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Wed 15 Mar 2017
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In this spin-off campaign from the core Federation of Comorian (link to another game) universe each player will control a character, a veteran of the long war between the Hishu, Buna and Sai Kung Hoi a few scant years before the Unification that leads to the formation of the Federation itself. You and the other players will be exploring this historic setting, telling rich and personal stories

With the existing collaboration in creating Comorian and the nature of FATE in building the specifics of the campaign setting and your characters, I'm not expecting a fully-formed character to start. What I would prefer to see is what FATE call's your High Concept, a short phrase that captures the essence of your character. You can see a broader description of the High Concept and some examples from FATE here:

If you have a specific cultural background in mind (from Comorian) and a name, then feel free to include those to, but I will be adding folks initially without those

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