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I don't have all the religions even close to straight yet. I know the Sovereign Host and I know there's an evil pantheon too, but I couldn't list the individual deities and what they do. The Undying Court, the other elvish religion (or is there only one?), the Traveler the Blood of Vol, the Cults of the Dragon Below. And of course any number of other minor ones.

Point being, I don't expect anyone else to have it all straight either.

The Sovereign Host though: It's often treated as one religion, but it's really a pantheon. Okay, But even when there are lots of members of a team, the fans have the ones they like and the ones they... don't like as much. So, there are mostly friendly rivalries between the worshippers of the various members of the Host. The feast days would be like the most fun/obnoxious sports rallies you could imagine: lots of formal ceremony and sermons, sure, but their god is on top right now, and they're going to make that known.

The gods of Eberron are mostly quiet, but it's still a world in which prayer can have a reliable, quantifiable effect. This makes non-adventuring priests who are good at their job into valuable commodities and while many priests are loyal to their congregations, some move from temple to temple (of other Host gods) as deals are made and changed. Their flocks hope that the religious leaders feel they're going where they believe they're needed, but people in Sharn are also realistic, not to say cynical.

Edit: Yeesh, the religions I listed above were off the top of my head and I was fairly far off. The "dark" pantheon is the Dark Six, and the Traveler is one of them. I forgot the Silver Flame and the Path of Light. BUT! I'm not going to rake anyone over the coals or even correct them for getting any of this mixed up. How much effort anyone puts into reading and following the books is up to them.

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