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Social Interaction
"Party" can mean a lot of things in Sharn, as it can in the real world.

We'll assume that, whether or not such things existed in real-world history, that there are "non-exclusive" parties that host a cross-section of the social and racial strata of Sharn. It's still not usually the very poor mingling with the very rich, and the medusas and Astral Seafarers mostly decline invitations or don't receive them, but that still leaves a broad and fascinating range or people to interact.

Halflings and goliaths dance in the same organized dance as humans and elves and sometimes find themselves partnered. A minotaur (possibly drunk) maneuvers through a packed hallway. Voices mingle not just in the air, but in one's head as a couple of kalashtar ask around if anyone knows where the punchbowl is. An eladrin pops from one side of a room to the other - though not quite to where they expected, if they've had too much to drink.. A gnome exiting a boring conversation doesn't just vanish into the crowd, but actually vanishes. Two changelings show up looking like the same person and have a spat while the person herself looks on.

And magic is at play. Some have it at their fingertips, being magewrights or dragonmarked heirs, or members of a magical race (actual PC classes need not be represented). But anyone with enough gold can buy a scroll or potion, or rent a bit of artifice that gives them supernatural abilities - comeliness and glibness would be popular aspects to enhance. Some, of course, consider that sort of thing to be gauche.

Party locations in Sharn are also fantastical. The many towers offer a lot of real estate, so that it doesn't take much money to have rather spacious accommodations. But, being in towers means that any contiguous rooms would either be narrow or vertically stacked, with various means of conveyance from one to another. Living arrangements that spread more horizontally would have to have bridges between multiple towers. These arrangements would certain affect the social dynamic at parties.
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
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Social Interaction
Parties in Sharn – the city of towers - are evidently vertically stratified. In the VIP room second from the top, drinking the second-best wine with the second-prettiest girls, Alders explains why this is fundamentally wrong, from a social-architectural point of view.

Which is why Albers and his friends have started hosting parties in the subterranean ruins under the city: everything’s on one plane so it’s less hierarchical. No-one knows who’s dragonmarked or not. There’s no verticality. To Sharn-born types, this is crazy!

The subterranean parties are pretty wild. Drugs and sex obviously. But also space for talking between the elites and the lowborn; space for talking, for chatting, for dancing, for scheming and for falling in love. And this is anathema to a city so utterly dependent on purity of bloodline. So Albers’ parties are banned, and shut down where they appear. His advertisements are coded. The parties are wildly successful but everyone wears masks, to protect their identity from the cops.
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Social Interaction
In reply to Albers Josef (jacktannery) (msg # 2):

In shutting down Albers's type of party, authorities claim that these parties represent an attractive nuisance, in that they lure folk into a section of the city that they're not equipped to handle. In fact, some invitees to these parties have gone missing, having never arrived to the party, or never arrived back home. Most of the attendees are those who are a little more rough-and-tumble, though even they have their casualties.

It's a farcical excuse anyway: the mid- and upper-crust parties aren't appreciably safer. The attendees can usually afford better personal armaments, bodyguards, security contracts, and transportation, but they're also worth more of a risk to capture. A penniless but daring artist is probably only worth a quick snatch-and-grab for his meat, blood and bones (which, granted, can be put to some rather significant use), but a moderately successful artisan with a House Cannith certificate, or an actual noble with ties to intercontinental shipping and lots of jealous enemies can be targets worthy of a dedicated plot that takes into account their defenses. It's a rare week in which the news isn't abuzz with the disappearance or ransoming of some high muckity-muck.

It's part of what makes Sharn so much fun.
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Tue 9 May 2017
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Social Interaction
Not every "house" in Sharn or in wider Khorvaire is a dragonmarked house. Some have managed to make their name in other ways, eking out recognition from where spheres in which the powers of the dragonmarks tend not to apply. This alone makes them impressive.

Whereas dragonmarked houses use a "d'" prefix, other noble houses use an "ir'" prefix.