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Character Files
Please post your character and background here.
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Character Files
Megan Sigler [PL 10/150+20]

Attributes [62]
Str 2
Sta 4
Fgt 2
Dex 2
Agl 8
Int 3
Awa 8
Pre 2

Defenses [8]
Parry 0/14
Dodge 0/14
Toughness 4/6
Fort 6/+10
Will 2/+10

Skills [14]
Acrobatics 2 [1]
Athletics 4 [2]
Close CombatóUnarmed 6 [3]
ExpertiseóMusic 4 [2]
Insight 2 [1]
Perception 4 [2]
Persuasion 2 [1]
Stealth 2 [1]
Treatment 2 [1]

Advantages [9]
Connected [1]
Improved Defense [1]
Luck 4 [4]
Ranged Attack 3 [3]

Powers [77]
Time Control (Enhanced Defenses 18:  Dodge 6, Parry 12; Enhanced Advantages 8:  Evasion 2, Instant Up, Move-By Action, Defensive Roll 2, Improved Initiative 2; Speed 10; Quickness 5) [41]
Living Machinegun (Ranged Damage 8, Multiattack, Accurate 6, Improved Critical 4, Precise) [35]
 Alternate Effect: Freeze Tag (Affliction 10 (Hindered and Vulnerable/Immobile and Defenseless/Incapacitated), Will-Based, Extra Condition, Cumulative, Reversible, Accurate 4) [1]
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Character Files
Megan's history begins with the rogue geneticist Doctor Solomon, who was convinced that the Rapture was coming at the Millennium, and that the superheroes would all vanish and leave society defenseless.  His solution was to create clones of metahumans, who would lack souls and thus not be at risk of being Raptured.  He kidnapped Amber, one of a new duo of superheroes, and harvested her genetic material to create a clone, who he grew to the developmental stage of a newborn before Amber's partner, Azure, rescued her. (Ironically, this was before Azure and Amber came out as a lesbian couple, which would have removed her from his list of potential Rapturees.)

[Note: In her original background she was the only one created this way, but if you want her to have siblings that she may or may not know about, go for it.]

Amber wasn't up to the responsibility of raising a child, so she was adopted by the Siglers.  She was raised with Amber as an aunt/godmother figure, and with an age-appropriate understanding of the implications of being a clone: why she didn't have a navel, the potential to develop powers, etc.  Her parents were careful not to pressure her about the potential development of either her powers or sexuality, since they didn't know if biology was destiny in either case.

Megan began to develop her powers around puberty, and was sent to [name of superhero school].  Since her classmates knew who her clone-mother was, she grew very tired of speculation about her sexuality and nature vs. nurture, and refused to confirm or deny anything. (Privately, she's fairly sure she's gay and would have come out if she'd met the right person, but that didn't happen.)

Description: Megan is 5'4", with a solid build, short brown hair, and brown eyes.  She wears glasses.  Her powers produce a purple-colored field, hence her codename.


Parents: no details on them

Amber: Megan's clone-mother.  She looks like Megan's older sister, although Amber's in better condition due to having been an active superhero for two decades.  She has a serious personality and is involved in social justice causes.  Amber's role in Megan's life isn't quite as a parent, but she takes an interest in Megan's life, progress in school, etc. She has the power to slow time, which produces a reddish field.

Azure: Megan's, uh, clone-aunt?  Azure is tall and lean, with dark blonde hair with a dyed blue streak.  She's mischevious and cheerful, and connects with Megan more like an older sibling or disreputable cousin.  She has the power to speed time, which produces a bluish field.

Friends from school?

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