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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 17:08
Encounter Collaboration
The streets of Sharn are dangerous. Tonight some citizens have failed to heed that truth and have been caught by Daask gang thugs who aren't interested in money: they want meat for their masters, the kind that walked and talked and cried for mercy.

Here's where you establish what you want out of the encounter. All I ask is that a) you state it firmly, and don't merely suggest it or say "maybe" or something similar, and b) that you accept what others have established and add on to it.

For this encounter:
The victims are normal citizenry, not dragonmarked lords or other noteworthy individuals.
The aggressors are Daask gang underlings. Mostly these are monsters, and mostly they're not halflings or changelings.
The gang members wants to drag the folk off to be meat for their masters, and they can do this with them dead or alive. They can also do it with the PCs dead or alive. That is, the PCs don't need to die for the monsters to get what they want.
The monsters also don't need to die for the PCs to get what they want (unless they want the monsters to die).
There's no one else coming to help either side.
Tham d'Lyrandar (jkeogh)
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 03:55
Encounter Collaboration
I would like to knock the monsters on their asses and subdue them. Then we can get them to take us to their leaders because that always works out well :)
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 05:06
Encounter Collaboration
In reply to Tham d'Lyrandar (jkeogh) (msg # 2):

That's already your choice by the rules. And there's no need to say "I would like." If you state that something is true, I assume it's because you like would like it. I'm not trying to be flippant, I am urging you to be as forthright as possible about your own game.

The leader to which they will take you (assuming you beat them) is an aged individual who is strong, but has lost the use of his legs.

Edit: I realize that it's particularly good that you mentioned a desire to get information from the monsters, because it's easy in Sharn for someone to tumble over a ledge or something. I won't do that, unless preventing it is part of the challenge.

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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 21:08
Encounter Collaboration
The potential in a "meet the leader" situation, lies in you needing something from that leader, and them needing something from you. In this case Daask might be interested in both the services of a monstrous-looking architect, and in having contacts within a dragonmarked house.

Nataniel, one of the names on Tham's list, was suspected of attempting to engage the Daask gang to get him out of the city and out from under the thumb of the House. He hasn't been heard from since, so this leader can either put you on Nataniel's trail, or tell you his fate.

Daask, in its efforts to seem more respectable, is working on obtaining some construction and repair contracts. The problem is that the designs they're able to submit are simply too monstrous and disturbing. Albers's designs are also rather shocking, but he could still help the gang out in that regard, freeing them up to focus on how to save gold by using substandard parts, and replace teams of masons with ogres and ettins who will work for corpses of masons following a string of mysterious and probably accidental head-crushings.
Albers Josef (jacktannery)
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Sun 23 Apr 2017
at 20:31
Encounter Collaboration
The encounter takes place at a daask-owned construction site. These construction sites, popping up throughout the shadier parts of sharn, provide daask with new gang strongholds as they expand their power and gain some sort of respectagbility. As Albers and Tham walked between parties they took a detour here so Albers could illustrate a point about architecture.

Daask have recently tried to get Albers to work for them, to design them a dramatic headquarter tower. Albers (though tempted) has so far refused, despite the fantastic sum offered. Daask are unimpressed.

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