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The Third (The RTJ, and Chargen)
So, you've made it this far, eh? Well, I guess that means the real fun can begin.

Pick a card, any card.

High Occultist of STAT

Alright, so, you've been through a lot of reading by now, so I'll try to keep this brief. For your RTJ, you only need a few things. Well, a few more things. Well, a lot. I'm sorry. It's just that there's a lot that goes into a game like this and, well, I'd rather be prepared. Below the RTJ is information on character generation, including a few houserules I didn't mention in the first thread. You don't need to read through those rules until you're accepted, but if you'd like to get a kickstart on character building then the rules are down there.

For now though, please include all of the following in your application. And, remember, your application is due no later than the 6th of March.

A character concept - You know, possibly something like class and advantages (Weaponmaster, Hard to Kill, Phobia of Pies), or maybe just a general idea of the character (Umbrella salesman turned guild-sponsored assassin). It doesn't need to be long, but the better of a picture it creates, the better your chances of getting in.
Please Note: I'm really not expecting much here. The two examples I gave would be perfectly fine, and anything more is just icing on the cake. Because this is a beginner game, I don't expect fleshed-out concepts with obscure lore or a rich connection to the plot; that can all come later. Really. Don't stress out about this one.

A writing sample - Generally I'm looking for 300-1000 words. Don't worry if you're off by 50 words or so in either direction, but it'd better be damn good writing if it's only 250 words. Damn good. Specifically, I'm looking for things like sentence variation, creativity, how you handle dialogue (if you include any), and a few other nebulous things. I'm not going to be a super stickler on things like grammar and punctuation (because English is a nightmare), but know that having those down can't hurt you either. ;)

Color preference for speech - Yeah, this may need to be changed later if everyone wants to do purple, so give me your top three with your application, and hopefully we can get it sorted out before the game begins.

Your experience level with Anima - Or, put another way, how many games you've played/GMd, how familiar you are with the rules, what books you have access to, etc., etc., etc.
Note: I'll be upfront, this game is meant for beginners to the system. I'm not going to have many slots open for experienced players because I'm trying to help spread the system, not attract more of its fanbase to one of the very few games out there. That being said, unless I get a ton of applicants from beginners, I'm likely to accept a few folks with higher levels of experience.

Your preferred starting country - Pick one. Any one. Pick a group if you have a group in mind or, if you have no preference at all, please say so. On the reverse side, if there's anywhere you truly would hate to state out, let me know that as well. I can be flexible. Probably.

Your willingness to participate in some group character generation - Mostly,I just need a yes or no on this one. Everyone's going to have a concept, and everyone's going to have control of about 90% of their character build, but I have a thing I like to do where people give little traits and quirks to each other to make the concepts a little more interesting. So far, it's always worked out well for me, and incentivizing it with a free CP never hurt anyone. But, in the end, the choice is yours.

What you'd like to see in the game/no-fly zones - Pretty self-explanitory, but what I'm looking for here is what you hope to get out of the game and, perhaps more importantly, what you'd rather not see in the game. If gore makes you queasy, let me know and I'll try to avoid it. If you have honest-to-goodness arachnophobia, to the point even mentioning them is terrifying, please tell me. To be transparent, I'll compile this all into an anonymous list so that everyone will know where they cannot tread, but no one will be able to know who said no (unless you claim it for yourself).

Pick a card - Any card.

Lurking/Waitlist - So, if you don't make it through the first round of picks, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't ever play in this game, or that you can't still watch it happen. But, attrition happens. So, for everyone, I'd like you to include with your application whether or not you'd like to be lurkered and/or put on a waitlist for any open spots. The waitlist will be ordered, and I'll be pulling from that pool if any slots open up, and then recruiting again should I go through enough people. I'm really hoping not to, but you never know, right?

Just a... uhh... a request. Really, that's all I need from this one. Thanks for your interest!

I suppose if you'd like to pick a card as well, that'd be fun too, neh? ;)

Chargen Rules
So, for those of you paying attention above, the rules below you can mostly ignore until you've been accepted into the game. That being said, as I said, you can use these about-to-be-said rules to help generate your character. Many are repeats from the other thread, but they're here as a reminder (since I hate having to flip back and forth on things to find rules sometimes). Note that since we're using a random stat generation method, and since I'll expect that to be done somewhere I can verify it, your core stats won't be available to you pre-game.

If you do submit a character with your application, please note it will influence my decision in absolutely zero ways. I also don't guarantee I'll accept your character as-is, and for my own sanity's sake I won't help anyone with character building until the selection process is over, at which point I'll help all you like, even if you didn't get in.

Anyways, the rules.

0. If you have Open Office, I'll ask that you use my sheet for your initial character build. If you don't, you can either download it completely free and completely legally (at either Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice) or you can use something else entirely. If you choose another method, I'll be putting your character through my sheet to double-check the math, so please be as detailed as possible with your expenditures. Unless you have a converter program, do not attempt to use this sheet in Excel.

1. *All official books are open for use and we will be using most of the rules from Core Exxet. That being said, we won't be using most of Dominus Exxet (DE) chapter 2, most of the Optional Game Master's Toolkit (GMT) rules, and nothing about Natura or Fame from Gaia 1.

2. We'll all be starting at Level 1. This is a beginner game, as you'll hear me say a lot, and I'd rather not complicate that with higher level balancing right out of the gate. Yes, I could go up as high as 2-3 without breaking anything, but then what would you try to bribe me about?

3. *Unification of Ki (Dominus Exxet, English page 6) is ON.

