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London Orders and Concilium
This is an overview of the Concillium Counselors, followed by lists of publicly known members of each Order in London. You could ask who is in the different Orders and this is what you would be told, but you're not going to get a full dossier on every member.
Except for the Counselors, because everyone is a gossip and wants to air their opinions on the leading class.

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London is run by a Concilium, the most powerful in Britain to be specific. It is controlled by Hierarch Civitas, who prides himself on knowing the goings on in and between the different Orders in his city.
Though now in his mid 60's, Civitas feels that he not only represents the Concilium as a whole to the outside world, but is also what binds the Orders in the city together.

Civitas - Hierarch - Mastigos Counselor

Civitas holds one of each point of the Pentagram as his councilors except for Mastigos of which he reigns. Besides the Guardians of the Veil all of the Orders are represented. In some cities this would be a problem, but since the Guardians work so closely with the Mysterium it is always in the Mystagogues best interests to keep the Guardians in mind when making demands.

Salaam - Acanthus Counselor - Free Council
Well known in Concilium for keeping the peace, Syndic Salaam is a highly respected Libertine in both the Concilium and the Free Council. She is renowned for staying calm and rational while Bjorn and Fulcrum clash, finding ways to compromise around them while furthering the representation and goals of the Free Council at the same time. It is unlikely she will be voted out any time soon.

Bjorn - Thrysus Counselor - Adamantine Arrow
A huge man of few words, Adamant Sage Bjorn is a mountain of lithe muscle and abounding mana. He has always idealized the Spartan views of training, keeping both his body and his mind sharp. It makes him a solid representative for the Adamantine Arrow. His temper can get away from him, especially when it comes to Fulcrum.

Rasputin - Moros Counselor - The Mysterium
While Rasputin is not as intimidating looking than his namesake, the man is no less mysterious and bewitching. Sunken eyes view the world with the bored stare of someone waiting for it all to start decaying before he gives it a proper looking over. Then it will be dissected, catalogued and examined for every scrap of knowledge he can obtain before continuing on to the next piece of interest. Over the years Rasputin has accrued an immense amount of knowledge and his control over Death magic has done nothing but aide him in his search for answers to the question all Mages ask.

Fulcrum - Obrimos Counselor - Silver Ladder
Fulcrum is a go getter, a heavy hitter and any other quick and inspirational phrase that can be thrown at the more simple minded of her peers. She enjoys making deals, arguing minutia and finding the exact set of words to leverage her will into every conversation. Though generally considered an unpleasant individual, the Ladder knows that there are few as driven and unflinching as Fulcrum. Who better to make Bjorn bend and push the Silver Ladder to the top rung?

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Silver Ladder
The Silver Ladder in London is largely dependant on it's force of Sleepwalkers and Sleepers to keep operations smooth.

Gumshoe - Moros
Briar - Mastigos

-Currently none in London

Oz - Obrimos

Una Salus Victus - Acanthus - Daoine

Fulcrum - Obrimos
Boudica - Thrysus

-Currently none in London

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Adamantine Arrow
The Arrows are the second largest faction in London. Several of the Cabals in the city were started and are maintained by Arrows. Though considered a rather rowdy bunch, the Arrows of London take their jobs seriously, always reaching to greater heights in the hopes of being stationed to protect the Censorium.

-Currently none in London

First Talons
Hillock - Thrysus
Vulpes - Acanthus

Thunderbolt Guardians
Niro - Moros - Lords of the Inanimate

Nova - Obrimos - Tamers of Fire (Current guard of the Censorium)

Adamant Sage
Bjorn - Thrysus - Perfected Adept

-Currently none in London

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The Mysterium
The Mysterium are less concerned with the politics of London and much more interested in keeping and protecting the hordes of Artefacts that are in their possession.  For the most part Curator Ptolomy is on good terms with the Guardians of the Veil, so they rarely clash. When an artefact is discovered that the Guardians deem too dangerous, even to store, there tends to be a small scuffle. Something extremely perfunctory so that the Mystagogues who return empty handed can say they tried.
With this understanding the Guardians of London seem to try to only impose their rulings sparingly, with items that are potentially devastating to the connection to the towers.

Pheidippides - Obrimos - Tellurian
Porthos - Obrimos -Tellurian
Faith - Acanthus - House of Ariadne

-Currently none in London

Rasputin - Moros

Ptolomy - Moros - Stone Scribe

Civitas - Mastigos - Bearer of the Eternal Voice

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Free Council
London is where the Libertine Assemblies of Britain and Western Europe congregate to vote on what resources should be allocated to research various Mysteries. This large assembly occurs once every five years and is also typically when new Voters are introduced to the more global Libertine community. The length of time is to allow for in depth research while holding members accountable to present their findings.

Recently here are rumours about an emissary from the American Assembly having arrived, though the Libertines have been very tight lipped about his purpose.

Farore - Obrimos
Entropy - Moros - Celestial Masters

Sirrus - Mastigos (Emissary from the American Assembly)

-Currently none in London

Letter Carriers
Phineas - Mastigos

Citizen Agents
-Currently none in London

Salazar - Moros

Salaam - Acanthus - House of Ariadne

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Guardians of the Veil
Very little is known about the members of the Guardians, what little is common knowledge is put below. For the most part the Guardians of London play the perfect bogeymen. Be ever careful of marring the Veil, for we do not know who is a Guardian, watching to ensure that their domain is preserved.
There is a small group that works closely with the Mysterium, and another few that show up to Concilium.

Emissaries to the Mysterium
Phi - Obrimos - Turing Complete

Emissaries to the Concilium
Sly - Mastigos

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