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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
You wake in the morning in the dark hold of a ship.  You remember the night before—the ringing laughter of a wild night, the heady joy of excess, the scents of rich stewed meat and perfume lingering in their nostrils.  Then pain assails you - a pounding headache, the taste of cheap wine and sick in your mouth.  A hard floor, a rhythmic creaking, and a swaying room.  Before you can do much more than sit up, however, several pairs of heavy footsteps enter the dark room, and the harsh light of a lantern painfully spears the PCs’ eyes.

A rough-looking man, surrounded by another half-dozen others armed with saps have entered your dark room.

“Still abed with the sun over the yardarm? On your feet, ye filthy swabs! Get up on deck and report for duty before Cap’n Harrigan flays your flesh into sausage skins and has Fishguts fry ye up for breakfast!”
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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
OOC: Here is the abbreviated notes of what happened in the first 8 days. I might expand upon this in the future as 'flashback vignettes' as some pretty cool stuff happened.

  1. Day: Nogos becomes the rigger after ascending in just 4 rounds (he accelerated climb and made every roll). Tiberious also made it, Eveeda and Dehmma couldn't even pass the first roll before falling off.

    Dehemma quickly volunteers for being chef's mate.

    Nogos spends the day as lookout. Mr. Plugg takes offense to Tiberious and assigns him to the bilges while Eveeda has to catch rats. Tiberious fails and fails to influence Tilly (turning her Unfriendly).

    Evening: They witness the keelhauling of Magpie and take their rum rations. Using Sleight of hand, Tiberious ditches the others' rations but drinks his.

    Eveeda influences Conchobar to Indifferent while Tiberious influences Barefoot Sam to Friendly.

  2. Day: The next morning the group fights Fipps Chumlett, Sly Lonegan, Jaundice Jape, and Aretta Bension. First round they slug it out and Dehemma lays out Fipps and Aretta with a Color Spray.
    Second round, a raging Nogos knocks out Jaundice Jape and Tiberious flanks Sly and sneak attacks her into unconsciousness. Technically Dehemma knocks out Jaundice to end the fight.
    Tiberious picks a dagger off of Fipps while the crowd disperses.

    Nogos is assigned lookout duty again and does his job.
    Tiberious is assigned as a runner. Sandara assists so he can bluff Grok into giving back his gear.
    Eveeda is a rat catcher again. Fails to influence Giffer
    Deheema butchers a pig and influence Ambrose to Friendly after entertaining him with Prestidigitation

    Evening: Everyone ditches their rum rations.
    Deheema aids Tiberious in influencing Grok to Friendly
    Nogos goes to sleep early to recover.
    Eveeda influenes Conchobar but doesn't make him move.

    Tiberious picks Sly's chest and gets 7gp, x1 Bullseye lantern, x1 vial of Centipede Poison
    Tiberious attempts to pick Fipp's chest but Fipps is disturbed by noise and Tiberious slinks away.
    Tiberious fails save so is fatigued for Day 3.

  3. Day: Nogos repairs rigging and explores the Officer's Quarters.
    Both Tiberious and Eveeda man the bilges. Eveeda attempts to influence Cog but fails.
    Tiberious is attacked by a bilge spider. He doesn't get bit and chases it back to its web.
    Tiberious influences Grok and shifts her to Helpful.
    Tiberious passes Bilge check but Eveeda horribly fails. She is fatigued and will be punished.
    Dehemma has to go fishing. She fails to catch enough fish and will be punished in the bilge tomorrow.

    Eveeda is lashed. Everyone ditches their rum rations.
    Tiberious and the others all persuade Grok to return their gear.
    Nogos gets his gear, Dehemma gets her gear, Eveeda gets her gear, Tiberious fails to get a loan for fiddle.
    The PCs sells 200gp worth of equipment to buy the fiddle and return the fiddle to Rosie, changing her to helpful

  4. Day:
    Nogos hoists sails.
    Tiberious hauls rope. Sandara helps. Influences Cog to Indifferent. Barely fails at job so gets verbal warning.
    Eveeda does repairs. Rosie helps.
    Dehemma attempts to influence Ambrose but fails shifting him to Indifferent.
    Dehemma is in the bilge when rats attack. She hits them with color spray and knocks out 4 of them. Both Dehemma and Nogos avoid getting bit and Nogos and Tiberious kill the last two rats. Searching the bilge they find a tanglefoot bag, a vial of holy water, a buckler and a masterwork handaxe

