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the league
Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 01:13
tankery rules
official match rules

1. Competition format

there are two formats for matches, elimination battles, and flag battles these matches are designated by the league.

in elimination battles the goal is to render all opposing tanks inoperative

in flag battles the goal is to render the opposing flag tank inoperable(to be designated before hand.)

2. Limit of participating vehicles

each team may not field more tanks then designated by the league, but they can field less then the designated number.

3. match local

boundaries of the battlefield will be determined by the league, access to the battlefield will be restricted to everyone 72 hours prior to the match, each participant will get maps and details of the area. Should a team have any objections they must be made to the league within 24 hours of announcing upon which deliberation will commence.

4. participating vehicles specifications

the only vehicles allowed to participate are the following
-vehicles who's designs where completed before August, 15th, 1945.
-vehicles that had begun prototype trials before the aforementioned date.
-vehicles construction that was planned using only materials available before aforementioned date.

vehicles meeting these requirements must be confirmed to use only materials available at that time.

for vehicles that never advanced from planning stages the league will determine eligibility on a case by case basis.

In the event that there is difficulty in supplying the appropriate parts, the league will determine the allowable extent of reproductions and modifications.

5. supplementary equipment

all tanks must be equipped with league sanctioned referee equipment

as an additional safety measure all tank crew compartments must be fitted with league approved armored mantles

6. permitted armament

all ammunition must be league sanctioned live ammunition

No custom warheads or charges allowed!

7. conditions for defeat

-referee equipment has determined a tank inoperable.
-All crewmembers have abandoned their tank and fled.
-the judges determine that a match can no longer proceed
-The judges deem a rule violation has taken place

8. On disabled vehicles

A tank may no longer participate in battle if declared inoperable

the participants will wait on the orders of the judges and act on them as soon and quickly as safely possible.

9. prohibited actions

-using unsanctioned parts or equipment
-voluntarily leaving the designated competition area.
-Firing directly on humans
-attacking a vehicle that has been declared inoperable
-Disrespect towards the judges or other participants
-actions that are judged throwing the match

all above actions will result in immediate disqualification of the entire school team!

10. Compensation

the league will provide compensation for all incidents involving in use structures and the restoration of the landscape within the designated combat area.
the league
Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 16:12
tankery rules
Tanks will be considered inoperable if they are shot and the damage they would have sustained would not be able to be repaired in the field.

for example a shot that would have penetrated the armor of the tank and taken out the tanks transmission will render the tank inoperable by the referee equipment.

how ever a shot to the tracks damages a wheel and your track, as long as the wheel can be replaced and there are spare track links to replace the damaged ones the tank can rejoin combat once repairs are done.

Firing on a tank undergoing repairs is not allowed!
The league
Sun 26 Mar 2017
at 12:44
tankery rules
for sanctioned matches live ammo is used, during practice matches practice rounds or live rounds can be used, and high explosive rounds are allowed if the tank had them available.

(Due to the league crew mantlets installed on all tanks, the risk of real live rounds penetrating the crew area of the tanks is virtually eliminated, but area's such as the engine area can still be penetrated.)

Practice rounds still pack a punch but are a softer metal so will flatten or mushroom before they can do damage.

AP, Armor piercing rounds are allowed

HE, High explosive rounds are allowed

Blanks are allowed, shell and powder but no projectile.

HEAT, high explosive anti tank rounds are not, due to their high armor penetration that could make them penetrate and injure the tank crews

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