleep/rest/social time to make a post, then have to wait days for a person to muster up the same effort.

2. In an event that three days pass without at least an OOC post from you, I also reserve the right to inquire into your whereabouts and/or interest. No response to my inquiries will result in skippage and/or ejection from this game.

3. I will attempt to utilize the spotlight system in this game to keep things focused. I'm doing this to avoid players with more free time dominating the action over players who may have less free time. If I lay out a scene and ask for the response of certain characters, than the actions of characters outside that spotlight will play in the background of the spotlight character.

3a. When a character or characters has the spotlight, the scene will play out from his/her/their perspective. They will be the movers and shakers as to whether or not the scene moves forward, based on their actions.

3b. As implied above, I reserve the right to slow things down or speed things up as necessary. I may also swap the spotlight if the narrative calls for it, so be always ready.

4. Masks, like any PBtA game, is not a game where you propose a move then roll to see if it happens. In this game you do a move and then see what happens next. Let me re-emphasize this: You don't propose it, you do it. Just narrate what your character does and I'll be honest if what you said is possible. It'll most likely will be. If it isn't, I'll honestly explain why.

4a. As stated above, you do things. In short you don't say 'I'm Engaging a threat', you post your character narratively fighting the said threat. You post what you're doing to activate said move.

4b. I'm going to do an experiment here, that being that in certain situations, 'I' will roll the die based on if I sense a move is activated and a player missed it. This will prevent things from slowing while I await a roll result.

4c. Also, unless during an agreeable situation, I'm limiting moves to one per person until everyone had a chance to activate a move.


We have players A, B, C, D, and E. E Directly engaged a target. Since the roll failed, B spent a Team point to bump it up. C  Assesed The Situation. A and D posts, but haven't done a move yet. This means, that while E, B, and C can post, I reserve the right to hold off on move activation until A and D openly states that they are giving A, B, and C the go ahead.

5. Only two people have the right to call moves: Myself and the spotlight character(s) And even then, be mindful of 4c. If you don't have the spotlight (I'll address this next), then just post what you have your character do and if I feel it triggers a move that might make things interesting, I'll tell you. This may potentially slow things down, but ultimately, it'll keep things organized.

5a. I don't expect characters who don't have the spotlight to be static. Talking is a free action. If there are background tasks (saving civilians, preventing property damage, etc) than nine times out of ten, those are free actions as well, though keep in mind that I reserve the right to have you roll a move if I feel it'll make things interesting. The Nova, Doomed and Transformed especially (though in the right situation, everyone is fair game).

5b. Above all, COMMUNICATE. If you are unsure what to do, then say so and I'll make up something for you to do (which is another cool thing about Masks).

6. This final one is super important. Keep this in mind. Lock it in your heart. Throw away the key.


This is a game about comic book heroes. Your character is one of those comic book heroes. Thus, your character doesn't kill (on purpose). Your character will bend over backwards to avoid property damage if they can help it, hurting innocents and breaking the law is a no-no, etc.

Notice that this is a 'Mature' game, not an Adult one. This isn't one of those comics where a super hero gets delusions and do what they want cause there is no one to stop them.

This is a comic of Teenage super heroes who are trying to make a name for themselves within a city that already has a history of super heroism. I'm not saying that you character has to be a four-color "Say your prayers and eat your vitamins kids!" sort of character (Though if you're playing a Legacy, than a member of your legacy could very well be that lame). All I'm saying is that I expect heroic actions and thinking. Ignoring people that need saving inorder to take down a fleeing villian will be questioned. Purposely putting people in danger will be questioned. If you have the ability to be a good teammate but squander it doing something else, it will be questioned.

It's your character and you're free to play that character to the vision you see fit, but to that end remember what I said above.