    Everyones pitches rum rations.
    Eveeda influences Barefoot Samms to Helpful.
    Tiberious attempts to influence Jack Scrimshaw but fails moving him to Unfriendly.
    Nogos bets 10gp on Hog Lob against Fipps, Cog, and Maheem. Nogos thorws 5 feet, Fipps throws 4 feet, Maheem thorws 8 feet and Cog throws 7 feet.
    Deheema takes the MW handaxe to Grok and sells it. Through the discussions with Grok she realizes Grok doesn't know what is enchanted and using Detect Magic
    purchases the following:
    x5 Candles (5cp)
    x1 Candle of Truth (1cp)
    x4 Backpacks, one per PC (8gp)
    x1 MW Climber's Kit to give to Nogos (80gp)
    x2 Starknives for Tiberious (he sold his to pay for Rosie's fiddle) (48gp)
    x1 Dagger (2gp)
    x2 Wrist Sheaths, x1 for Dehemma, x1 for Tiberious (10gp)
    -- she fails to identify the MW lockpicks :(

    Tiberious picks Fipp's chest. Finds 15gp, leaves tankard, is fatigued for following day.

  5. Day:
    Nogos repairs rigging.
    Tiberious goes to bilges.
    Eveeda hauls rope, becomes fatigued.
    Dehemma goes Turtle Hunting. Both Eveeda nad Dehemma influence Ambrose, shift him to Friendly

    Everyone ditches rum rations
    Nogos challenges Owlbear. Nogos doesn't go into rage but still wins in two rounds. Backs down, Owlbear shifts to Helpful.
    Nogos bets 20gp on arm wrestling against Maheem and loses.
    Tiberious influences Cog, fails but doesn't shift attitude.
    Eveeda influences Ratline, shifts to Friendly.

  6. Day: (Heavy Rain)
    Nogos assigned to mainsail. Influence Ratline, fails and shifts to Indifferent.
    Tiberious assigned to bilges. Attacked by Bilge spider. Takes 1pt of damage, resists poison and kills spider.
    Influences Ambrose to Helpful.
    Eveeda catches rats. Influences Cog to Friendly.
    Dehemma must cook day's meal but Ambrose is drunk. She fails but is only given verbal warning.

    Everyone ditches rum rations
    Tiberious influences Shivikh, fails and shifts her to Hostile.
    Eveeda influences Giffer, shifts her to Friendly
    Nogos challenges Maheem to another arm wrestling, double or nothing. Finally wins.
    Dehemma challenges Sly to Heave. Eveeda purifies her cup for easy win but both are banned from play afterwards.

    Tiberious picks Jaundice Jape's chest. Finds 6gp and flask of holy water. Resists fatigue.

  7. Day: (Building Storm, -2 to rigger)
    Nogos has to do upper rigging work in building storm but manages to do it.
    Tiberious swabs decks. Attempts to influence Tilly but fails, shifting her to hostile.
    Eveeda fails repairs, will take 3 lashes. Eveeda influences Ratline, shifting him to Friendly.
    Dahemma cooks meal again because Ambrose is drunk.

    Everyon ditches rum rations. Nogos is caught and lashed.
    Tiberious influences Cog to Helpful.
    Eveeda influences Giffer Tibbs to Helpful.

  8. Day: (Storm)
    Nogos is assigned lookout, succeeds.
    Tiberious assigned upper rigging work. Succeeds.
    Eveeda assigned rigging repair. Barefoot helps. Succeeds.
    Dehemma assigned line work. Conchobar helps. Succeeds and isn't fatigued.
    Rosie goes overboard but Eveeda dives overboard and saves her. (Eveeda has 30 ft swim speed).
    Nogos assigned to rigging repair. Fails, gets 3 lashes (eventually), isn't fatigued.
    Tiberious assigned to Mainsail Duties. Succeeds, isn't fatigued.
    Eveeda assigned to rigging repair. Barefoot helps. Fails, will get 3 lashes. Is fatigued.
    Dehemma assigned to lookout. Conchobar helps. Eveeda casts Monkey Fish on Dehemma to auto-succeed climb. Dehmma's hawk familiar passes perception check.

