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[Setting] Grimwater
As you approach the wall, several guardsmen look you up and down, then, satisfied you don't seem to pose an immediate threat, one of them taps the end of his halberd on the outbuilding next to him, and a skinny, weaselly looking man jumps out.

"What is it now?" he says in a whine, before noticing you standing there, at which point he turns towards you and approaches, hand extended:

"Welcome to Grimwater! Name's Jeb, I'm here to get newcomers settled and familiar with the lay of the land.

Since you are new here, I'll assume you don't have a place to stay yet. Good, allow me to escort you to the finest Inn in town, and on the way give you some information about this great little town.

Grimwater was founded as a refuge for those fleeing the Skorne occupation of Ternon Crag. Now, since then we've picked up a lot of folks fleeing the various wars around western Immoren, which are pretty common after all. The town's major industries are the Grimwater Lumber Mill, Russovich Steamworks, and Landlock Riverboats. Grimwater is a town of about 3000 souls though, so we have lots of smaller and mid-sized businesses as well. I hear Midsummer Apothecary is a pretty lucrative little business, and the Grimwater Bank seems wealthy enough.

Here on the left, you'll see the Duskwolf Den, one of several taverns and eateries in town. Potbelly's near the docks and Lucky Lucy's near the Market Square are also highly recommended.

Here we are, Brewer's Arms, finest Inn and Tavern in all the Marches if you ask me. Reasonable rates, good ale, decent food. I'm not allowed to take tips while I'm on duty for the town, but if you tell Wagner I steered you his way, I get a little kickback.

One last thing." And for the first time since you've met him, Jeb lowers his voice below a half-yell and whispers "DON'T get on the bad side of the city guard. Their captain is a crooked blowhard, and he can make your life miserable if you give him a chance."

"Have a great day!" Jeb practically yells as he turns back the way you came.

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[Setting] Grimwater
General Knowledge for Grimwater

Was officially founded when the Latour family, fleeing Llael, established the Grimwater Lumber Mill. Prior to this the area had been home to a scattered group of settlers from across Western Immoren.

Having only recently expanded into such a large town, and being full of mostly folk raised in the wilderness, Grimwater's population is a mix of races from the civilized kingdoms and the wilds. While prejudice still exists, the less monstrous and/or more common non-human races are much more readily accepted than in the cities of the Iron Kingdoms, and even the least desirable races will at least be tolerated by most.

Grimwater was intended as a safe haven, and to that extent, boasts a sizable, though poorly equipped, armed force. Policing is however, left to the Grimwater Guard, or Grimwatch as they are known locally.

The laws in Grimwater are consistent with those throughout the Iron Kingdoms, although nobility are not recognized here and therefore not immune to punishment.

The Grimwatch are a surprisingly well organized force for their size (approximately 12 permanent members) and can call on members of the 70 strong Grimwater Defense Force (whose role is to patrol the walls and surrounding countryside for danger).
Interestingly, despite a smaller budget proportional to the Defense Force, the Grimwatch seem to be much better equipped (and fed).