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Stone Tablets (Rules)
Don't worry, there are less than ten... I think...

General Conduct:
Me, I'm a stickler for being nice to each other. I know that after a shitty day at work or a particularly taxing family dinner it can be difficult, but you all have to be polite to each other.
That is to say, if you want to argue in game then by all means! However, it begins and ends in character and if you're going to draw blood you have to be comfortable with the consequences. I'm not going to stop you from fighting each other if you choose to, but unless it's play fighting or training it can make the group dynamic a bit frosty.

At the bottom of these rules is a list of topics that are off limits. If you wander into those topics then you will be removed from the game. These will be hard limits that I get from Rpol, my own personal preferences and any hard limits you all have.
You'll be including that as part of your RTJ. If there's anything that might be game debilitating we'll talk it out.

Posting Conduct:
I know real life is a jerk. Events sneak up on you, it's all very uncertain. That being said, I require you to post at least once every 3 days. Even if it's just to post in OOC saying hi and that you're still around. I know that it doesn't always feel like you have anything to contribute to events as they are going, which is fine. However, try and post IC at least once a week.

Also, if events crop up that mean you can't post such as travel, work, illness... whatever, please send me a message. I am your Story Teller, I need to know this stuff. I don't need specific details, just a timeline for when you think you'll be able to post next.

If after a month your character has been silent in a scene I will take them over and move them out of the way so active players can continue playing. Don't worry, your character won't end up dying in your absence, they'll just go live their mundane lives for a while.

Topics that are off limits:
-Excessive gore
-Child abuse
-More to be added as needed...

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As a note:
All of the information posted in Cabals, Places of Note and Awakened Politics is considered public knowledge. You're not, for example, going to know if there are Guardians of the Veil actively in London because the organization works in the shadows.

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We have a wiki!
Please head to the Game Links section for a link to the Wiki. Currently it's a repository for the legacies that a friend of mine has been updating to 2nd edition.
It will also contain photos and content about NPCs and I'll keep info about your characters there as well.

For those who can't see the game links yet, the wiki is here:

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Cartomancy Merit
Cartomancer ••
Prerequisites: Occult specialty (Tarot), Wits 3
 Through intense study of the symbolism of the cards and the art of reading the tarot you have learned to perform rapid assessments of a drawn trump in order to glean insight into the conditions surrounding you and lend certitude to the upcoming application of your will. While preparing to cast a spell the mage may pull and interpret a card from any tarot deck as a Yantra. Minor arcana cards associated with the desired outcome offer a +1 bonus, while major arcana offer a +2. Cards with a meaning opposed to the desired outcome will instead levy a penalty to the casting roll equal to the bonus that might otherwise have been obtained; however after interpreting their draw the cartomancer may choose not to cast that particular spell and instead pursue a different solution, gaining the attendant bonus, but the effort of adding any additional yantras to the new imago will take extra time as normal for instant spells.

