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Skill Challenges
Up the Chain:
Level 4 (DC 14), Complexity 1. 4 successes before 3 failures.
Hand over hand: Construction chain is big enough to provide hand- and foot-holds for a climb (Athletics), but it's sharp, cold, and pinchy (Endurance).
Quietly now: The chain is heavy, but can still clink. Watching where you plant your feet (Stealth) or knowing how to muffle a clank (Thievery) can allow you to focus on the climb.
Success: You get into position to swing, and knock the gnoll flying. It takes 1d10 damage and is unconsious (save ends). If you succeed in four straight checks, you get a surprise round.
Failure: You barely make it up in time and the gangsters hear something. You land on the cart, but the gnoll is up there with you! No surprise round.

For this one, anyone can roll any number of checks of any of the listed skills. It's all in how you want to push your luck.

Skills not listed can gain a success, but the DC for them is 21.
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Wed 19 Jul 2017
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Skill Challenges
"Taking the Syrania Stairs"
Level 4 skill challenge, complexity 3:
Successes: [X][X][X][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
Failures: [X][X][ ]
The expression "to take the Syrania stairs" means to fall in Eberron, in a controlled manner or not. The authorities don't appreciate citizens hanging around in the airspace, or using emergency fall protection as a convenient short cut, so the expression carries a bit of devilishness to it. And of course it takes on a grim tone when the trip is unintended.

Don't Panic: It takes chutzpah (Intimidate) to leave the safety of a bridge or tower and stay relaxed. That or the ability to lie to oneself (Bluff).

Avoid Bridges: All but the simplest bridges are complicated pieces of architecture, with plenty of bits to run into, get snagged or be run through by. Keep an eye on these (Perception) and be ready to throw your weight (Acrobatics) so as to dodge them.

Use the Environment: With a sense for the constant breezes in Sharn (Nature, Arcana), you can use them to your advantage. Stopping or landing will end the effect of the magic, but deflecting your path with careful push or bounce (Athletics, Endurance) can help you aim.

Tham, 18 Bluff.
Erix, 28 Bluff.
Albers, 24, Religion
Erix, 21 Acrobatics
Albers, 17 Perception.

Tham, 9 Arcana.
Erix, 12 Athletics.

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