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 GM, 1 post
Thu 16 Feb 2017
at 08:47
Do NOT submit a character sheet in your RTJ. Just fill in the RTJ template I have created. Thanks.

Ability Score Generation: you will have the following array.  16 15 14 13 12 10

Hit Points: Max through 3rd. 4th level and on, roll but the minimum you can get is half the hit die..

Races: Choose one of the following races from Volo's guide.  Bugbear, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold and Orc
Accepted Material:
Player's Handbook,
Elemental Evil Player's Companion (spells only),
Sword Coast Adventurer Guide.
Most UA stuff is available but ask first just to check

Starting Wealth: Standard starting gear.

Setting: Homebrewed

Inspiration: Players will start with Inspiration.

Bio Lines: Please place your HP and AC in Bio line.

Please use the Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws listed in the PHB.

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 GM, 4 posts
Thu 16 Feb 2017
at 10:26

I would like minimum of 3 or 4 post per week.  If you are going to be away due to life related activities that is fine just let me know.

As for the posts, pick a colour for your speech.  I don't care what colour you use, but please stick to the one colour.

All out of character information like dice rolls or explanations of action please post in orange.
 GM, 6 posts
Thu 16 Feb 2017
at 21:13
I am only looking for one more player.  If you want to play have a look through the cast to get an idea of what might fit in well.
 GM, 8 posts
Thu 16 Feb 2017
at 22:38
I didn't mention starting level. Everyone will start at level 1.

Sorry about that.