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03.03 City Sweats
City Sweats  was the name of an "Urban Sweat Lodge", where a combination of heat-therapy, massage, acupuncture and various alternative medicine treatments was offered.

The neighborhood was a light commercial and residential area right across the street from the Madison Park.  Haley's Apparel on the first floor and McGillvray's Pub across the street were both closed for the night.

The entire area around the building was kept clean and orderly, with a single dumpster lined up close to the building, rolled out beside the blue and white bus-stop shelter.

The building itself was a two-storey conservative triangular affair in a sort of non-descript peach stucco, wedged against a five-storey apartment building.   It sat at the base of Madison St and 43rd, and commanded a view of the Madison Park dock and water-way.

Research had led them to discover that both City Sweats and the grey art-deco building wedged between it and the nearest apartment building were both owned by Haiduk Holdings.  They were close enough that no alleyway or space existed between them.   The main entrance to City Sweats was off of Madison St. There was another entrance through the Infrared Clinic n 43rd St.  And there was a simple unadorned metal door on the North side of the building, that opened out onto the driveway to the underground parking for the apartment building next-door.  The electrical junction box and meter is against the North wall, flush against the art-deco building.

The night was cool and overcast, typical Seattle weather.  There was a bit of a blustery wind coming in off the water and the forecast called for high winds with the possibility of rain around midnight.

There are people on the street, but it's not heavily trafficked.   It is, however a commercial/residential area, and near a public park and beach area.  Which means that there are going to be people walking their dog, going for a stroll, etc.

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03.03 City Sweats
Do any of you possess the  skill to cut the power?  What would you roll?   This will grant an appropriate Aspect.

Here's the map I'm using.  Only difference from real-life is that the building in the game has a second-storey.

Peeking into the building will have shown that there appears to be motion-sensors in the front lobby, and door-contacts on the business doors.

Here's the location of the doors:

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03.03 City Sweats
Okay...  Guess I'll have Nicole try it...
Control, on behalf of Nicole, rolled 4dF(+2) + Guile(+2)

Nicole scouted the area well before-hand.  She'd spent a good portion of time at McGilvra's Restaurant, noting when the staff locked up City Sweats and left for the evening.

With the information provided by Mona, Nicole accessed the electrical junction box and cut the power to the building.

She made her way down to the Madison Park Beach, which was only a half a block away, and waited until the alarm company had sent a car around.   The security guard flashed a light in the window, pulled on the doors, then got on a cel-phone, and eventually drove away.   Nicole had reconnected the power.  Minutes later, one of the employees--the same one who'd locked up--drove by and entered the building.  He performed a once-through on the building, then left again, also on his cel-phone.

Nicole performed this activity twice more that evening.  The second-time, the employee came back but not the mobile security patrol.  The third time, neither of them returned to the building.

By that time, it was late enough that the ambient traffic had dwindled to a minimum.  So, Nicole called the others in.