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Thu 2 Mar 2017
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Character Creation
The heart of this game is in character development.  To that end the mechanics of the system have been streamlined to allow plenty of leeway and discretion for both player and GM.

Character Creation:

1) Pick (1) Natural Attribute for your character from the list below.  This defines the rough parameters of your natural predispositions.

2) Choose (1) Clan Role to define your position amongst your clan.

Natural Attribute:

● Strength - Measured as raw, brute force; everything from opening jars to flipping over cars.  Also a natural ability to take damage and continue functioning.  Bonus Skill Points: +20% Melee (unarmed)

● Agility - Nimble, agile, hard to catch and even harder to hit.  Also makes one more skilled towards acrobatic feats.
Bonus Skill Points: +10% Acrobatics; +10% Marksmanship (personal)

● Knowledge - Observant and skilled with an ability to foresee problems and possibilities.  Highly intuitive with crafting and mechanics.
Bonus Skill Points: +5% Lore/Knowledge; +5% Repair/Build; +5% Observation

Clan Roles:

● Hunter - Tasked with procuring sources of protein; encompasses both hunting and fishing.  Skilled in moving silently, tracking, and expert marksmen.
Bonus Skill Points: +10% Marksmanship (assisted); +20% Hunting; +10% Direction Sense; +10% Camoflage

● Grower - Tasked with tending to the gardens as well as gathering of wild food sources.  Extremely knowledgeable of all plant life, with highly sharpened senses and skilled in weather prediction.
Bonus Skill Points: +20% Farming/Gardening; +10% Plant Lore; +15% Weather Sense; +5% Observation

● Healer - Tasked with tending to the wounded and ill as well as midwifery, dentistry and (to an extent) psychiatry.  A commanding knowledge of natural compounds both beneficial and deadly and a keen ability to read people.
Bonus Skill Points: +20% Healing; +20% Plant Lore; +10% Observation

● Lore Keeper - Tasked with guarding all clan knowledge, including law, and facilitating all ceremonies.  They wield tremendous powers through their shared connection to the land (generally reserved for elder members).
Bonus Skill Points: +20% Lore/Knowledge; +5% Plant Lore; +5% Weather Sense

● Scavenger - Tasked with collecting any and all raw or processed materials and coordinating all sanctioned raids.  They are the most adept and skilled at driving ATVs.
Bonus Skill Points: +20% Drive/Operate; +10% Repair/Build (mechanical); +5% Direction Sense

● Maker - Tasked with all aspects of construction, repair, crafting, etc.  Considered problem-solvers, there is nothing they cannot build/destroy or put to use in some way.
Bonus Skill Points: +20% Repair/Build; +10% Observation; +5% Drive/Operate

3) Choose Your Skills: On top of the bonuses received from your Natural Attribute and Clan Role, each player is given an additional 100 points to allocate how they see fit.  No skills are off limit due to Clan Role.

4) Naming: Most first names are derived from Irish and Scottish roots but some anglo-based names do find their way into the mix, i.e. John, Bill, etc.  I've put together a small list if you would like some ideas.  Last names are, traditionally, based upon the clan you were born into, although not always the case as the two most commonly found are Farrell and Shay (the largest and oldest clans on the mountain).

5) Equipment/Clothing: You live what many would call a "primitive" lifestyle.  This means you possess little to no modern devices (nor do you even know what half of them are).  However, this does not mean anything modern is off the table (modern compound bows and crossbows are obtained easily enough, the larger clans have some actual wood stoves, propane and gasoline are commonly stolen items) and your clan possess several ATVs and a few small generators.  As far as appearance, it tends to range from resembling Native Americans to hippies to post-apocalyptic...basically whatever can be found and stitched.  Tattooing is also highly common among both sexes.

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Thu 2 Mar 2017
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Character Creation
Concerning Actions & Die Rolling:

As previously mentioned, this game was designed to be as smooth as possible as far as rules.  To that end, most actions will either succeed or fail simply on their own merits, i.e. attempting to climb a sheer, smooth surface with your bare hands will probably fail.  Any situation requiring more input (the hand of fate) will be resolved by a simple % die roll (d100) vs. a difficulty set by the GM.