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Sun 2 Apr 2017
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The Canon
What are we going to take as true?

The overarching idea is to take sets of facts that are laid out in the various Eberron sources and which seem to lead to interesting conclusions. So, any fact involved in this process is true, even if, for instance, something in another source draws it into question. For example, if I want to work with the idea that Sharn's population is about 200,000, then we're going to stick with that, even if (as I'm told) Keith Baker has amended that.

In drawing our interesting conclusions, we are not required to make exhaustive studies of the available material to make sure we don't contradict something. First of all, most of the material is already written with the intention that different groups will take it in different directions. That's the point of the cause of the Day of Mourning being undetermined. From what I've read, much other information about Eberron is left somewhat vague and indefinite. "Most" and "usually," often get used in place of "every" and "always."

So, we get to draw our interesting conclusions. Once we've done that, the conclusions we draw do not need to be revised; anything in the written works that doesn't conform will need to be ignored until it can be conformed in an interesting and plausible way.

Later conclusions we draw should do their best to fit in with what we've already created ourselves. There won't be an enormous amount of this for a while, so it should be relatively easy to review and keep track of.

If we slip up and contradict something someone else has established, we'll do our best to roll with it. We can help ourselves by adding wiggle room into what we create, and avoiding too many sweeping absolutes.