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Mon 24 Apr 2017
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anime list
for those that want to recommend anime here's a location to do it in now.

A lull in the sea

Aesthetica of a rogue hero

Ah! My goddess

Amagi Brilliant Park

Asterisk wars

battle girls

Bodacious Space pirates

cat planet cuties


Fruit basket

Good luck girl

heavens lost property

immortal grand prix

interviews with monster girls


last exile

Last exile fam silver wing

Leviathan the last defense

love hina


Momo girl god of death

Moribito guardian of the spirit


Nadia secret of the blue water

ouran highschool host club

shakugan no shana

sol Bianca

spice and wolf

the galaxy railways (Trains in space)

the goddess is a middle school student

the third the girl with the blue eye

unbreakable machine doll