Tarot Dice Guide
1The FoolNew beginnings, optimism, naiveté, Adventure
2The MagicianAction, the power to manifest, Trickery
3The High PriestessInaction, going within, the subconscious, intuitions
4The EmpressAbundance, nurturing, fertility, femininity
5The EmperorStructure, stability, power, masculinity
6The HierophantInstitutions, tradition, society/rules, dogma or learned knowledge
7The LoversSexuality, passion, choice, uniting, Trust
8The ChariotMovement, progress, direction, self-control
9StrengthCourage, subtle power, will, self-mastery
10The HermitMeditation, solitude, consciousness, enlightenment
11Wheel of FortuneCycles, change, ups and downs, good fortune
12JusticeFairness, equality, balance, Reason
13The Hanged ManWaiting, new perspective, enlightenment, sacrifice
14DeathEndings, change, transition, Rebirth
15TemperanceBalance, moderation, merging/uniting opposites, tempering
16The DevilDestructive patterns, addiction, hedonism, end of restraint
17The TowerCalamity, Destruction, Hubris, Epiphany
18The StarHope, Serenity, Goals, Healing
19The MoonMystery, Illusions, the subconscious, Madness
20The SunGlory, Happiness, Abundance, Warmth
21JudgementRebirth, Reflection, Absolution, Guilt
22The WorldCompletion, Wholeness, Celebration, Mastery
23Ace of SwordsClarity, Ambition, Victory
242 of SwordsDelay, Indecision, Impartiality
253 of SwordsSorrow, Heartbreak, Grief
264 of SwordsRespite, Recovery, Retreat
275 of SwordsSneakiness, Hubris, Defeat
286 of SwordsJourneys, Eureka Moments, Aid
297 of SwordsDispossession, Thievery, dishonesty
308 of SwordsImmobility, Denial, Doubt
319 of SwordsOverwhelming, Despair, anxiety
3210 of SwordsDefeat, The End, Betrayal
33Page of SwordsImmaturity, Messages, Quick Wits
34Knight of SwordsArrogance, Aggression, Restlessness
35Queen of SwordsEloquence, Rational, Strategic
36King of SwordsIntelligence, Serious, Judgmental
37Ace of CupsLove, Joy, Emotional fulfillment
382 of CupsPartnership, Compatibility, Sharing
393 of CupsGrowth, Celebration, Family
404 of CupsBoredom, Dissatisfaction, Stagnation
415 of CupsUnhappiness, Self-pity, Despair
426 of CupsInnocence, Nostalgia, Looking Backward
437 of CupsConfusion, Indecision, Fantasies
448 of CupsChange of Heart, Realization, Separation
459 of CupsWish, Satisfaction, good fortune
4610 of CupsContentment, attainment, Empathy
47Page of CupsCreative, Sensitivity, Kindness
48Knight of CupsRomance, Adventure, intense emotion
49Queen of CupsIntuition, Grace, Mercurial
50King of CupsCaring, Sentimentality, Family
51Ace of WandsCreative Spark, Discovery, Beginnings
522 of WandsAssessment, Options, Contemplation
533 of WandsProgress, Expression, Speed
544 of WandsCelebration, Achievement, Completion
555 of WandsCompetition, Perseverance, Conflict
566 of WandsSuccess, Accolades, Rewards
577 of WandsDefensiveness, disagreement, Boldness
588 of WandsSpeed, Development, Efficiency
599 of WandsFortitude, Pushing On, Last Stretch
6010 of WandsBurdens, Exhaustion, Oppression
61Page of WandsExcitement, Inspiration, Volatility
62Knight of WandsAdventure, Passion, Energy
63Queen of WandsMuse, Charisma, Confidence
64King of WandsPresence, zeal, Ambition
65Ace of PentaclesWealth, Grounding, Growth
662 of PentaclesSolvency, Multitasking, Balance
673 of PentaclesCraftsmanship, Ventures, Effort
684 of PentaclesGreed, Hoarding, Stagnation
695 of PentaclesDenial, Scarcity, Entrapment
706 of PentaclesGenerosity, Gifts, Give-and-take
717 of PentaclesChoices, Patience, Biding your time
728 of PentaclesOpportunity, Mastery, Diligence
739 of PentaclesPleasure, Luxury, Achievement
7410 of PentaclesInheritance, Prosperity, Order
75Page of PentaclesDevelopment, Building, Materialism
76Knight of PentaclesUnstoppable, Routine, Focus
77Queen of PentaclesGrounded, Generous, Nurturing
78King of PentaclesDevotion, Practicality, Abundance

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Post Format Etiquette
I realized that I had forgotten to do this. Don't worry about current posts but in the future it would be preferred that everyone follow these rules:

1. All speech is in blue.

2. All thoughts are to be italicized and in brown.

3. OOC text should be in orange and tagged with OOC: at the beginning.

4. Other languages should be in green with the name of the language in SUPERSCRIPT at the beginning of the speech. Please keep it English for the sake of clarity though, i.e. ARABIC "Praise Allah, this one is not a moron"

5. Dice rolls should be posted in orange, however combat specific actions must be in red.