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Fri 24 Mar 2017
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Character Creation
Please obtain and refer to the most recent rules updates.

Level: 2
Sources: Any official sources, except the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. There's some crazy stuff in that book.
Classes: Given the focus on Sharn, it's not immediately clear how primal powered classes would fit in. However! fitting them in plausibly could be very interesting, so they're not banned.
Ability scores: Standard 22 point buy.
Equipment: Standard. Three items (level 1, level 2, level 3) and gold worth an a level 2 item, which can be spent prior to play or saved.
Alignment: Any, but cooperation with other party members is expected. "It's what a [alignment] character would do!" is not a valid excuse for frustrating the DM or the other players. Get buy-in first.
Feats: When you take feats that are directly tied to the setting, like dragonmark feats or Channel Divinity feats, please plan on setting up (with me and the other players) a closer tie to the setting, such as with the corresponding dragonmarked house, a religion, or a gang. When you take feats that relate to another setting, please be ready to work with me on integrating them into the setting.
Backgrounds: Optional. Any Breland or Sharn background, and any racial or dragonmarked house background that is not specific to a location other than Breland or Sharn. Your characters were born/created/incarnated in Sharn and have spent most of their time there. Please no "Scales of War" backgrounds, just those that give a
Character Themes: Optional. As with Backgrounds, they should work for someone for whom Sharn is effectively their "hometown."

The thing with Backgrounds and Themes is that I'd prefer them to be meaningful, not just taken to max out some skill, or to make some kind of combo happen. If you're an Ooze Master, then be an Ooze Master who has a reason to be in and care about both Sharn and the party.

Because in general, that's what I need from characters: that they have ties to the city, the world and, ideally, the party. They need to care what their standing is in the city, and they need to care about its well-being and continued existence. Even evil characters can manage this. I am a big fan of the TV show Arrow, and nearly every character is directly connected to the city, whether they love it, hate it, want to control it, want to save it, or whatever. The details of their connection don't have to be explicit and overt but they should have a basic drive to undertake adventurous activities because of what it means to the city and their place in it.

Please resist the temptation to make a character who would almost require the focus of the campaign, like a warforged with a dragonmark.

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Thu 9 Jul 2020
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Character Creation
In reply to GM (msg # 1):

Do you have a preference in format? Do we submit a character sheet to you? Or post it in the group?
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Thu 9 Jul 2020
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Character Creation
In reply to mbeacom (msg # 2):

It's not necessary for me to see it, unless the player requests advice or a check on the math, or something seems off. Go with whatever is readable for you.