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Current Aspects
We will be using this thread for Aspects of the setting, the current scene, the characters and extra and anything else interesting. If we were playing round a tabletop, these would be a set of index cards visible to everyone. You can find out more about Aspects here:

Anything in bold in this thread should be considered an Aspect, a facet of the setting that can have an effect on the characters or be leveraged by the players to change how the story plays out
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Setting Aspects
Nature of the Party

Our party is formed from the command crew of the RCV Kari, a colony sleeper financed by the Mbum family on far-off Kormantin. It consists of:
  • Dr Felicity Cross, the Hesitant Horticulturalist who runs hydroponics and the arboretum
  • Natsu Onada, a Cryonics Engineer
  • Tito Dokari, the Head of Security whose team know Ceramite Ties Are Thicker Then Blood

Campaign Scale

Extended and broad in scale, with short flurries of action punctuated by reverse budgets -with the Narrator submitting budget lines and rolls and the players reporting on the progress of their respective departments or areas of responsibility. It is anticipated that the colonists from their vessel will eventually form the Hishu Gardeners and the Rafiki Brotherhood in the core campaign

Setting Issues


  • Captain Nkruma Mbum, of the RCV Kari, {Pending}


At the start of the campaign the Exodus Fleet will be in near-orbit of Comorian, which I will treat as a scene. Other locations will open up once a site for planetfall is chosen
  • Aboard the RCV Kari, there is:
    • The Ship's Bridge, {Pending}
    • Seed Arboretum, an Oasis of Tranquility filled with small fruiting trees and koi-filled pools that Contains The Seeds of Our Future

  • {Pending}

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Setting Aspects
Any significant features of the current scene or situation, including boosts where the the characters have Created An Advantage

Forward Officer's Mess
Dog Watch Begins To Rouse

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Setting Extras
Without any specific intervention from the players:
  • RCV Kari, a Colony Sleeper class starship financed by the Ndanga Mbun:
    • Permissions: None; understood as part of the campaignsís conceit
    • Costs: None by default; skill points and stunts may be added by players' Resource rolls
    • Aspects: {Pending}
    • Skills: {Pending}
    • Stunts: {Pending}

    Blueprint: Homesteader: Starship, Colony Sleeper class with Fleet Bridge Deck, 4 Overpowered Fusion Powersystems, 6 Ion Drives, a Seed Arboretum and Integrated Hydroponics, 4 Water Cellular Shielding, LIDAR and Improved RADAR, 2 Probe Bays (8 probes each) and 2 Extended Shuttle Decks (2 shuttles and 2 lifters in each), 4 Main Cargo Holds (packed with prefabricated housing, tools and machinery) and 12 Coldsleep Vaults (240,000 colonists each). Crew of 212 required, skeleton of 56 can operate the vessel, 2898 metres bow to stern, 608 metres in width

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