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RTJ & House Rules
This is a Dresden Files game using the rules from the Dresden Files Accelerated rule-set.

The Setting:
Defined as Seattle, WA.  The Pacific Northwest has a Fomor problem, among other things...

To Apply:
To RTJ to this game, please submit one or more Concepts consisting of a High-Concept, Mantle (can certainly be one not listed in the book) and a Trouble Aspect with (only) a couple of lines of back-story details.   

I absolutely need players who can write things forward when I disappear.  Because I will disappear.  I have a hobby that will take me offline for two weeks at a time every now and again.  If you can't handle the stop-n-go action... it's better not to sign up.  I won't ever just disappear.  I have closed games before because life got too stressful.  But I've always tried to keep everyone informed.

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Sat 18 Mar 2017
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RTJ & House Rules
21-day threshold
If you need to go offline for a bit, tell us!  If we haven't heard from you in 21-days (during an active posting period) without any kind of notice, I will assume you've lost interest and chosen to drop-out.  At that point, I will remove you from the game.  I will not chase you down to confirm. I will not ask questions..  I am not a babysitter; you are not a child.

What if things have gone to hell?
It's probably better to deal with it all and talk to me when you've cleared it up.  Remember... fiction is full of characters who "didn't actually die!" Keep in mind that I am always better disposed towards those who've kept me in the loop over those who disappeared without a word.

We are going to bypass much of the city-creation phase of this, as this is often a place where Dresden Files games get bogged down...

I very much prefer to keep power-profiles and back-stories simple and straight-forward.  Your Aspects should make your character accessible to others (so other players can offer you Fate points to leverage your characters' Aspects.).  Character-creation for new characters will take place in character-creation threads open to all the players.   You are expected to participate in their threads:  ask questions, make suggestions point out potential snags.   I firmly believe that players should see the big picture!  Of course, this means that we need to play nice together.  Please be constructive!

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Same Page Tool
This sort of lays out my expectations and approach to how a game should come together.

This is not an open sandbox world.  The GM facilitates conflicts and ensures that there are conflicts.  Things will happen no matter what your choices are;  the world will move on despite your character's actions or lack thereof.  Your choices determine what kinds of conflicts you get involved in.

The GM preps a set of events Ė linear or branching; players run their characters through these events. The GM gives hints to provide direction.  While the GM may be responsible for the overall structure, everyone works together to make the story.   There is nothing to stop your character from going off-plan.

Good play isnít a win/lose kind of thing.  Player characters are expected to work together; major conflicts might erupt but youíll patch them up given some time.  The game is about these PCs, and players are obligated to find reason for their characters to stay associated with each other.

Everyone should at least know the basics of the rules.  The playersí roles are to set goals for their characters, and pursue them proactively.  The GMís role is to use the rules most of the time--the rules are a common language, after all.  However, the GM may occasionally ignore the rules when they conflict with what would be good for the story

In a fight, the details of where everything is--tables, chairs, where everyone is standing--is something that isnít very important other than it makes for an interesting scene- pretty much anyone can come up with details.

Want to check this out for yourself?  check out:

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