As it stands the PCs have earned between 1,475 - 1,675 xp and the crew has the following standings towards them:

  • Swab: Sandara Quinn - female human cleric of Besmara
  • Quartermaster: Cut-Throat Grok - female half-orc scarred fighter
  • Swab: Rosie Cusswell - female halfling fighter
  • Rigger: Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone Male gnome bard
  • Rigger: Barefoot Samms Topping - female human fisherwoman
  • Pet: Owlbear Hartshorn - male human "pet"
  • Ship's Cook: Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop - male human drunkard
  • Swab: Crimson "Cog" Cogward - male human thug
  • Swab: Giffer Tibs - female one-eyed gnome

  • Rigger: "Ratline" Rattsberger - male halfling missing three fingers


  • Swab: "Badger" Medlar - female half-elf with grey striped hair
  • Swab: Jack Scrimshaw - male human scrimshawer

  • Swab: Aretta Bansion - female human ill-tempered harlot
  • Swab: Fipps Chumlett - male human bully
  • Swab: Jaundice Jape - male half-orc mute
  • Rigger: Maheem - male human big Rahadoumi
  • Rigger: Tam "Narwhal" Tate - male dwarf friend of Scourge
  • Rigger: Slippery Syl Lonegan - female human unhinged murderer
  • Swab: Shivikah - female human Mwangi ex-slaver
  • Swab: Tilly Brackett - female human jokester

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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
Day 9: (Weakening Storm -2 to rigger)
Nogos has upper rigging work. He fails and gets a rope bash.
Tiberious is hauling ropes. Tiberius influences Badger, fails but influence doesn't change. He is fatigued by the end.
Eveeda is running messages. Tries to influence Jack Scrimshaw but shifts him to Hostile. Is fatigued at end.
Deheema has a bull session with a drunk Ambrose. She pokes around and her familiar identifies several traps on doors around the ship.

Day 9 Evening:
Everyone ditches their rum rations.
Eveeda influences Ratline to Helpful.
Tiberious gambles with loaded die. Wins 30gp from Fipps, Badger, and Sly.

Day 10:
Nogos does mainsail duties. Isn't fatigued.
Tiberious swabs the decks. Tiberious, Dahemma and Eveeda team up to try and influence. Shfits her to Unfriendly.
Eveeda does a runner.
Deheema has another bull session. Buys good lock. Everyone consolidates valuables into Deheema's better secured locker.

Day 10 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum rations.
All four work together to influence Badger. Shifts her to Indifferent

Day 10 Night:
Tiberious picks Aretta's chest. Finds 2gp and a vial of centipede poison, isn't fatigued.

Day 11:
Nogos does line work.
Tiberious works the bilges. He succeedds and also finds 12sp and two tindertwigs.
Eveeda does repairs. She attempts to influence Badger again but fails but doesn't shift.
Daheema goes turtle hunting. Ambrose isn't drunk and she succeeds.

Day 11 Afternoon:
Round 1: Nobody finds anything.
Round 2: Nogos finds a crab (1/4), Tiberious finds a crab (1/4), Daheema finds a crab (1/4).
Round 3: Daheema's hawk gives her early warning of the reefclaws.
Nogos charges and kills one outright, takes 2 pts in death spasm damage and gets hit with poison taking 1 pt of str damage
Tiberious hits reefclaw for 4 pts of damage
Daheema summons a celestial dolphin right next to reefclaw.
Eveeda hits reefclaw with deadeye arrow for 5 pts of damage.
Reefclaw crits Nogos, grabbing and poisoning him.
Round 4: Nogos breaks grapple and steps back, making save for poison.
Tiberious steps in and kills the reefclaw, taking 2pts of death spasm and 3pts STR damage before saving against poison.
Daheema and Eveeda fill pots with Reefclaws.
Round 5: Daheema finds a crab, filling 3rd pot. Eveeda finds a crab (1/4).
Round 6: Tiberious finds a crab (2/4), Eveeda finds a crab (3/4)
Round 7: Nogos finds last crab.

Back on ship Harrigan awards party a cure moderate wounds.

Day 11 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum ration.
All four team up to influence Tilly and shift her attitude towards Indifferent.

Day 12: (Heat Wave, DC vs. fatigue +2)
Nogos does rope work.
Tiberious hauls rope. Fails and gets verbal warning. Becomes fatigued from heat. Fails to influence Badger, shifts to Unfriendly.
Eveeda runs messages. Succeeds and isn't fatigued. Fails to influence Tilly, shifts to Unfriendly.
Daheema goes turtle hunting. She fails and gets punished and will have to spend the next day in the Bilge.

Day 12 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum rations. Nogos is caught and lashed.
All four work together to influence Slippery Sly. Succeed at shifting to Unfriendly

Day 13: (Heat Wave, DC vs. fatigue +2)
Nogos works in the lookout. Fails and is given verbal warning.
Tiberious does repairs. He fails to influence Sly, she shifts to hostile.
Eveeda runs messages. She fails to influence Badger, she shifts to hostile.
Daheema hits the bilges and becomes fatigued. Her hawk finds 21gp in the muck.

