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Goodwitch's Bio
Please post Goodwitch's bio and stats her.
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Goodwitch's Bio
Dorothy Lidell (Goodwitch)  PL 10/170

Attributes (52)
Str 0
Sta 4
Dex 0
Agl 4
Fgt 0
Int 6
Awa 12
Pre 0

Defenses (10)
Parry: 5/+5
Dodge: 1/+5
Toughness: +15
Fort: 4/+8
Wil: 0/+12

Skills (11)
Expertise (Magic) 8/+14
Perception 3/+15
Persuasion 8/+8
Insight 3/+15
Investigate 4/+10
Treatment 2/+8

Advantages (12)
Attractive 2
Equipment 1 (Tablet)
Luck 3
Precise Attack 2 (Ranged, Cover/Concealment)
Takedown 2

Powers [85]
Uncorruptable: Immunity 14 (Mind Control and Corruption effects, Age, Poison, Disease, Trait Effects, Own Powers) [14]
The Scaled Robes: Feature 2 (Quick Change 2), Protection 11 [13]
Levitation is Very Basic: Flight 1 [2]
So Is This Trick: Change Environment 1 (Bright Light) [2]
Well-Read:  Comprehend 3 (All languages, written) [6]
Inner Eye: Senses 4 (Detect Magic, Ranged, Acute, Analytic) [4]
Monster-Of-The-Week: Ranged Damage 12, Indirect 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Accurate 4, Homing, Improved Critical 4 [39]
Helpful Large Monster: Move Object 10, Perception, Precise, Indirect 4 [1] [25 tons]
Horrifying Gateway: Teleport 9, Portal, Extended, Extended Only, Dimensional 3 [1] [500 miles, any dimension]
The Three-Lobed Burning Eye: Remote Sensing (Sight and Hearing) 19, Dimensional 3, Affects Others, Concentration, Distracting [1] [2000 miles, any dimension]
Counterspell:  Nullify 10, Accurate 5, Broad (Magic), Simultaneous, Precise [1]
Sounding the Bells: Affliction 10 (Will-based, Dazed/Stunned/Transformed (Petrified)), Cumulative, Area (Perception/Hearing), Reversible [1]

Motivation:  Doing Good
Prejudice:  Dorothy's powers are invariably horrifying to look at, with horrible monsters appearing at her least gesture and all.
Enemy:  Dorothy contains the Lord of Bells and is uncorrupted; this makes her an attractive target to dark forces who would like to use or, worse, liberate the Lord of Bells.
Honor:  Dorothy is an incredibly nice, shiny person, and does not tell lies terribly well, nor does she break her word.

Backstory:  The Lord of Bells Will Be.  Before it could come into existence, it gathered power in shadows, it awaited the time when the Three Bells should ring, it reached out in dreams to its followers who prepared its path, it awaited body that would allow it to exist in this world.  And its followers labored to prepare the way, causing the Bell of Jade, the Bell of Bronze and the Bell of Obsidian to be crafted, nurturing the bloodlines that would cause a child to be born who would, at the right time, walk between the three bells as they sounded together for the first time, and the Lord of Bells would BE in this world.  They worked subtly, for generations, unseen, unheard.

From a certain point of view, it's a terrible shame that all that work was wasted.  It's not entirely clear what went wrong, but when young Dorothy Lidell wandered into the strange building, into the nexus of the three bells, and they sounded as one, a tremendous power entered her, but the will of the Lord of Bells did not become manifest.  As far as anyone can tell, its power is definitely in her, but its mind and will aren't *anywhere.*

Dorothy knows nothing about this; all that she knows is that she's always been able to sense magic, always known every language she hears or sees, never gets sick.  When she sensed the power of the mystical scholar Simone Gauthier, she investigated, and ultimately found herself with a teacher of the mystical arts-- but Simone sensed the power within Dorothy, and was concerned.  Dorothy learned magic far, far too easily, and it manifested in monstrous form-- Dorothy's spells are always alien, monstrous, reflecting the nature of the Lord of Bells.  Despite this, however, Simone could also sense Dorothy's true nature, and attempted to guide her onto the brightest path that she possibly could, praying that it would be sufficient.

Perhaps she succeeded.  Who can say?  Dorothy is far too young to have as much magic as she does, however, and it comes to her with such ease that she's never needed to use any magical tools of any kind.  Dorothy is kind, innocent, and devoted to using her powers to help others...

..And yet.  What will she become?  She hasn't truly achieved her full potential....