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Live Session Recaps
This thread will contain the summarized recap of each live session to keep track of where we are in the story.
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Session 1
In the first session we rolled our characters, and accepted our first adventuring job of escorting a wagon from Neverwinter to a city called Phandalin. We were hired by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker who promised payment when we arrived, and who was to ride ahead of the group with a friend named Sildar.

Along the road you came upon two dead horses, which you discovered belonged to Gundren and Sildar, and there you were ambushed by a group of goblins. One managed to flee, but not for long. The group managed to track the goblins back to the cave, spotting and avoiding a couple of traps along the way, and dispatched a pair of sleeping goblin sentries who were hiding out in the brier thicket just outside the cave entrance.

A group of wolves were found in a room just off to the right, chained to posts and presumably used as either weapon or alarm, but the group managed to keep the beasts calm and freed them without having to cause them any harm. A goblin scout on a bridge deeper into the cave fell to Lindria's stealthy archery skills, and after some more stealthiness she was able to reach the bridge and lower a rope for the others. Along the way she noticed an odd form a water trap the goblins had set up to wash out anyone coming through cave's lower levels.

The group then managed to bumrush a group of goblins in the western section of the cave, killing all but their would-be mini-boss, Yeemick, who was on an upper level with a dagger to Sildar's throat. He called Kaynox up to speak with him where he offered to spare the man's life in exchange for the group killing the real boss, a bugbear named Klarg. The group also discovered that Gundren had been sent off to a place called Cragmaw Castle for questioning.

The group agreed and proceeded back across the bridge to the east side. There they decided on a two-pronged attack, lowering Lindria back down to the bottom level to come from the side while Kaynox used a spell to district the gathered goblins from another direction. The plan went a bit awry when the goblins sprung the water trap nearly washing Lindria away in the process.

Things went a bit south then as the goblins drew the attention of Klarg and all of the remaining forces were converging on the group at once. Thanks to some heroics in combat though, the goblins were quickly dispatched and Klarg himself didn't fare much better himself.

A pile of loot was discovered, and the Klarg's head was returned to Yeemick and exchanged for Sildar. Lindria decided she didn't trust the little greenskinned bugger and decided to kill him rather than let him take over as leader of the goblins (of which he was the only survivor), and attacked him. Near death, Yeemick sacrificed his own life using its essence to place a curse on Lindria. The effects of said curse are unknown, and as of yet have not revealed themselves.

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Session 2: Arrival in Phandalin
In our second session, the group retrieved their wagon and brought it to the goblin cave where they loaded up the stolen supplies they had found within, and then proceeded to their destination of Phandalin with Sildar driving the wagon.

Upon arriving Sildar went to secure rooms for the group while they took the supplies to the Lionshield Coster trading post and received their rewards for both bringing their shipment of supplies (10g each) as well as for returning the stolen supplies retrieved from the cave (50g total). They asked about information regarding Cragmaw Castle, but found no answers.

From there, they proceeded to the inn to meet up with Sildar. Kaynox tried her best to impress the innkeeper with her performance skills, and no performance had ever bombed so hard as that. She wouldn't be performing in this inn anytime soon. Meanwhile Lindria sat and listened to rumors and chatter among the patrons while Torg set off to investigate some of the stonework in the ruins and foundations of Phandalin's homes.

Lindria overheard quite a number of things (see Current Quests & Rumors for details). The group then went to sleep with plans to investigate some of those rumors the following day.

Kaynox decided to go perform for the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant since her flop of a performance had done her no good at the Stonehill Inn. During her performance she mentioned Cragmaw castle and every head turned toward her. She quickly changed the subject, switched to tumbling, and then bowed out with her collection of 2 silver coins.

The following morning Kay was sleeping in, so Torg set off to check the Phandalin Miner's Exchange where he learned that Halia Thornton, the guildmistress whom the Redbrands fear, was a member of the Zhentarim (a group of wealthy/powerful people who seek to bring order through control).

Lindria set off to speak to a retired adventurer they'd heard about the night before, named Daran Edermath. She found that the gray haired half-elf would be willing to help in a fight against the Redbrands if it came down to it, but that he wasn't in the best of shape anymore.

Everyone regrouped at the Stonehill Inn and shared their information before deciding to  return to Halia Thornton. As they left the inn the group was approached by a group of three Redbrands who claimed that the group was under arrest for Kay having assaulted one of their members (which she hadn't). Lindria laughed at their accusation and a fight was underway. Lindria wasn't going to shoot first, so she waited. Kay was eager to unleash some arcane influence and rendered two of them unconscious with a Sleep spell while Torg ran up and subdued the remaining bandit by hauling off of his feet by his swordarm.

The man tried to break free from the barbarian's grasp, but his strength was no match. Lindria then rushed up behind the man and pummeled him in the back of the head nearly knocking him out with twin blows, while Kaynox assaulted his mind with magic that finished the job.