Day 13 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum rations.
All four try to influence Tilly but fail but doesn't shift her opinion.

Day 14:
Boarding School training day.
Nogos hits boat on the second throw and scrambles to the top. He gets hit twice with debris but maintains his grip. Nogos levels up to Barbarian 2
Tiberious falls his first time. His second time he climbs but gets pummeled with garbage and takes a dive. Third time he falls right away and 'fails.'
Eveeda falls her first time. She falls her second time. She falls a third time. This is despite having Monkey Fish cast on her...
Deheema falls super behind taking forever to sink her grapple. She falls her first and second time. On her third time her grapple is taking away after 5 failed throws.

Day 14 Evening:
Everyone ditches their rum rations.
Nogos attempts to influence Tilly and shifts her to Indifferent.
The other three team up to influence Maheem. They fail and Maheem is driven right into Plugg's arms.

Day 14 Night:
Tiberious goes to pick Maheem's chest but he bumps into the hammock and scurries back to bed. He is not fatigued.

Day 15:
Nogos does rigging repair. He influences Tilly to Friendly.
Tiberious catches rats.
Eveeda is sent to the bilges. She succeeds but is fatigued.
Daheema fails to cook up apecial meal because Ambrose is drunk. She gets 3 lashes.

Day 15 Evening:
Nogos drinks his rum rations. All four try to influence Sly. Group makes her Unfriendly

Day 16
Nogos repairs rigging. He tries to influence Sly. She becomes Indifferent.
Tiberious mans bilge and is attacked by spider. He resists and strikes back and chases it to the webs. He succeeds but is fatigued.
Tiberious influences Tilly and makes her helpful.
Eveeda mans the bilge and succeeds.
Daheema cooks a meal for the day.

Day 16 Evening:
Nogos drinks rum ration again.
Everyone tries to influence Shivikah. The group fails and she becomes loyal to Plugg.

Day 17 Day:
Nogos is assigned to be lookout away from others.
Tiberious is assgined to the bilges. He succeeds but becomes fatigued.
Eveeda is assigned to the bilges. She fails and gets 3 lashes. She also becomes fatigued.
Daheema spends the day chatting with a drunk Ambrose.

Day 17 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum rations.
Everyone tries to influence Sly again. She shifts back to Indifferent.

Day 18:
Nogos spends the day in the crows nest again.
Tiberious and Eveeda are in the bilges again. Both succeed and avoid fatigue.
Daheema is supposed to cook a big meal but Ambrose is drunk and she fails getting 3 lashes.

Day 18 Evening:
Everyone ditches rum rations.
Everyone tries to influence Sly again. She shifts her into Friendly.

Day 19:
Nogos is assgined to the crows nest.
Tiberious is assgined to the bilges, along with Fipps and Aretta.
Eveeda is assigned rat catching.

In the bilges Fipps accuses Tiberious of slacking and pulls out a dagger, Aretta does too. Fipps slashes Tiberious (2pts)
Tiberious uses his spring mounted dagger to surprise stab Aretta. Aretta withdraws and flees up the ladder.
Fipps shouts at her and stabs again at Tiberious but he dodges the blade. Tiberious grazes Fipps.
Fipps swings again and catches on Tiberious' armor. Tiberious stabs him again. Fipps moves to wtihdraw but Tiberious charges in behind him.
Cornered, Fipps turns back and continues fighting but Tiberious ends up killing Fipps.

Tiberious gets brought up that night and confined to the hotbox to await keelhauling.
The others influence Sly to Helpful.

Here is the breakdown of the crew:

Swab: Sandara Quinn - female human cleric of Besmara
Quartermaster: Cut-Throat Grok - female half-orc scarred fighter
Swab: Rosie Cusswell - female halfling fighter
Rigger: Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone Male gnome bard
Rigger: Barefoot Samms Topping - female human fisherwoman
Pet: Owlbear Hartshorn - male human "pet"
Ship's Cook: Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop - male human drunkard
Swab: Crimson "Cog" Cogward - male human thug
Swab: Giffer Tibs - female one-eyed gnome
Rigger: "Ratline" Rattsberger - male halfling missing three fingers
Swab: Tilly Brackett - female human jokester
Rigger: Slippery Syl Lonegan - female human unhinged murderer

