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OOC: Reference: The Setting
Message 02: People We Know - Local
Message 03: People We Know - Out of Town
Message 04: People We Know - The Denizens of Oz
Message 05: Out-of-Play

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People We Know - Locals
Abigail St John
Mortal, Clued-In (Willa)

Douglas' primary-care nurse.   Over the past year, She and Willa have become friends.  She has a six-year old, Charlie.  Willa has met Frank, Abigail's baby-daddy, but hasn't formed an opinion of him yet.  Abigail is hard-working Irish girl with strong morals and a deeply empathetic nature.  She and Charlie live in a furnished apartment the floor beneath the penthouse where Willa spends much of her time--where Douglas has been installed.

Alan ???
Unknown (Mona)

Simona and Jermaine's father, a wanderer. Other good terms to describe him include vagrant, hobo, and man of the land. He considers himself self-sufficient, honorable, and a "proper man". He is the one who taught his children the transformation spell, as well as how to live on the streets. If he ever had a surname, he's given it up, along with a social security number and any chance of integrating with society on its terms. It's clearly a bridge he burned without regret. Simona has more or less followed in his footsteps, though while she is content to build a life for herself on the streets of Seattle, Alan seems to have a wanderlust that won't let him settle anywhere. He comes through Washington every so often to check up on his kids and trade stories.

Christos S. Dagadakis M.D.
Undefined Mantle, Doctor (Gordon)

Unlike most other medical professionals Gordon has to dance around, Christos is completely clued in.  He was clued in before Gordon met him.  As the director of emergency psychiatry for the University of Washington Medical Center for over 19 years he has seen some weird stuff.  In addition, he is Greek and his family are distant descendants of Aceso (the goddess of the healing process), who is the daughter of Asclepius (God of Medicine).  He may not be a full practitioner (or even one at all) but he has been able to pull off some amazing healing on hopeless cases and has helped Gordon on several occasions with working out some healing magic.  In addition to their professional and magical relationship, he and Gordon are in the same social circles and get together frequently (Christos is very personable, knowledgeable and humorous).  Gordon is a family friend and knows the majority of his family and even gets invited over occasional for holidays.  Christos is also badgering Gordon to learn Greek because "Everything is better in Greek."

Also, for fun, I based him on a real person: http://www.uwmedicine.org/bios/christos-dagadakis

Clark Heigl
Mortal, undefined as to whether he's clued-in or not (Willa)

Former PR rep at Synergi, He is now a reporter for the Seattle Times.

Denise Hansen: 
Magic-Practitioner of some sort (Gordon)

Direct descendent of Chief Seattle of the Duwamish Tribe.  While not in a leadership position, this young woman (late 20s) is in good standing with the tribe because she sees dead people.  Specifically, the ancestors of the tribe.  It was Gordon who, several years ago, helped her cultivate her ability from just seeing to listening, talking, and interacting.  It has been a boon for the tribe by helping them avoid problems and getting some guidance from their Elders.  She has become his goto for native american practices, history, and magic because she has rapidly become an expert in that area.  Because of his help in the past, he now gets invited to almost every tribal event and often gets consulted on for things outside their realm (funny enough, it is usually medical, business, or political).

Douglas Porter, Philanthropist
Mortal, Undefined if Clued-in or not (Willa)

Used to work for Synergi Software as a project manager, later as director of public relations.  Married Willa and became a directing influence in the Porter Foundation.  They were happily married for six years when Doug collapsed during a business meeting.

Eric Poole
Mortal  (Mona)

One of the city's disenfranchised, though not from birth like Mona. He was hit by the recession, laid off, but still manages to find an honest day's work sometimes. Makes a mean pot of ramen, and always keeps his eyes open. While he isn't savvy to the supernatural, he does manage to notice that sort of thing and rationalize it as something mundane, but worth talking about.

Evelyn Meribel
Unknown, Presumed Mortal  (Mona)

A surgeon at one of the bigger hospitals. She's good at her job, except for the times she can't explain certain injuries. As a childhood friend of Mona's, and an ex of her brother's, she can be counted on to help deal with wounds better tended to without police intervention, or even just information on weird goings on.

Officer Jermaine Shwete
Clued-In Mortal  (Mona)

Simona's brother, a dedicated police officer who worries about her a great deal. He knows full well she is a werecat, and while he knows the transformation spell himself, he refuses to use it. He's offered for her to move in with him numerous times, but she refuses, and it puts a strain on their relationship. Even so, he keeps one of her backpacks stashed in his office, and is willing to take information she provides to his superiors, after scrubbing it of any supernatural concepts, of course. He uses their mother's surname, as their father apparently doesn't have one. [Possibly Jermaine, Abigail's fiance.]

