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Tue 2 May 2017
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Dungeon: Wave Echo Cave

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Tue 2 May 2017
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Dungeon: Wave Echo Cave
Recap from Live Session 4/30

Room 1: Cave Entrance:
The entrance tunnel leads into a large-cavern supported by a
natural pillar of rock and containing three stalagmites. In the
western part of the cave, behind the column of rock, are three
bedrolls and a heap of ordinary supplies-sacks of flour,
bags of salt, casks of salted meat, lanterns, flasks of lamp oil,
pickaxes, shovels, and other gear. Amid the supplies, you see
the body of a dwarf miner, dead for at least a week.
The northeastern section of the cavern has collapsed,
forming a ten-foot-wide, twenty-foot-deep pit. A sturdy hemp
rope is tied off around a nearby stalagmite and dangles down
the side of the pit, at the bottom of which is a rough-hewn
tunnel heading northwest and east.

The dead dwarf turned out to be Gundren's brother, Thardin. Upset at the loss of his brother, Gundren decided to stay there with him while you went forward.

Room 3: Old Entrance:
Many tunnels intersect at this natural, thirty-foot-high cavern.
The walls are carved with simple reliefs showing dwarf and
gnome miners hard at work. Below them, nearly two dozen
skeletons in rusted scraps of armor are scattered across the
cavern floor. Some are dwarf skeletons, while others are orc
remains. Half a dozen large brass lanterns stand in niches or
on ledges around the cavern, but none are lit.

Here Lindria was able to get the group passed the 10 Stirges who nested at the top of the cavern with clever use of Animal Handling.

Room 4: Old Guardroom:
Splintered stone benches and heaps of rubble from a
partially collapsed ceiling fill this room. Amid ruined stone
bunks and toppled weapon racks are the bones of several
dwarves and orcs.

The group destroyed 9 skeletons that animated as soon as the heroes stepped into the room.

Room 5: Assayer's Office:
This chamber was once an office or storeroom of some kind.
A large stone counter bisects the room, set with three dusty
balance scales made of iron. Cubbyholes carved into the
north wall are stuffed with dusty paper scraps. Several longdead
corpses-gnomes and ores by their look-are sprawled
across the floor.

The group discovered a hidden lockbox behind the counter that contained hundreds of coins after Torg broke through the lock with the use of his sword.

Room 8: Fungi Cavern:
Dense carpets of weird fungi cover large sections of the floor
in this cavern. The growth includes puffballs a foot across,
weird shelf fungus growing on stalagmites, and large stalks
and caps a good five feet tall. Some of the puffballs glow with
an eerie green phosphorescence.

After Lindria pointed out which types of fungus were safe and which were deadly, the group was able to navigate their way through safely.

Room 13: Starry Cavern:
Glittering minerals in the ceiling of this large cavern catch
the light and send it back to create the impression of a starry
night sky. Dozens of skeletons-many crushed under fallen
debris-are scattered across the floor.
The cave is large enough that it contains two freestanding
structures. Each of these stone buildings is proportioned
for human use, as opposed to the dwarf-sized doorways
and furnishings you've seen elsewhere in the mines. Both
structures have battered and blackened masonry walls, their
double doors cracked and scorched.
The cavern is divided by an escarpment, into which a flight
of stairs has been cut. Passages lead out of this area to the
north, south, and west.

Kaynox was able to feel a distinct magical presence within this large cavern.

Room 14: Wizard's Quarters:
Dust, ash, walls blackened by fire, and heaps of debris
beneath the sagging ceiling show that this room was
damaged by a destructive blast. The furnishings-tables,
chairs, bookshelves, beds-are charred or splintered, but
otherwise well preserved. A scorched iron chest stands near
the foot of one of the beds.

Torg broke down the door that had been melted shut. As the barbarian stepped into the room, a ghostly form rose up from the floor demanding Torg stop and leave. Torg's reply apparently wasn't what the wraith wanted to hear and it attacked. The wraith was dispatched before it was much of a threat, and the group was rewarded with a scorched chest containing over one thousand coins (mostly copper), three diamonds, and a decorated pipe. [All rewards have already been added to the Rewards thread]

Room 15: Forge of Spells:
This large workshop was badly damaged by the ancient
spell battle that laid waste to the mine. Worktables taking
up two corners of the room are scorched, and the plaster
has been burned off the masonry walls. In the middle of the
room, a stone pedestal holds a small brazier in which an
eerie green flame dances and crackles. The brazier and its
pedestal appear to have been untouched by the forces that
destroyed this area.
Behind the brazier of green flame floats a spherical creature
measuring roughly four feet in diameter. Four eyestalks
protrude from its central mass, two on each side. In the
center of the body is a large eye that stares at you.
"Hello," says a thick, burbling voice inside your head.

Here the group killed a Spectator, a less threatening version of a Beholder, that was summed here as a guardian and watcher over the mine.

A green-flamed brazier burns here giving off a magical aura that Kaynox was able to recognize as the source of the mine's ability to craft magical items. Or at the very least, a source of that magic. On a table in the corner there laid a magical mace and breastplate.

Torg claimed the mace, Lightbringer, with its ability to deal extra damage to undead creatures. Lindria took on the Dragonguard, the magical breast plate that provides protection against dragonbreath.

Room 16: Booming Cavern:
A narrow ledge overlooks a large cavern that houses a
surging, seething body of water. The rhythmic booming heard
throughout the mines is louder here. At regular intervals,
a fresh surge of water funnels into this chamber and slams
against the wall just below the ledge. The echo suggests that
this cave might be one arm of a much larger cavern to the

Torg suspected that this place would be great for hiding something, so he climbed down for a closer look as the tide rolled out. Spotting something shiny down in the water, he decided to dive after it. After a fair struggle that nearly claimed him into unconsciousness, he was able to reach the water's surface where he found that he held a dwarven skull with a rusted helmet. After shaking the skull a bit he found a gold-capped orc tooth inside it.

Room 17: Old Streambed:
This passageway is barely four feet high and is obstructed
by rounded boulders and pebbles. It might have been a
streambed, though no water flows here now.

The group didn't actualy go down here, but it leads to the same place as another passage and reveals the same information.

Room 18: Collapsed Cavern:
A wide rift fills the eastern half of this cavern. A stream pours
out of the west wall, then tumbles down into the rift and
flows out again to the north. Several ropes are secured to iron
stakes along on the western edge of the rift, leading down to
the chasm floor.

The group saw two bugbears digging around at the bottom of the collapse, and on the far side ledge there was another bugbear having a conversation with a Drow. As the group would have to climb both down their side and then back up on the other in order to fight these monsters, they decided to head back and try to come at them from another direction.
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Tue 2 May 2017
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Dungeon: Wave Echo Cave

Room 12: Smelter Cavern:
A blast furnace and a mechanical bellows powered by a
waterwheel dominate this large chamber. The furnace is cold
and dark, but heaps of coal are piled nearby, along with carts
full of unrefined ore. The waterwheel sits in a ten-foot-wide
channel cut into the floor of the room, but the channel is dry.
Passages exit to the west, south, and east. The empty channel
exits to the north and east.
More than a dozen withered corpses are scattered around
the room. These slain dwarves and orcs are still wearing
the remnants of their armor. Floating above them is a skull
engulfed in green flame.

Here we stand currently, after having destroyed a Flaming Skull and 9 Zombies. A door lies at the end of a short hallway at the west, next to a set of stairs leading to another unexplored area to the south.