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Wed 22 Feb 2017
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Request to Join


Nationality: (Chinese, Japanese, Britannian, European, ect.)


Appearance: (What do you wear? What's the attire you'd usually wear?)

Knightmare: (What does your Knightmare Look like? Note it can be as simple or extravagant as you wish.)

Biography: (Who are you? How did you end up here? What have you been through?)

Goals: (What is it that you seek? What are your goals, dreams, or aspirations? This doesn't need to be shown to other players)

Posting Sample: (A small posting Sample, all you have to do is write about "How" you gained your knightmare frame. Was it through a gambiling match? Were your parents rich enough to buy it? Did you dig it out of some scrap heap? Feel free and be creative.)