Torg threw the man over his shoulder along with a bedroll to try to hide that fact as best they could, and the group proceeded to the Miner's Exchange to speak to Halia. Halia asked the two customers inside to depart, and Torg deposited the man on the counter. Halia asked what the meaning of this was and when they told her, she slammed a shortsword deeply into the man's head before dragging him behind the counter.

Halia informed the group that the only one who would know anything about the location of Cragmaw Castle would be their leader, Glasstaff, and offered the group 100g if they could bring back proof of his death and any documented correspondence that they found with him in the Tressendar Manner hideout.

The group agreed and proceeded toward the manner with one stop along the way to speak to a 10 year old halfling boy named Carp about a secret tunnel he had found in the woods. The boy convinced his mother that he would have to take Lindria there himself rather than telling her how to find it, and he led her on an adventurous treck through the woods and revealed the location. On their way back to regroup the boy asked if Lindria would lend him a sword to protect his mother with. She refused, but fashioned him a club from a fallen branch and the boy tucked it away in a secret dugout near the family farm so that his mother wouldn't be worried.

The group then decided to take on the Redbrands at their hideout below Tressendar Manner.

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Session 2: Arrival in Phandalin
The group decided to put aside the quest for freeing the captives until they had more thoroughly addressed the threat of the Redbrands who surely dwelt within. They left the storage room and headed back toward the west, where Lindria had heard men gambling.

The group arranged themselves for a surprise attack and then rushed forward. Lindrea lashed out with her swords, Kaynox stabbed with her rapier and threw insulting words about, while Torg did what Torg does and attempted to bash a few skulls in using the card table itself.

Lindria landed two incredible strikes, resulting in one of her swords undergoing a mysterious change. Kaynox discovered that the change that had overcome her rapier caused the blade to come alight with flames when she landed a blow. Torg found out that swinging a large card table wasn't quite as easy, or effective, as he had hoped. Not that he let that stop him, of course, as it still went *thud* when he hit people with it.

The fight ended with Torg taking a couple of hits and Lindria also a little bit worse off than when they'd started. The group took an opportunity to rest and recover their energy before moving on to the next room to the north.

There they found an alchemy lab with various things boiling and brewing, and a tiny rat scurried about on the floor. Kaynox attacked the little rodent, but was unsuccessful in killing it, which resulted in the little thing's escape under a door to the east. The heroes set about searching the room, but Lindria heard a noise that prompted the group to take action. In the room to the east footsteps were heard running through the open cavern, and the group pursued.

They saw the Wizard Glasstaff running away to the south, more quickly than they could follow at first. The man called for the one-eyed creature to slow the group down, but his recent offering of flesh had swayed his allegiance and he instead joined the chase after the Wizard.

Though he managed to leave the compound before the heroes did, the second they went outside Lindria fired an arrow and Kaynox followed it up with a Sleep spell that put the wizard face down in the dirt. An interrogation followed in which he divulged all of the secrets he knew, which unfortunately did not include the location of Cragmaw Castle.

The Black Spider is a drow (dark elf).

The Black Spider sent three bugbears to help Iarno keep the population of Phandalin under control, but the Redbrands have managed without them. The bugbears know the way to Wave Echo Cave, but larno does not.

The Black Spider is searching Wave Echo Cave for the Forge of Spells. Dwarves and gnomes of the Phandelver's Pact used the magical forge to fashion powerful magic items.

No other members of the Lords' Alliance know of Iarno's betrayal.

They bound him and went back into the hideout with the man dangling over Torg's shoulder. Using their new trophy, the group was able to convince all of the remaining Redbrands to abandon the mercenary group and return to their homes. They then cleaned out the rest of the dungeon taking more time to investigate the areas they had to rush through and those that they hadn't yet explored.

The discovered some items of value, including a get-away stash of goods that Glasstaff hadn't gotten the opportunity to grab, including a potion of invisibility. They also discovered a letter in his study:

Lord Albrek,
My spies in Neverwinter tell me that strangers are due to
arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves.
Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don't allow
them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven
maps in their possession are delivered to me with haste.
I'm counting on you, larno. Don't disappoint me.

Signed with a black image of a spider

They rescued a mother and her two teenage children, the family of the man who the Redbrands had murdered in the streets. To thank them for their deeds, the woman revealed to them a lost heirloom of her family that was left in Thundertree when her family was forced to flee many years ago. While the lure of treasure was tempting, the group decided they'd better find the location of Cragmaw castle first.

Bound and gagged, the group took the wizard to Sildar at the inn for further questioning and to see him brought to justice. Along the way, they ran into Carp's mother again and she was able to inform them of a druid friend she had that might be able to help them find Cragmaw Castle. When they asked about the location of the druid, Thundertree was their answer. They dropped Glasstaff off with Sildar where he discovered that the wizard was actually his long time friend, Iarno Albrek, and apparently a traitor to the Lords' Alliance. He said that he would personally see to Iarno's being taken to Neverwinter and tried for his crimes.

Sildar Hallwinter approached Lindria later that night to invite her to become a member of the Lords' Alliance, which she accepted, and bestowed upon her the title of Cloak.

