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Sun 7 May 2017
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00.00: Ritual Magic Play
A thread to practice the new ritual magic rules.

Some common themes:
  • Temporarily granting a supernatural boon
  • Enchanting an item with a particular ability to solve a specific problem
  • Imbuing a location with a supernatural property
  • Inconveniencing or harming others from a distance
  • Gaining access to information otherwise impossible to learn
  • Summoning beings from the Nevernever

  • Step One: Name the effect.
  • Step Two: Describe the effect - Describe the effect in terms of Stunts and Conditions
    • If your ritual imparts or requires a condition, you must determine if it is fleeting, sticky, or lasting, as well as what circumstances trigger the condition and how long the effects last.
    • If your ritual provides stunt benefits, you should make a note of how many normal stunts, or normal stunts’ worth of benefits, you had to use to represent the spell.
  • Step Three: Prepare the spell - Take an overcome action with an appropriate approach (Often, but not exclusively Focus...)
    • The PC may also be required to pay an additional cost, regardless of the ritual’s outcome, to use the preferred approach.
    • The opposition is based on the number of conditions and stunts attached to the ritual:
      +2 for every stunt or fleeting condition  (one cost)
      +3 for every sticky condition (two costs)
      +4 for every lasting condition (three costs)
      Failing the roll does not equate to failing to perform the ritual; it merely determines who chooses the nature of costs required for the ritual in the next step
  • Step Four: Pay the cost - Do whatever is necessary to perform the ritual.
    Players render payment by accepting narrative complications or by spending their character’s resources. Who chooses these costs is a direct outcome of your roll to prepare the ritual:
    • Success with style, you choose all of them.
    • Success, you choose all but one
    • Tie, you and the GM take turns choosing costs, the GM starts
    • If you fail, the GM chooses all costs.

Each complication pays one cost.
  • Time
  • Components
  • Assistance
  • Special Circumstance
  • Attention
  • Altered Effect or Drawback - (revise the effect to include a critical complication, weakness, or drawback or change the spell’s workings to your detriment)
  • Take a sticky or lasting condition, at the GM's discretion
    • Choosing a lasting condition over a sticky condition gives no additional benefit
    • You must justify how marking the condition helps with the ritual.
    • In the case of Indebted or other multi-box conditions, it should require marking two or three boxes to pay the cost

Many complications may require you to play entire scenes to make sure they are fulfilled.

If the ritual’s effect is represented by a condition, recovering from the condition ends the spell. If the result is a stunt effects, you have until the end of the scenario to declare in which scene you are using your ritual effect (so this'll work for potions); you benefit from those stunts for the duration of that scene or until your next point of significant downtime.
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Sun 7 May 2017
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00.00: Ritual Magic Play
SO, let's start with a couple of easy rituals...

Perhaps a potion?  What do you wanna create?
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Sun 7 May 2017
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00.00: Ritual Magic Play

Ok, Gordon does so much mental magic, he decides to keep himself well rounded by making a potion that is a little more physical based.  He decides on the Expeditious Potion.  It lightens the body, accelerates the senses, enhances reactions, and boosts responses.  It will allow the drinker to move at great speed through spaces and/or ignore the effects of obstacles.

I am thinking.... +2 Shift bonus to all movement based actions (running, climbing, jumping, dodging, etc...) for a certain number of rounds.

How does that sound?
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Sun 7 May 2017
at 18:51
Re: 00.00: Ritual Magic Play
This sounds a whole lot like the sample Ritual built on P 178.

You're looking for two benefits:
  • +2 Stunt: +2 on any Haste roll (one cost)
  • +3 Sticky Condition: Insubstantial (two costs)

[ ] Insubstantial (sticky):
Mark this condition when you drink the potion. While this condition is in effect, you and anything on your person will pass through any solid objects other than the ground itself but you may also notinteract with solid objects. You do not recover this condition—the effect ends at the beginning of the next scene or if someone successfully attacks you with a counters-pell, and the condition cannot be used again. If facing a counter-spell, use the result of your defend action roll or Great (+4)--whichever is higher--to resist.

If this is acceptable, roll an appropriate Approach (Focus does seem appropriate) against a difficulty of Superb(+5).

If this isn't quite right, please clarify.

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Mon 8 May 2017
at 05:06
Re: 00.00: Ritual Magic Play
Sounds good.  Although I envisioned it different (I kind of pictured him as a ver fast Spider Man or Neo), but the result is the same.

My roll cancelled itself out...22:02, Today: Gordon rolled 0 using 4 Fudge dice with rolls of 1, -1, 0, 0.  Potion Roll

So, with my focus at 2, that means my result is Fair.  But it says that it will succeed, it just who decides the cost.   So, how does that work?