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Knightmare Frames
This is where you shall choose the Knightmare Frames that you would like to have (Much like a class in a fantasy game). During character creation, you may pick one Knightmare Frame to start with. During combat, please list the Knightmare Frame that you are currently using during battles. For more idea on this, please look at the "Rules of Engagement" thread on what I mean.

+3 Contrivance, +2 Transmission, +1 Yggdrasil Drive
Weapons: K-59 Carbon Knife 3 Damage, 1 Range
D-S3 Repair Tool- Heals 3 HP On Target, 1 Range
Overdrive- Mechanical Overload Using 1 Energy Filler, you can double the healing effects on one weapon or Item that you currently have for 1 turn.

A remodeled version of the Glasgow manufactured by the Kyoto House and used by the Black Knights and the Japan Liberation Front. After a while, it's cheap cost and it's massive energy hold, has allowed the Burai to become a more Mechanical supporter in the field of battle. Supporting it's allies by fixing nearby knightmare frames that have been damaged in the line of duty.

+3 Transmission, +1 Movement, +2 User Interface
Weapons: K-59 Carbon Knife 3 Damage, 1 Range
G-25 Machine-Gun Pistol 3 Damage, 2 Range
Overdrive- Prowler- Using 1 Energy Filler, Once Per Turn you may enter stealth mode. Opponents farther than 1 square do not notice you. First strike out of Stealth is an auto-hit.

A fourth-generation Knightmare Frame and the first mass-production model produced by the Holy Britannian Empire. It actively contributed to the invasion of Japan, providing an overwhelming tactical advantage over conventional combat vehicles. After the years, it has been refitted to be an effective stealth Knightmare Frame, used to gather info and technology or simply ambush enemy units.

+2 Material, +2 User Interface, +1 Strike
Weapons: Gun-Ru Dual Rifles 3 Damage + 3 Damage, 2 Range
Gun-Ru Cannon- 5 Damage, 2 Range

A Knightmare both similar to and yet highly different from Britannian models. It was designed by the Chinese Federation in an attempt to match the effectiveness of Britannian Knightmare Frames. With a unique appearance and firing capabilities, the Gun-Ru is able to fire multiple rounds and striking the enemy hard with their Dual Rifles.

-Panzer Hummel
+2 Defense, +2 Material, +2 Contrivance
Weapons: A-20  Machine Gun- 6 Damage, 2 Range
K-59 Carbon Knife 3 Damage, 1 Range
Overdrive- Vanguard - You can use energy, and for the rest of your turn, damage you take will be halved, but your movement is reduced to zero. Can only be activated if you have not used your strikes this turn.

The Panzer-Hummel is a mass-production model Knightmare Frame used by the member nations of the Europia United. "Panzer-Hummel" is German and means "armor[ed] bumblebee" or "tank bumblebee". As it's namesake, the Panzer Hummel is one of the most heavily armored Knightmare Frames on the battlefield.

+2 Melee Damage, +2 Contrivances, +2 User-Interface
Weapons: Jousting Lance- 6 Damage, 1 Range (Can be thrown for double damage and double range, but you will lose weapon until you retrieve it, this effect occurs happens whether you miss or hit.)
G-25 Machine-Gun Pistol 3 Damage, 2 Range

The fifth-generation RPI-209 Gloucester is a remodeled Sutherland with focus on close combat. Ordinary models are painted a flat, dull purple, but a few ranked-officers units are known to be custom painted. Equipped with a powerful Jousting Lance for close-combat, the Glouster is a Knightmare Frame to be feared in close combat.

+2 Transmission, +2 User-Interface System
Weapons: Bamides Compact Cannon- 5 Damage, 3 Range (2 Strikes to Fire Once)(Pierces 5 Defense)
G-25 Machine-Gun Pistol 3 Damage, 2 Range
Overdrive- Transformation: Artillary- You may use one Energy to transform your Knightmare Frame into a long range artillery Knightmare Frame once per turn. When you transform, your movement is reduced to 1 and Cannon weapons gain +2 Range.

An unusual fourth generation Knightmare frame developed by the Middle Eastern Federation in order to combat against the military might of the Holy Britannian Empire. The Bamides has been outfitted to become a long-range artillery Knightmare Frame. Despite it's lack of limbs, it's ability to use and arm itself with long range artillery is exceptional

+1 Transmission, +1Contrivance, +1 User Interface System, +1 Material
Weapons: A-20  Machine Gun- 6 Damage, 2 Range
ZWEI Blade- 5 Damage, 1 Range

Designed and developed after the conquest of Japan/Area 11, the RPI-13 Sutherland is in many ways a refinement of its predecessor, the RPI-11 Glasgow. The most common Knightmare Frame of the Britannian Army, this frame stands as the base of modern Knightmare Frames, with many variations. Built for Anti-Knightmare Combat, this is a balanced machine, used for battle.

+2 Charisma, +2 Material
Weapons: G-25 Machine-Gun Pistol 3 Damage, 2 Range
Overdrive: Flashing Glory- As long as the Ganymede is used in battle, Unit Morale is increased by 15%.

Developed during the third generation of Knightmare Frames, it is the brainchild of the rising Ashford Foundation. Taken out of retierment, the Ganymede is a symbol of glory and majesty. While it's specs make it weak in terms of combat, it's ability to inspire still exsists.

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