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Tue 7 Nov 2017
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02.04: Seattle University...  (Luke, Mona... George?)

Strauss had an office in the Casey building, located on the Upper Mall on the west side of campus.  It was a five-storey red brick building that had the unique university classroom feel about it.  What did't show, until they walked inside was the five-storey glass atrium overlooking the gardens hidden behind the building.

A veritable profusion of colors were visible in the garden, and an enormous plume of yellow and orange glass marked the center of the atrium.  In the mornings, the sunrise would reflect off of the yellow scuplture, lighting up the entire open area.

They'd timed their visit to coincide with Strauss's posted office hours.   The building was moderately occupied, with a lot of twenty-something students.  Most of them were relaxing in the atrium, reading or socializing.

The Anthropology Department offices were on the third floor.    The Department Administrative Assistant, a harried-looking older lady in a conservative blue dress, her greying blond hair pulled back into a severe pony-tail, directed them to Strauss' office, down the hall, inside what turned out to be a labyrinthine maze of corridors.

A few turns into the the bowels of the department led them into a darkened hallway, where the lights seemed to be malfunctioning.  The muted flourescence flickered angrily.

There was an open office-door:  Komicke & Strauss.

Inside, was a small office space, perhaps ten feet by ten feet.  A small window--open--overlooked the gardens out back.  The wall on either side of the window was covered in shelving units stuffed full of books.

And inside, was a very large man in a heavy leather coat, pawing through the drawers of a desk that looked way too small for him.  All they caught sight of, upon arrival, was the coat, the exceptionally thick next, folded over with shiny dark skin and patchy black hair, under the cap of a black baseball cap.

As they watched, the man in the leather coat swore and yanked the drawer from the desk, strewing the contents of the drawer across the throw carpet on the tiled floor.

"Oh for Fuck's sake!" the man growled, and his voice was deep and ominous, like he should have been doing voice-overs for a chilren's cartoon.  "You're sloppy.  Stop being so ham-handed!"
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Tue 7 Nov 2017
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02.04: Seattle University...  (Luke, Mona... George?)
Academics might talk to themselves, but berate themselves like this? Luke suspects possession or mind control, and looks for signs of supernatural influence.

13:11, Today: Luke rolled 1 using 4 Fudge dice with rolls of 1, -1, 1, 0.  Intelligence +1. Create Advantage.
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Wed 8 Nov 2017
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02.04: Seattle University...  (Luke, Mona... George?)
Intelligence(+1) + 4dF(+1) = Create Advantage(+2)

I need a little bit more detail.  What kind of advantage are you trying to create?  Is this strictly an insight thing or are you looking to create an Aspect?

One thing Mona and Luke can be pretty sure of, though... . this isn't Sebastian Strauss.

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02.04: Seattle University...  (Luke, Mona... George?)
Mona kept pace with Luke, eyes open as she tried to quickly memorize the maze they were going through. She made it a habit to know the quickest ways out of any situation. Approaching Strauss's door, though, she fell back a step or two and looked on with apprehension. It was pretty clear someone was ransacking the office, and in broad daylight no less. She pulled in a breath and slipped the Hello Kitty backpack off her shoulder, setting it around a corner they'd likely have to turn to get back out.

They couldn't afford to wait until the big man left with whatever he'd come for, as they probably needed to know what it was. They probably couldn't take him in a straight fight, and the thought didn't even cross Mona's mind. Mona made a gamble and walked up to the open office door, putting on her best nervous smile before rapping it lightly.

"Hello, Dr. Strauss? I'm Penelope Angler, Native American Studies major. Your new research assistant? I didn't mean to come at a bad time, but I did make an appointment. Maybe not such a bad time. Looks like you could use some assistance, right?"

[If there's some way I can use Guile to not only not be horribly killed, but also to wheedle some useful info out of the man mountain over there, I'll be happy to give a roll. :P]