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Team Roster
Real Name: K'Umin Zhang

Background: Starfist's grandfather was a powerful assassin with the Hong Kong triads that was kidnapped by aliens to fight in intergalactic bloodsports. He was skilled enough to be fan favourite that was allowed to live in the lap of luxury and married another fighter.

After fighting in the pits for years, K'Umin had grown tired of this life and wished to see the world that he grandfather had told her about in stories. She started a riot during a fight one day and then stole a ship before crash landing in America and joining up with the Young All-Stars.

Powers: Starfist has no superhuman abilities other than her mastery of various alien fighting styles.

Real Name: None, goes by "Psu"

Background: Pseudo's first memories were of awakening in an abandoned mall, surrounded by many female mannequins. They remember taking on that form over and over again trying to get it right. She was discovered one day by a couple of young children who had broken in to try and prove to their friends that they were brave. They took Pseudo home and hid them from their parents.

Over several weeks at the kid's home Pseudo became more and more intelligent, gaining the ability to speak. After discovering the All-Stars, they went to meet them and was introduced to the Young All-Stars.

Powers: Pseudo's body is gelatinous and can fit through cracks as well as extend psuedopods a great distance. As well, they are superhumanly strong and intelligent.

Real Name: Grant McLean

Background: Grant was always a sickly boy and spent most of his life in the hospital, unable to do things boys his age should. His father was a brilliant scientist, but since his specialty was robotics and couldn't do anything to help his son. That was until one day, Grant was dying. His father, desperate not to lose his son, transplanted his brain into a robot body.

Once the procedure was done, Grant was overjoyed at finally having a strong body and after several days experimenting to find the limits of his new body, he decide to be a superhero. An older hero directed him to the Young All-Stars.

Powers: Chrome's robot body is superhumanly strong and tough. He can fire laser blasts from his hands. As well, he is immune to mind effecting powers.

Real Name: Dalia Nunez

Background: Born to the parents of Afroamericano parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic to America. Her mother is a doctor and her father is an artist and she grew up knowing the value of hard work and caring for others.

One day her highschool class was having a field trip to a recent archeological dig where they found weird remains on the outskirts of the town. As the scientists brought out a strange gemstone, Dalia had a strange reaction to it. It exploded when it was brought near her and she passed out. When she awoke, she found she could control the wind. Her parents not knowing what to do, reached out to the All-Stars who directed them to the Young All-Stars.

Powers: Cyclone's powers allow her to control the air, sending blasts at enemies, blast enemies with gusts of winds, fly and allow others to fly.