With their only remaining lead to Cragmaw Castle being the druid friend of Carp's mother, the heroes made their way north to the ruined city, following Lindria's guidance through the woods to save time. They encountered an Ogre who was easily slain along the way, Kaynox befriended a little squirrel, but little else.

Arriving in Thundertree, the group checked some buildings, squashed some tiny plant elemental creatures and a pair of spiders, one of which shriveled to near nothingness after Torg stabbed it with his greatsword.

Searching the town for the alchemy shop that would yield them the emerald necklace led them to a large tower on a hill, in which they found a Young Green Dragon. They managed to get away, though the dragon did notice them, and in their fleeing discovered the building that the Druid had taken as a shelter. He told them that the dragon's name was Venomfang, and that he would escort them to Cragmaw if they could help him rid Thundertree of the dragon.

They asked for the druid's help, which he provided through magical resistance to the dragon's breath attack, and offered to join them in the fight.

In an insane battle of high damage and critical hits, the dragon was nearly destroyed in a matter of seconds, before it flew up through the top of the tower and away without a single word. They looted the dragon's horde, and then returned to the Druid's safehouse to prepare for the journey to Cragmaw Castle.

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Session 3: Cragmaw Castle Clear
The following is the epic poem written by Kaynox, the bardic dragon slayer. Actual events may or may not be represented correctly.

Cragmaw Castle’s Keep and its Mighty Heroes

Through a secret passage, the heroes infiltrated the crumbling keep
the ranger led the barbarian, the bard, and the druid against two mighty hobgoblins
Where the bard equipped Potterificus Totalus, the magical rapier wand,
and cleverly defeated the hobgoblins in one brilliant spell.

Together they found the captive dwarf, a menacing drow elf, and the Grol the Bugbear King.
A monstrous wolf guarded his King, its vicious teeth as long as the bard’s body.
The bard heroically attacked the wolf and slew the beast
as the druid watched the magnificent power of the bard.

With the chance bestowed upon him by the bard,
the barbarian flared his rage, wounding the drow, and giving the ranger the chance to kill.
Pride and Prejudice sliced the drow from throat to groin, organs spilling from his body.
But the drow was not an elf, and its body dissolved, revealing a blue doppleganger corpse.

Grol the Bugbear King fought back bravely, but met the same fate as his conspirator.
The ranger searched the room for maps and clues, finding the dwarf’s map soaked in blood.
Coated in the wolf’s thick blood, the bard lept to the unconscious dwarf.
With mighty power, the bard healed the dwarf, returning life to his ashen complexion.

The dwarf, swearing gratefulness and loyalty, joined the companions.
Together they searched the damaged keep, bring swift death to hidden enemies.
Soaked in blood, the barbarian and ranger killed as gods,
their blades quick and magnified by the bard’s magic.

The companions ruined rituals, slew goblin cultists, and emptied the keep from its evil.
Yet in the last room, Venomfang, the mighty emerald dragon previously slighted by the barbarian,
hid in wait. He’d come seeking rumored emeralds, and his fury was mighty as there were none.
The companions rejoiced in the last room, unaware of their danger, and drank in celebration.

Venomfang flew from the Dark Hall’s crumbling rafters, spewing burning chlorine gas from his maw.
The ranger fell immediately, her body choked by the gas.
In selfless haste, the bard resurrected the ranger instead of healing herself.
Forever indebted to the bard’s righteous act, the ranger shared a healing potion.

The barbarian, equipped with his demonic rage, drew Venomfang’s attention and attacked.
The ranger assisted when she was well enough, flanking Venomfang;
While the druid healed his companions as best as he could and casting the last of his spells.
With courage, the druid transformed into a mighty wolf and rushed into the melee and his death.

In desperate attacks, the companions chopped at Venomfang,
But the mighty emerald dragon was too strong.
The bard saw that her companions would soon die and drew Potterificus Totalus,
a desperate last move that could doom them to their deaths or save them.

“Petrificus Perpetuum!” and Potterificus Totalus petrified Venomfang.
The dragon froze, his body turned to stone.
The barbarian heaved his blood-stained sword and smote off the stone head.
Venomfang was dead and the keep saved--the bard now a dragon slayer.

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Session 3: Cragmaw Castle Clear
In reply to Kaynox (msg # 5):

And this is Kaynox's spur of the moment tale that she first gave in the city before finalizing her epic poem draft.

Emerald scales flex as muscles bunch.
Wings spread, tail curled, Venomfang’s back was pressed against the crumbling castle wall.
Revenge-he came to claim his emeralds and destroy the barbarian, ranger, druid, and bard who had previously proved how mighty he wasn’t.
His flames licked the adventurers, burning their life, felling the ranger.
In a single touch, the small bard granted life again to the ranger, and with blades raging, the ranger and barbarian injured the dragon.
In anger, the dragon breathed poisonous gas and felled the druid.
With might wisdom, the bard raised her rapier, the blade shouting “Petrificus Perpetuum,” and the blood thirsty Venomfang turned to stone.
The barbarian heaved his heavy sword, the color of dried blood, and smote off the dragon’s stone head.
The emerald dragon was nevermore.

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