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Current Aspects
We will be using this thread for Aspects of the setting, the current scene, the characters and extra and anything else interesting. If we were playing round a tabletop, these would be a set of index cards visible to everyone. You can find out more about Aspects here:

Anything in bold in this thread should be considered an Aspect, a facet of the setting that can have an effect on the characters or be leveraged by the players to change how the story plays out
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Setting Aspects
Nature of the Party

Our party is a recon team, forerunners to the main bulk of the Blackwatch whilst they extricate themselves from their existing obligations: It consists of:
  • M. Gaius Cassius, an Affable Leader of Men and recon force commander
  • Rostislav 'Rusty' Sukhoi, a Crimeran Icarus, Post-Fall
  • Roth Dandris, a venerable mercenary with a Killer's Inheritance

Campaign Scale

We're in the thick of things, firefight to rough scrape to chaotic chase through the hills and mountains on northernmost Buna

Setting Issues

It's the spring of 35 N.S.; the northeastern border is Rife With Lawlessness and the Albion Republic is struggling against banditry, corporations who want to operate at the Edges Of Civilisation and Too Many Ghosts and Spooks deep in the mountains. Further south, the Buna are overwhelmed by the War On Drugs, retreating into their traditional heartlands and leaving the towns and cities here to Forge Themselves A Nation; but the common people are suffering

  • Grade-6 'Colonel' J. Gavius Isatis, battalion commander of Blackwatch Recon presently in Northhall negotiating with the Albion Militia and the parliament behind them. He has a reputation for being a Fearless Brinkman who once Saved A Man Who Would Be 'King'.
  • Prime Minister Takala Dinear is His Father's Son, inheriting the loyalty of the Albion Militia and the wealth of the last independent corporation in the region, Dinear Mining Conglomerate


We will expand this as the team explores the current situation in Albion:
  • Northhall, nominal capital of the Albion Republic though it is Far From The True Frontier. It is an Ex-Company Town, home to the Albion Militia and Prime Minister Takala Dinear and At The Centre of Local Trade

  • Loosely formed around several smaller towns in the Kuru Vuoristö Mountains, the Albion Republic is the closest thing to a territorial government once you leave the Vuoristö Savannah. It is pulled together from mining pits and supply towns working with alpaca herders and frontier homesteads perhaps Territory More Than Nation
  • Blackwatch is Last of The Exodus Mercenaries, presently serving the Nezem States much as they have for many years, though they are a Shadow Of Their Former Self, Decapitated By War and Seeking A Homeland.
    • Deploying in Small Teams, Loosely Joined to this region is BASIC (Recon), known for always being First Boots On The Ground
    • Stationed in Teruel and Saqqaf-Cadiz are the MENFOlk (Main Force)
  • Dinear Mining Conglomerate controls most of the mining pits and logistics into the region, operating Company Stores in many of the smaller settlements in order to support the flow of rare earth metals
  • Raksha Koan is a religion taking root in the cities further to the east and on the coast of the Ny'ekundu Gulf, such as Kandar and Mukt Shahar
  • Little is known of the bandits in the region, save that folk, money and equipment all disappears

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Scene or Situation Aspects
Any significant features of the current scene or situation, including boosts where the the characters have Created An Advantage

Pit-9 Refuelling Station
  • More Grandiose Than The Ground Truth

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Setting Extras
Without any specific intervention from the players:
  • Known for being the sharp edge of the Blackwatch maxim, si vis pacem para bellum (lit. "if you want peace, prepare for war"), the Blackwatch Scouts do not yet resemble the Imperial Scouts of their lineage but are nonetheless formidable soldiers
    • Permissions: Led by an Affable Leader of Men
    • Costs: None by default; skill points and stunts may be added by players' Resource rolls
    • Aspects: , Self-Reliant Survivors, though • Sime Squad (split into Ø Fireteam Darby and Ø Fireteam Kelso) is Raised on a Diet of Garrison Duty and Bandit Hunting
    • Skills: Fair (+2): Physique; Average (+1): Shoot, Will
    • Stunts: Field Craft
    • Gear: Light Infantry, Skirmishers and Riflemen
  • "Sunset Sasha", an ex-military cargo plane owned and operated by Rusty. Based on the Grumman C-2 Greyhound cargo and courier aircraft from the 1960s
    • Permissions: None; understood as part of the campaigns’s conceit
    • Costs: None by default; skill points and stunts may be added by players' Resource rolls
    • Aspects: Medium Range Cargo Plane
    • Skills: {Pending}
    • Stunts: Don't Need Runways Where We're Going

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