First Mate: Mr. Plugg - male human sadist
Boatswain/Master-at-arms: Master Scourge - male human disciplinarian
Rigger: Maheem - male human big Rahadoumi
Swab: Aretta Bansion - female human ill-tempered harlot
Swab: Jaundice Jape - male half-orc mute
Rigger: Tam "Narwhal" Tate - male dwarf friend of Scourge
Swab: Shivikah - female human Mwangi ex-slaver
Swab: Jack Scrimshaw - male human scrimshawer
Swab: "Badger" Medlar - female half-elf with grey striped hair

Currently Tiberious, Nogos, and Dehemma are level 2 while Eveeda is just barely level 1 still as she is missing 25 XP to bump up to 2. Next up is the actual piracy!
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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
Day 21
Nogos is put in charge. Tiberious fails to get them additional crew to help out. Nogos and Tiberious get a heavy crossbow from the armory.
Nogos actually hits two sailors (his archetype allows him to ignore concealment from fog). Tiberious misses. Shots fired back all miss due to cover or fog.
In preparation for the fight Daheema casts Mage Armor on herself and Enlarge Person on Nogos. (Duration 20 rounds)
Round 1:
A sailor fires at Nogos and misses.

Round 1:
A sailor fires at Nogos and misses.
Tiberious throws a grapple and secures the line.
Nogos uses his spiked chain and 20ft reach to directly attack the sailors guarding the ship, crushing one's skull with a giant spiked blow.
Dahemma has her hawk fly high and throws a grapple and secures the line.
Eveeda throws the grapple and secures the line.
Three remaining sailors all back up and shoot at Nogos. One hits for minimal damage.

Round 2:
A sailor shoots at Nogos and misses.
Tiberious takes a running leap to try and jump aboard but fails. Luckily he just barely manages to grab the edge and can haul himself up next round.
Nogos double climbs across the rope and hits the deck on the other side but is flat-footed.
A sailor charges in and hits Nogos for 6pts.
Eveeda cannot jump or climb across to the other ship so make their way (slowly) towards a plank to circle on back.
Two more sailors charge in at Nogos hitting him for a total of 7pts.

Round 3:
A sailor takes another crossbow shot at Nogos but misses due to fog.
Tiberious pulls himself up and attacks one of the sailors, hitting for 5.
Nogos drops his chain and pulls out his greataxe, but hisses his hit.
A sailor misses Nogos.
Deheema shifts into position and nails two sailors with color spray, knocking them both unconcsious.
Eveeda is still too far away but spies Captain Harrigan being attacked from behind. She hits the attacker with a cloudburst and Harrigan kills him.
One wounded sailor drops his sword and withdraws. Another charges into his place not realizing Nogos is up and Nogos splits him in half with his greataxe.

Round 4:
Tiberious slides around Nogos and ties up one of the fallen sailors.
Nogos attacks the last standing sailor but misses.
The sailor hits Nogos for more damage (2pts).
Deheema hits the sailor for 2pts of acid damage.
Eveeda slings a stone at the sailor and misses.

Round 5:
Everyone is rocked by an explosion.
Tiberious wounds the last standing sailor but doesn't drop him.
Nogos misses again.
The sailor throws down his sword in surrender.
Deheema and Eveeda move up and tie up the last two sailors.
The PCs secure the Wheel in 5 rounds!

Round 6:
Three sailors rush the boat trying to untie it.
Tiberious attacks one from behind.
Nogos attacks one, and misses...again.
Deheema fires off another acid globe, grazing one.
Eveeda tries to smack one with a club but fails.
The sailors focus on the task and make 2 checks to release the boat.

Round 7:
Tiberious kills one sailor and Nogos kills a second.
Deheema uses Ghost Sound to make the sailor think the boat has been sabotaged.
Eveeda clubs him on the back of his head.
He turns and attacks at Nogos but misses because of the fog.

Round 8:
Tiberious wounds the sailor and Nogos finishes him off.
Eveeda and Daheema attempt to rescure the boat but fail to make any progress.

Round 9:
Tiberious hides and secures the wheel. Nogos retrieves his chain and resumes guarding the lifeboats.

Round 10:
Continue to hold...

Round 11:
The officer charges in and Nogos nearly takes her out with a single swing of his chain (16pts of damage).
Tiberious swings in behind her and crits, killing her.
The other two attack Nogos hitting him for 2pts.
Nogos misses, Dehemma misses, Eveeda hits one with a cloudburst.

Round 12:
Tiberious backstabs one and kills him.
The sailor misses Nogos.
Daheema misses, Eveeda misses.