Julian Singh
MORTAL, Probably Clued-In (Willa)

Former private investigator.  Spent three years in prison after charges of assault against the man he believed injured his girlfriend.   He is a "go-to" man who has a number of criminal contacts.  He works as a skip-tracer and collection-agent, sometimes takes shifts as a taxi driver.  He's working through his grief.  He's a pretty pragmatic person but isn't convinced that he deserves better than he's got.

Kathie M. Myers, MD
Pure Mortal Doctor (Gordon)

Clinical Program Director for the Seattle Children's Hospital.  She specializes in adolescents (bless her soul).  For the most part, she is completely clueless to anything outside her world.  She does know that sometimes Gordon can reach some of their patients when all else has failed.  He is on their very short list of consultants and 'highly recommended' as a provider for continuing treatment.  Since Gordon is in private practice, he does not have admitting privileges to hospitals.  Katie is more than willing admit on his behalf (these are Gordon's psychiatric patients ONLY).  Their relationship is completely professional (outside the occasional fund raiser) and medical.
For fun, I based her on a real person: http://www.seattlechildrens.or...ff/Kathleen-M-Myers/

Kendra Hansen:
Clued-In Mortal (Gordon)

There is no way Gordon could run his private practice competitively in this society with-out access to this culture's modern conveniences such as computers, e-mail, cell phones, electronic records, fax machines, etc...  That's Kendra's job.  This young lady is his assistant/secretary/receptionist/office manager.  She is his connection to the modern world.  She keeps him relatively up to date on such things (i.e. He knows what an external hard drive is).  Gordon is extremely aware of how important she is so he pays her very well, she has her own office (mainly to keep all those electronics safe from cranky wizards.  It took him months to figure out how to add 'insulation' to her office to help keep stray mystical energies out), excellent health insurance, 401K, and a small stipend for education (she is very slowly working her business degree).  Kendra also has her brown belt in Karate and, as Denise's baby sister and working for a wizard, is very clued in.

Matt ???
Unknown, Presumed Mortal  (Mona)

Computer guy, a great source of digital information. [You mentioned him, figured he was worth connecting to. :D]

Nicole Bautista
Werecrocodile medic (Luke's financee)

Luke's fiancee. Werecrocodile/Medic (Veterinarian). Met Luke at the Seattle Rifle and Pistol Club. Still close to family in the Philippines. Introverted, conscientious, with a very short temper. They plan to marry in September.

Nimii ???
Unknown, Presumed Mortal (Luke)

Dancer, T'sinti tribe.

Yvon Parker
Unknown, Presumed Mortal (Luke)


Officer ??? DuFresne
Unknown, Presumed Mortal  (Mona)

What a dick.

Mr. Potts
Unknown, Presumed Mortal  (Mona)

An old man who runs an old bookstore. He thinks it's funny to keep an air of mystery about himself, and Mona thinks it's unfunny that she absolutely cannot find his first name. Information she can't get is the kind she wants the most. At the very least, he's really nice and always has some room in his store when she wants to go in and just read something. He doesn't even charge her. Weird.

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People We Know - Out of Town
Noriko (Kotodana Practitioner (Gordon)
A transplant from Japan.  When she was a teen, Gordon had to remove her from the Emerald City five times!  It became clear that she had the gift.  Because of cultural, communication, and age differences, Gordon did not want to take her as an apprentice.  He is very hesitant to do that anyway.  And has yet to take one officially since he joined the White Council.  He managed to find a woman in the International District to teach her.

She utilizes her craft through the ideals of Kotodama.  As a young woman she has outstripped her teacher.  In fact, she probably could join the White Council, but she has no desire too.  They are, however, aware of her existence and she has been approached more than once.  Her style, however, seemed limited to the assessor.  So, she was listed as a 'maybe'.  Gordon believes that the real reason this happened is because Noriko undersold herself and the wizard didn't really grasp the Kotodama dynamic.  He often wonders what would have happened if she was assessed by an Eastern practitioner.  Regardless, it was her choice.

They don't cross paths very often for magical reasons, but her and her extended family operate one of the best Sushi bars in the city.  So, he is there almost weekly.  Sometimes they talk shop and sometimes they don't.

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People We Know - People of Oz
Goblyn Queen of Oz.

