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[IC] The case of the disappearing woodcutters
After lunch at the Brewer's Arms, all of the Handler's new recruits save Ryllys made their way to see Liv at the Bank for payment and signing contracts before making their way back to the meeting point at the Brewer's Arms stables and heading out to the Grimswater Lumber facilities located to the west of the dockyards, on the Black River. Ryllys is still absent at this point, though at least some of you remember her mentioning wanting to scout out the lumber camps.

While her companions get paid and make their way to the meeting with the Foreman, Ryllys rides her Ulk as hard as she can towards the general area of the work camps, some 25 miles away. Though she cannot expect to do a thorough scouting of all the camp sites, as there are over a dozen of them scattered over roughly 50 square miles, she can at least get a lay of the land and hope to get back to Grimswater lumber in time for the meeting.

Showing the guards at the gate to Grimswater Lumber the dossier given to them by The Handler, our adventurers (minus Ryllys) are led to the Foreman's Office, where a smaller man sits behind a desk managing to look nervous, impatient, and perturbed at the same time.

Thankfully, the office is rather large, and set up with seating for almost 20 people on benches, so everyone is able to find a seat.

[OOC: When the party splits up, the "focus" will be on the largest group, with any side groups being handled through different private groups or simply private messages or private lines within the main narrative when the need to keep information separate is required.]

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