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Sun 5 Mar 2017
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Important NPC's
You are free to add to this list:

Gundren RockseekerCragmaw Castle?Hired you to take supplies to Phandalin. Captured by goblins. 
Sildar HallwinterPhandalinRescued from Cragmaw goblinsLord's Alliance
Toblin StonehillPhandalinOwner, Stonehill Inn 
Linene GraywindPhandalinOwner, Lionshield Coster trading post 
Halia ThorntonPhandalinGuildmistress, Miner'sZhentarim
Quelline AlderleafPhandalinHalfling farmer, son Carp 
Daran EdermathPhandalinRetired adventurer 

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