She's big, tough, ugly, and mean. Her goblins police the borders of Oz. IF THIS FITS... I know Oz is still fluid right now Bilka thinks that Silas' job should be hers. When she didn't get it, she chose her fae heritage, and blames The Marshal for backing her into such a corner (she used to be MUCH prettier). She's sworn to The ErlKing as well, but if she can mess with Silas and not endanger herself- she can and will.

Duchess Haibrella.
Sidhe Nobility

Local Sidhe noblewoman, sees Silas as her plaything and quasi-boyfriend. Things have... happened... between them (ok, more than once), but, yeah. It's complicated. Him being mortal, and sworn to the Erlking, and the whole Autumnal concerns (heavens forbid he conceive a child). He honestly likes her a lot, but holds himself in check from anything more than that out of concern for her... Perception is everything, and the Fae have killed for less.

Princess Ozma
Ruler of Oz

Marcus Hardemann
Position & Mantle yet to be defined
Possibly "Gate-keeper of Oz"

The Marshall
Gunslinger of Oz

Gordon Ericson
Wizard of Oz

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The Places We Go...
Moonrise Cafe & Bakery
"Jake and Megan"

Modeled after a classic 1950s diner with the long bar, and booths evenly spaced throughout.  It was a classic vibe with muted reds and browns, lots of polished chrome accents. Back-room resembles the private rooms of a japanese restaurant.   Often used for small meetings and board-games.   known Paranetter meetup place.

Bring & Buy Books
"Mr Potts"

Dante's Nightclub
Yvon Parker, Niimi ???"

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Out of Play

Adrian, Regis, and Valencia "Prackbach" (Malvora)
White-Court vampire (Luke)

Three siblings. Cousins of Luke's. He's practically a fourth sibling. They spent a lot of time at each other's houses growing up. They Prackbach's have embraced their vampiric nature to its full extent. Adrain is an elected official on the King County Board of Health. Regis is a Talk Radio host. Valencia is a university student (Communications) and a volunteer counsellor in a pro-life pregnancy center. Throughout their lives, the Lucas, Adrian, Regis, and Valencia have all played with and against each other, in teams of shifting membership, through rivalry and betrayal. The Prackbach siblings are all building their powerbases to one day run the family, and believe Luke is, too. Somehow. Not very well, but what else could he be doing?

Dena Fairchild.
Clued-in US Marshal (The Marshall)

Supervisor Deputy United States Marshal of the US Marshals office in Seattle. She's top dog for the US Marshal's in Seattle. She and Silas went through training together, and even though he's out now, the pair have worked together more than once. Dena's in the know, about the Supernatural AND Silas' new career (unlike the US Marshal's, he likes to remind her that he's not a Deputy and so outranks their entire federal service... jokingly). They've coordinated efforts to track down fugitives, and had more than a few passionate arguments about the disposition of some of them. They've had a few social encounters (Gun Range, a drink, even caught a movie once). Nothing romantic, just associates with the beginnings of a friendship.

Jared Kincaid.
Supernatural Mercenary (The Marshall)

Whenever he's in town, they hang out (unless they're on conflicting missions/jobs). They have a lot in common, and have plenty of shared history (good and bad). Both are professionals though, and know how to flip the switches as necessary. For his part, Silas really likes Jared. I mean, he's genuinely tried to kill him once or twice (and vice versa), but such is life.

Joe "Dingo" Goodfrey.
Satyr. Fitness/Survival Coach (The Marshall)

 and fellow SPARTAN race enthusiast. Dingo is Silas' best friend, and has been for over twenty years. Also, roommate in their loft above Dingo's Extreme Fitness Gymnasium (one of those new trendy gyms that include full Parkour arenas)

Josh Miller
UNDEFINED, Neighbor (Luke)

60 year old black man. Retired veterinarian. Luke and Nicole's neighbour, and the manager of the mobile home park they live in.

Pamela Haugen, nee Malvora
White-Court vampire (Luke)

Mother, White Court Vampire, ICE Bureaucrat, likely scheming to head the family, if not the whole White Court. Three rich, mortal husbands, all died of heart attacks, leaving her their wealth. She has just married number 4.


Delmy Garrido
Clued-In Monster-Hunter (Luke)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

a middle-aged woman who lives in Vancouver. One of Luke's more trustworthy contacts in the hunter network. Strong Catholic faith. If she's not mortal, she's hidden it well. Speaks English, Spanish, French, and who knows what else.

Carlos Ramirez:
Warden Commander (Agnes)
Whole of Washington, Oregon, BC