Round 13:
Tiberious kills the last one.

Final tally: 5 captured, 7 killed (including the officer)
The four spend the next three rounds quickly picking pockets of the dead and gather:
- 90gp
- x3 heavy crossbows
- x60 bolts
- x2 masterwork short swords
- boarding pike of repelling

From their share of the loot they receive:
- 1250 gp in total
- x3 Potiosn of Cure Moderate Wounds
- x1 Potion of Invisibility
- x1 Amulet of Natural Armor +1

They then use the free time to sell most of the above and buy
- the +1 animal bane dagger (2,302gp)
- x4 Alchemist's fire (80gp)
- x1 Potion of barkskin (150gp)
- x1 Scroll of Summon Swarm for Dehemma to copy into spellbook (150gp + 40gp in ink)
- x1 Scroll of Scorching Ray for Dehemma to copy into spellbook (150gp + 40gp in ink)
- x1 Magnifying glass (100gp)
- x2 Tanglefoot bags (100gp)
- x1 Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp)

Man I wish I could buy up all the holy water but that would be cheating and I normally don't buy that stuff.

Day 21 Evening:
Grok gives the group 100gp worth of stuff (I just refunded them 100gp cause they just bought a bunch that afternoon).
Moving over to the new ship is:

Swab: Sandara Quinn - female human cleric of Besmara
Swab: Rosie Cusswell - female halfling fighter
Rigger: Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone Male gnome bard
Rigger: Barefoot Samms Topping - female human fisherwoman
Pet: Owlbear Hartshorn - male human "pet"
Ship's Cook: Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop - male human drunkard
Swab: Giffer Tibs - female one-eyed gnome
Rigger: "Ratline" Rattsberger - male halfling missing three fingers
Swab: Tilly Brackett - female human jokester
Rigger: Slippery Syl Lonegan - female human unhinged murderer

First Mate: Mr. Plugg - male human sadist
Boatswain/Master-at-arms: Master Scourge - male human disciplinarian
Rigger: Maheem - male human big Rahadoumi
Swab: Aretta Bansion - female human ill-tempered harlot
Swab: Fipps Chumlett - male human bully
Swab: Jaundice Jape - male half-orc mute
Rigger: Tam "Narwhal" Tate - male dwarf friend of Scourge
Swab: Shivikah - female human Mwangi ex-slaver
Swab: Jack Scrimshaw - male human scrimshawer
Swab: "Badger" Medlar - female half-elf with grey striped hair

Sandara and Rosie are selected to sleep in the officer's quarters with Plugg and his men.

Day 22:
Nogos is put on mainsail duties.
Tiberious mans the bilges.
Eveeda swabs the deck.
Deheema fishes.

That night there is whispers that Plugg might be getting ideas of his own.

Day 23:
Nogos continues to hoist mainsails and becomes fatigued.
Tiberious mans the bilges.
Eveeda swabs the deck.
Deheema hunts turtles this day.

That night there are whispers of mutiny.

Day 24:
Nogos hoists the mainsail and becomes fatigued again.
Tiberious is now known as the master bilger.
Eveeda continues to swab the deck.
Deheema goes back to fishing and becomes fatigued from cleaning fish.

That night the PCs and their allies start arming themselves in case of a fight.

Day 25:
Storm hits!
Nogos has lookout duty. DC 14 climb checks to 60 feet, then DC 14 perception checks. He passes.
Tiberious has upper rigging work. DC 14 climb checks to 50 ftt, then DC 14 sailor/dex check. He passes.
Eveeda has Rigging Reapir. DC 14 climb checks to 30 feet then DC 14 sailor/dex checks. She casts monkey fish on herself and passes.
Daheema has rope work: DC 14 sailor/dex checks. She passes.

Sandara Quinn and Badger are kidnapped by grindylows.

Round 1:
A grindylow tries to trip Daheema.
Daheema shifts into better position and blasts 5 grindylow's with a color spray, kncoking all 5 unconscious.
Nogos kills the sixth one.
After a bit of debate the PCs tie the grindylows up to deal with them later.

Day 26: Shipwrecked!
Using Eveeda as a translator, Nogos interrogates the 5 captured grindylows. All but one talks.
Through the captured grindlows the PC's learn of the following areas:
The overall map, general layout, and common traps of Riptide Cove (they don't know about the big finale though).
The location of the wreck of the Infernus and that it is guarded by an eel.
That there are some kind of creatures that roam on the surface. Daheema thinks they are describing ghouls but has no idea what the lacdeons are, never hearing before about aquatic ghouls.

