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Thu 16 Mar 2017
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OOC - Game Planning
With the focus on storytelling - and how FATE seems to work well with collaboration - I'm encouraging that we collectively we set the tone for the campaign, the bits of the setting and themes it explores and how the characters will work together. You can read how the FATE system intends this to work here: https://fate-srd.com/fate-core/game-creation

We have the basic concept for the story: members of the Hishu Gardeners, war-weary from their conflict with the Buna and the Sai Kung Hoi, facing the encroaching Unification under the political might of the Nezem States. Do the players want to fight for independence or embrace the vision of Esmail Nejem? Are they soldiers on the frontline or scientists and gardeners pledged to a different worldview?

Before we begin character creation we need to flesh out the following:
  • What is the Nature of the Party? Are you strangers thrown together by fate, or do you have prior history? Are you a small team isolated in the Gama de Acero or cogs in a far bigger wheel?
  • What is the Campaign Scale? Do you want to hear about the rolling progress of the Nezem as it happens to the rest of the Hishu or change the nature of the conversation?
  • What are the Setting's Big Issues? Are the Hishu pro-Unity at this point or not? Are their internal tensions within the polity? Are they facing a war on three fronts, an economic conflict or a political one?
  • Where, what and who and the Key Locations, Groups and People? We know something about the physical geography of the region and the brush strokes of what will happen, but who yields power close to the players? Are they in Tōsandō or a smaller settlement? Do we intend to keep the campaign within Hishu territory or be more free-ranging?
  • Do we want to tweak the core rules are the Default Skills or introduce any Extras? I'm probably renaming Crafts to Mechanics and Lore to Education, but otherwise I'm not planning to make significant changes unless someone makes a case for it. Depending on where we get to with the other questions, we may end up using Extras

We will move on to character creation once we have these facets of the setting sorted out