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Fri 17 Feb 2017
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These are the Main Rules of my game, please do read and understand them before applying. The rules may or may not change depending on what I see, or if I feel that there should be a change within the rules at hand.

1. No Godmodding

This is the most common term that is seen in all games here in RPOL. You are not allowed to move, or make actions for another character without their or my consent.

2. No Meta-Gaming
Don't use information that wasn't found IC while playing your character. This also includes information found outside of OOC as well, such as information from the Anime itself. However, if you wish, you can inquire about what type of information from the anime may or may not be allowed.

3. Follow ALL Basic Rpol rules

The Basic RPOL Rules:
As with everything, please follow the basic rules of RPOL at all times.

4. OOC

Please refrain from any fighting within OOC at all times, abusive or sexually assaulting language is also not allowed at all within any parts of the game. The OOC is supposed to be a place of fun, not fighting, and if there is a problem please talk it over with me in OOC.

5. Character Death

Character Death:
Within the confines of this game, it is more than possible for your own character to die in battle. If your character does indeed die in battle, please do not complain or get angry about the prospect. However, just because your character is dead, it does not mean that it's over. In the event that your character dies, you are free to make a new character with a new class, so that you may continue to enjoy the game.

7. Posting Length

I understand that at times some things are hard to write and writer's block is a common enemy for us all. Though despite this, I still ask that you do your best to write at least 1 paragraph in your posts. While I will accept One-Liners if there are no other actions present, I won't accept consistent one-liners. As such, if there are too many one-liners I may ask you to revise it.

8. Absences

In terms of absences, please do advise me for how long you will be gone, or if you will be gone in general. Thank you very much.

9: Posting Frequency

Along with Posting and Absences, will be frequency. I will not be having a strict hold on how often I expect you to post, since life happens to the best of us. As such, for a good and constantly flowing game, I would like to ask that you post at least once to twice a week, IC.

10. Please Do Have FUN

This is possibly the only rule I shall enforce with the greatest force ever. Please do have fun, after all this game is here for you (the players) to enjoy. So I hope you have fun indeed.

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