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Jobs, Obligations and Blackmail
Bring Back Lyrandar Heirs: Tham is tasked with bringing in wayward (i.e. AWOL and exiled) heirs in Sharn. (Rewards: two treasure parcels and Major Quest XP for the first successful return.)

Find the Missing Students: Following Albers' old expedition proposal, a group of Morgrave University students (including an Orien heir) proceed into the undercity and have fallen out of contact. (Rewards: A magic item parcel related to House Orien (value depending on survival of heir) and Major Quest XP.)

A Favor for Muriel: Infiltrate Storm Front to find out the time and method of a planned airship sabotage. Stop it, if possible. (Rewards: TBD, but will involve favor from House Cannith, House Lyrandar and the nation of Zilargo.)

Yasmin d'Medani and House Tarkanan have yet to reveal their plans for the PCs. When they do, the PCs will face a tough choice, which could include retrieval of the Yasmin and Tham's child to end the blackmail.
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Thu 20 Jul 2017
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Jobs, Obligations and Blackmail
Help Betsy d'Vadalis: Betsy has overdosed on dragon's blood, which is having a strange effect on her. Brunok, the Daask goblin and former shivboss, thinks a local shaman might be able to help her.

Contact and Rescue Jil: Mel the changeling has asked you to contact his sibling, Jil, inside the Vadalis mansion, and get her out if possible. This appears not to be possible anymore, as she has been turned into a tree for helping save you, Betsy and Brunok from the sharks.