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Current Aspects
We will be using this thread for Aspects of the setting, the current scene, the characters and extra and anything else interesting. If we were playing round a tabletop, these would be a set of index cards visible to everyone. You can find out more about Aspects here:

Anything in bold in this thread should be considered an Aspect, a facet of the setting that can have an effect on the characters or be leveraged by the players to change how the story plays out
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Setting Aspects
Nature of the Party

Our party is a security team providing muscle for Naphtali Securities. We begin the campaign with them in Gharistan following up on the disappearance of an investigative team assigned to work with a local film production studio. It consists of:
  • Anisa Mata, a Utopian Ex-SRT
  • Oluwadamilare Adegboye, a Bandit turned Merc
  • David Bannerjee, a Junkie Ex-Cop Filmaker

Campaign Scale

Our campaign is local in nature, focused on events in and around:
  • Gharistan is a small city full of Struggling Artisans and Vaudeville, though it will become the centre for the film industry within a few short years. Located in the foothills of the Anderbacks, at the edge of the Eastern District it is a Buna town, known for the producers of independent films who make their home here, with a small props and make-up industry together with costumiers, mid-range clothing lines and bespoke craftsman of a variety of trades.

Setting Issues

We're playing in the darkest period of the Focht Epidemic, a time blighted by the psychoactive drug called Focht and the break-down of law and order as the Cartels fought - often openly - against the beleaguered men and women of law enforcement. Within the city three specific problems have manifested themselves:
  • Locally the Cartels are Distributors Vying For The Big Time, overtly controlling some parts of town where they have production, distribution or logistical operations; they benefit from many celebrities and local figures taking to Focht like Flame to the Crimson Fairy, keen for the little red pills
  • On top of this the local authorities are running scared, dealing with it with Blood Money Politics from Trickle Down Taxes rather than trying to stand up to them
  • As a result there is an Overabundance of Pipe Hitters, with private security becoming commonplace, and Public Safety is Unevenly Distributed
  • Looming behind all of this, perhaps encouraging it, is the impending threat from the de-orbit of the RCV Mbal Msafiri and that with it there may be No Promise of Tomorrow

  • Rudo Shwetz is the Mayor of Gharistan, a career politician with a family who is Trying Not To Drown In Blood
  • Commissioner Olufunke Vasylyk is Chief of Police, known to his officers for being Ruthless with the Law
  • 'Vaso' is the biggest force in the local Cartel


Expect most of the scenes to take place in central Gharistan, a city running north-south in the shadow of the Anderbacks though at one of the shortest ridgelines. Over the mountains to the west is Safed and the Nezem States; to the east across savannah, deserts and shrubland is the flat expanse of the Buna. We will use Santiago de Cali in Columbia for a rough layout of streets and elevations
  • {Pending}

  • Focht Cartels, {Pending}
  • Naphtali Securities, a paramilitary security firm provided Internal Security Watchdogs for corporations and conglomerates. They were Made in the Nezem Jeshi Kigeni but are now based out of Safed and known for work in the whole area around the Chikalda Hills and northern Anderbacks.  Our team is following up on the disappearance of Team G-Two, who were hired by Paper Robot Productions to investigate concerns that the production company was being used to distribute Focht without their knowledge - an investigation intended to be very hands-off. That team consisted of:
    • Ashur Beringer, a Forensic Accountant
    • Sterling and Thoko Moreno, a pair of Ex-Customs Excisemen
    • Joana Draper, a Hardboiled Ex-Cop

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Setting Aspects
Any significant features of the current scene or situation, including boosts where the the characters have Created An Advantage

Lotus Hypermarket Carpark
  • For a Small Fee

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Setting Extras
At the beginning the characters know a bit about the specific effects of Focht:
  • Focht
    • Permissions: Descent into Crimson
    • Costs: One or more Little Red Pills
    • Aspects: Potent Psychoactive Hallucinogen and Highly Addictive
    • Skills: Unknown
    • Stunts: Unknown

If they have relevant Aspects more will be revealed prior to play

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