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The Judge
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Wed 22 Feb 2017
at 12:51
the tankery club area
this location is where the tankery class meets and where the tanks are kept in their sheds, and all maintenance and repairs are done on them before and after matches.

The tank shed looks from the outside to be a very large but old airplane hanger but inside there are stalls for the tanks lining the sides and rear, though most of these stalls sit empty and unused, in better days every stall had a tank and there where more then what could be held in the shed, to one side is a smaller building connected to the hanger, this is where ammunition is kept for the different tanks and also bulky spare parts that would be inconvenient to be kept in the tanks stall. In front of the hanger is a large dirt field fenced on all sides with two large gates one leading to the main street and one leading to the practice field.

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Elicia Scott
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Tue 30 May 2017
at 10:54
the tankery club area
Elicia pulled up outside of the club area with her duce and a half truck.

After stopping infront of the gate she gets down out of the truck and using the keys given her by the office opens the gate before getting back up into her truck and pulling into the yard infront of the tank shed.
Amanda Jackson
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Tue 6 Jun 2017
at 16:38
the tankery club area
Team Wildcat was the kind of team where you hear them before you see them. A raucous laughter preceded them, a bunch of friends who bonded long before they started tankery. A palpable enthusiasm all but floated above them; having participated in tankathalon, they were excited to be trying out official tankery in their school.

Seeing Elicia, Amanda gave her a jaunty salute. "Team Wildcat reporting for duty Mam!"
Elicia Scott
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Wed 7 Jun 2017
at 12:22
the tankery club area
Elicia had been about to unlock the tank shed when she heard a rucous on the path from the main school building and looked to see a group of students approach her and one of them introduce the group and team Wildcat. She smiled and nodded her head as she unlocked the tank shed door and then motioned for the members of team Wildcat to open them.
Elena Vladimirovna Kournikova
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Thu 8 Jun 2017
at 01:07
the tankery club area
The next noisy bunch of girls to approach the tank shed sounded like it belonged more in a mock United Nations club than a tankery club.  Though the underlying discussion was grounded in English, heated exchanges were made in both Japanese and Slavic languages that a discerning listener would be able to identify as Polish and Russian.  Then there were the periodic exclamations made in both French and German.  The conversation was so confusing that it wouldn't be surprising if someone needed a guide to follow the whole thing.  Ironically, the group of girls appeared to be arguing over a guide held by the girl in the center of the group.

All of the chatter immediately stopped when the girl in the middle looked up from the guide and stopped walking all together, causing the girl behind her to bump into her.  "Przepraszam!"  A blonde girl with immaculate skin complained after colliding to the one in front of her.  "Ve are here."  The 5'6 girl in the middle declared with a thick Russian accent, ignoring the girl behind her.