Up next, Bonewreck Isle where they try to save Sandara and Badger!

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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
4 hours until low tide.

With the information from the grindylows the party sails around the island to make landfall at C6. They avoid the crabs with the hawk having spotted a crab and them figuring out the coconuts are a warning.
They proceed directly to the stockade at C8. They are surprised by the two chokers.
Tiberious, NOgos, and Dehemma (thanks to a crossbow crit) kill the lurkers and Tiberious chugs his potion of cure moderate to restore him to 16/17.

Walking inside they get ambushed by mosquito swarms. Nogos gets bit and contracts ghoul fever.
Using all their flasks of alchemist's fire they burn one swarm and get the second down to 2hp before running out. They scatter and when the swarm retreats back to the shelter they prepare a fire trap to inflict the last couple of points of damage.
Tiberious walks in and is grappled by the ghast. The ghast makes it's escape artist check and is freed :(
Tiberious gets bitten by the ghast and also contracts ghoul fever and is knocked out in the fight.
Nogos takes its head, Eveeda uses the scroll of cure moderate wounds to revive Tiberious.

The party finds:
- x1 Ring of Swimming
- x8 courtier clothing (worth 30gp each)
- x6 spears
- x5lbs of pepper (10gp)
- x1 Silver Tankard (30gp)
- x1 Silver Locket (45gp)

After hauling their loot to their ship and filling the barrels with water they spy through the eyeglass and then take that as well.
Nogos climbs up to the tree and finds the lurker's nest and finds
- x1 Potion of water breathing
- x3 Silver shoe buckles (5gp each)
- x1 gold wedding ring (50gp)
- x1 Silver hatpin (5gp)

The group approaches the wreck of the infernus and Eveeda attempts to wild empathy the moray eel. When that fails everyone attacks.
The Moray Eel takes a big bite out of Eveeda but the rest of the group ambushes it and drives it off (reduced to < 20 HP it runs away).
The rest of the crew waits in the boat while Nogos and Eveeda scour the wreck.

Nogos and Eveeda find:
- x3 bottles of Chelish perfume (15gp)
- x3 wax-sealed clay ewers
- x1 Manticore spike chopsticks (15gp)

By this point it is getting close to low tide and the group goes back to the cliffs to identify a plan of attack.
They know that the guards will rush back so Tiberious and Nogos will dive from the ledge as Daheema and Eveeda approach from the sea.
Nogos goes up and drops a rope. When they see the stirges they dive into the water.
Eveeda rushes up and Nogos blocks the neck. Tiberious takes a bit of damage but they kill the grindlows quickly.

In the Fronds, at low tide the Grindylow's ability to rush is limited. Nogos uses his spiked chain to ping them as they charge forward while Eveeda floodst he chamber with mists.
During the fight, Tiberious gets tripped. He then gets nearly killed by one of the last grindylows but Nogos and Eveeda are able to finish them off and save Tiberious.

Knowing about the "monsters" trapped in D4 they sink their steadfast grapple (borrowed from Kroop) and tie a line to it. They then use their combined strength to lift the bars.
Dahemma then uses ghost sound to lure the lacedons into the devilfish' lair. One passes, the other fails and charges into the devilfish. The other is attracted by sounds of battle and follows.
The lacedons paralyze the devilfish and then coup de grace it.

Round 1
After the lacedons have eaten their fill, Dahemma uses ghost sound again to lure them into combat with the Brinequeen. Everyone passes but the Whale who roars in challenge.
The lacedons charge in and wound the Whale a bit.
Dahemma casts enlarge person on Nogos and he goes in after the lacedons. The whale and brinequeen quickly defeat a lacedon.
Nogos smashes the Whale for 16 pts of damage! Tiberious shoots the Brinequeen for 9 pts of damage.
The Brinequeen releases the rope sending Sandara and Badger to the bottom!
Eveeda dives in and skewers the seaweed around Sandara allowing her to stay afloat.
Round 2
Dahemma begins summoning a celestial dolphin.
The Whale chomps the lacedon for 8pts and grabs the lacedon.
Nogos hits the Whale for 13pts and kills it!
The surviving lacedon turns around and attacks Nogos. Nogos misses with the AoO. Nogos isn't paralyzed (but is still infected with ghoul fever from before...)
Sandara struggles to swim upwards but is still bound so barely maintains position.
Tiberious hits brinequeen for another big hit (9 pts).
Brinequeen flies into a fury at the death of her son. She cannot flee through the narrow opening so opts to instead cast fog cloud to try and hide.
Eveeda fails to sever the seaweed on Badger. Badger is killed by the two lacedons at the bottom of the chamber.

