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Character Creation
Please obtain and refer to the most recent rules updates.

Level: Any Heroic level, for now. The final level will be some average of the levels picked by the selected players.
Sources: PHB 1-3, Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and Eberron Player's Guide, Essentials, the "Power" source books, Adventurer's Vault and Adventurer's Vault 2. Hybrid characters are acceptable. At present, I don't have access to Dragon articles, Heroes of Shadow, Heroes of the Feywild or Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, though I'm tentatively open to options from those sources. Please list the source book for each option you use, so I can familiarize myself with them.
Note: I deliberately didn't include Dragon magazine content, because I don't have good access to it, or familiarity with it. I will make an exception for artificers, because artificers received little direct support, and I happen to have a copy of an article that expands their options.
If there's another class or race someone wants to play that got its primary support from Dragon instead of a "Power" book, I'll consider those options too.
Classes: Given the focus on Sharn, it's not immediately clear how primal powered classes would fit in. However! fitting them in plausibly could be very interesting.
Ability scores: Standard 22 point buy, plus standard increases for level. See note below.
Equipment: Standard. That is 100 gp at Level 1, or three items (at-level, level-1, level+1 and gold worth an at-level item) at any other level.
Alignment: Any, but cooperation with other party members is expected. "It's what a [alignment] character would do!" is not a valid excuse for frustrating the DM or the other players. Get buy-in first.
Backgrounds: Yes. Any Breland or Sharn background, and any racial or dragonmarked house background that is not specific to a location other than Breland or Sharn. Your characters were born/created/incarnated in Sharn and have spent most of their time there.
Themes: None.

Note: Please keep your highest permanent skill modifier (i.e. including training, racial bonus, feats, class features, background, and item properties) at or below the "Moderate" DC for the character's level. That is:
1: 12
2-3: 13
4: 14
5-6: 15
7-8: 16
9: 17
10: 18

Basically, I would like to have some hope of challenging the characters, without having to resort to using Hard DCs, or skill challenges (and monsters) much higher level than the PCs. I haven't tried this approach before, but I think it has potential.

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