4. *Non-Restricted Creation Points (GM's Toolkit, English page 9) is ON.

5. *I don't like Level Adjustments. I don't like EXP modifiers. Because of this, any Nephilim, Blooded, or otherwise will have CP costs instead. If you'd like to take Rookie, talk to me, and we'll talk about it. Otherwise, no.

6. *I like to make certain characters have at least one amazing stat in my campaigns, you know, for funsies. Therefore, although we will use Method 1 for rolling stats, you can reroll until you get a set with at least one 10. This still means you might end up with 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 9, 10, but at least it's better than one more 4, right?

7. No non-humans. You can be a Nephilim, and you can have a Blood Legacy or four, but, for this campaign, I'd rather keep it the tiniest bit vanilla.

8. *Background advantages/disadvantages count as general advantages/disadvantages. Everyone has a background. That's just what I believe.

9. I will allow custom advantages, disadvantages, and a few other things from Scissura Exxet (which actually is the full list of house rules I've collected), but it will be on a case-by-case basis, and it may not be exactly how they're written down in that document.

10. *Appearance can be chosen between 3-8. Higher and lower values must be rolled or bought with an advantage/disadvantage respectively.

11. *I don't use the size chart. I think it's silly and fails to properly take into account not only reality, but even the genre and theme of the game itself. Feel free to disagree, but I've met enough people and played enough games to know it's just plain silly.

12. Attack and Defense difference limits are based on the Bought values, not the Final values. I do this because it allows for a bit more player freedom.

13. Everyone gets Cultural Roots for free, and the values from Gaia 1 are doubled in order to go along with the values from Gaia 2. You're welcome.

14. Just to be clear: Trap Lore is Dexterity, Piloting is Dexterity, Ritual Calligraphy is Power. I know that that overrides Ritual Calligraphy's base thing, but I like it better this way.

15. Okay, so, I've always found the "You need to buy 5 of a skill for it to be trained" thing a bit... weird. So, I've expanded the definitions of training. If your class gives an innate bonus, it's considered training. If you use one of your natural bonuses, that counts as training. If you grab any advantages that give you skill training (like Cultural Roots does), that counts as training. Yes. I'm nice like that. Deal with it.

16. Since this is a beginner campaign, anyone who wants to be an artifcer (someone who creates artifacts) will need to talk to me first. I have redesigned the whole system for creating artifacts, and it's not something for beginners.

17. Summoners can gain certain magical advantages without the Gift/Incomplete Gift. I'll let you know which, but generally if the Magical advantage/disadvantage doesn't mention spells specifically, or the word "spells" can be replaced with "summoning," then you can get it.

18. Due to a particular way of interpreting how the book reads, Base Damage for a Tao's unarmed attacks are equal to: Whatever the Martial Art lists as Base Damage + Strength Bonus (with exactly one exception). This means that Muay Thai at Base degree has a damage of 20+STRx2 (the Base Damage listed in the book)+STR. This rule gives, at most, an extra 45 BD, and that's at INSANE levels of Strength. I think it's fair considering everyone else will have world-shattering artifacts by that point anyways. If you disagree, tell me why. ;D

19. *Duk'zarists get to choose their bonus resistance. Because screw gender-based mechanics. Just screw 'em. This is not to say I will be ignoring gender entirely, after all it does still have a place in the world, but the lines will be far less binary than this rule made them seem.

20. Knowledge skills and Languages will be handled differently than in other Anima games to help with OOC knowledge. The system is not perfect, in fact it's in heavy testing mode right now, so you're all guinea pigs. I apologize if it gets confusing at any point, but I thank you for your cooperation. I will describe it later.

21. Because I have had headaches before, and will have headaches again, certain combinations and builds will either be nerfed in some way or outlawed to reduce on rules abuses. This includes: Creation Mages, Eyes of Death, Capricorn/Sagittarius, Psychics in general (but specifically Electromagnetism Psychics), and any build/concept that directly mentions, or even alludes to, Shia Labeouf, because he's only done one good thing in his life, and that was this.

22. Along the vein of things that cause problems, predetermined anything is banned unless someone convinces me otherwise. I do my best not to outlaw things outright in games, because some people like builds in a certain way and all that, but I've yet to see an argument that makes predetermined things look good. For those of you worried about the gaps this causes in things like the Arcana Shepirah, I've got answers.

23. Weaponmasters get 20 MK per level. Even friggin' Freelancers and Illusionists get 20 MK per level. Illusionists, for crying out cow. It's not right that Weaponmasters, a pure Warrior archetype, should get less than them. It's just not, man.

24. You may spend all of your ML and MK, if you so choose.
24a. *But you may not, in any case, buy any spell above Level 50 at first Level, and any freely chosen spell will have to be heavily justified. You are not going to grab Perfect Shield "because my master thought I needed a defensive spell." Also, just in case we reach that point, all spells, regardless of Free Access, Subpath, or whatever, are considered High Magic above 80, and Divine above 90.
24b. You may design your own Technique Tree if, and only if, you can build the whole thing in advance and have it approved by me. If you want more technique trees than Dominus and the Core offer, I have a compendium of over 100 trees I can share with you, including many based on famous video game and anime characters. I didn't design them, but I do have them.

25. Other things I've forgotten, which will be added if asked about.

Whew. Done. Jeebus, that took quite a while. Anyone ready for a coffee break?

Oh, you don't drink coffee either? Weird that there's two of us, I suppose.

High Overlord of the Non-Coffee Drinkers of STAT

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