Round 3
Dehemma finishes summoning the dolpin. She spies the hiding Brinequeen and fires off an acid orb but misses.
The dolphin easily blindsenses the Brinequeen and attacks, slamming for 2pts.
Dying Whale sinks to the bottom and will be attacked by lacedons.
Nogos drops his spiked chain, draws his great axe and kills the last free lacedon.
Sandara struggles and stays away from the lacedons but doesn't break the surface.
Tiberious dives into the water and rescues Sandara.
Brinequeen uses her wand to summon an octopus.
Octopus attacks dolphin for 2 pts.
Eveeda casts deadeye arrow but misses the shot on the Brinequeen.
Lacedons carve up the body of the Whale.

Round 4
Dahemma casts Detect Magic and starts to concentrate to find the Brinequeen in the fog.
Her dolphin attacks the Brinequeen and misses.
Nogos dives into the water and arms his spear, and skewers a lacedon.
Tiberious gives Sandara a heavy crossbow and bolts and arms himself with scarf.
Brinequeen heals 10 pts from potion of cure moderate wounds.
Eveeda fires off a cloudburst and fails to hit.
Lacdon continues to chow down on the Whale.

Round 5
Dahemma fires wildly in Brinequeen's general direction and fails to hit.
Dolphin disappears
Nogos spears the other lacedon for 21 pts of damage.
Sandara holds her action (she has spells memorized but no holy symbol to cast it).
Tiberious holds action guarding the entrance as well.
Brinequeen casts entangle targeting Eveeda and Nogos. Both pass.
Octopus attacks Nogos but fails to grab.
Eveeda stormbursts Brinequeen, hitting for 5 nonletahl.

Round 6
Dehemma holds.
Nogos skewers the Brinequeen, ending the fight.
The octopus attacks at Nogos but fails again (and will pop out next round so combat is effectively over...)

The party spends the rest of the time looting and pillaging and finds:
- x1 Wand of Summon Natur's Ally II (15 charges)
- x1 Vindictive Harpoon
- x2 MW daggers
- x1 MW silver dagger
- x1 MW cold iron sickle
- x1 Scrimshaw blade (worth 125gp)
- x12 daggers
- x1 Jawbone of a shark covered in scrimshaw images and a dozen silver and gold rings (250gp)
- x6 pearls inside of the tooth of a collosal sea creature (75gp each)
- whale skull with following arcane spells: alter self, black tentacles, blur, color sprah, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, vampiric touch
- x8 4lb silver ingots (20gp each)
- x2 MW manacles
- x1 lesser bracer of archery
- x4 +1 heavy crossbow bolts
- x1 silver spearhead
- 211sp, 256gp
- Sandara's gear (Besmara's tricorne, x2 scroll of cure light wounds, scroll of cure moderate wounds, x20 bolts, dagger, MW rapier, clay pipes, holy symbol, tindertwigs etc.)
- Greatcoat with x5 silver buttons (2gp each) (one has an anchor feather token in it but nobody has found it yet)

Everyone levels up (yay!).
I will finish the rest of the island and the mutiny for the next section.
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Book1: The Wormwood Mutiny
The group comes back out to find the remaining 8 grindylows prepared in D3 for an ambush having been drawn over from the fight in the Cauldron.
Nogos, still enlarged, just roars at them while Eveeda brandishes the distinctive Vindictive Harpoon. The grindylows flee (DC 24 intimidate not including situational bonuses).
The group then loots the rest of Riptide cave unmolested finding the following:
- x1 scrimshawed hammerhead shark's skull (250gp)
- x1 driftwood wand of mirror images (23 charges)
- x1 Ivory walrus tusk scrimshaw map (400gp)
- x1 Orca jaw harp (500gp)

Eveeda swims through the Neck no problem.
Nogos, Tiberious can take a 10 after removing his armor and Sandara can take a 10 to escape.
Dehemma can take a 10 thanks to her Ring of Swimming and potion of water breathing that she chugged from the beginning.

The five survivors set up camp along the beach and rest and recouperate from their ordeals. Sandara healps up the party through healing bursts.
Just as they are getting up for the evening, the three ghouls attack, drawn by the noise.
Overall the party defeats them with only minor damage but Nogos was paralyzed early on so Dehemma burned through her new 2nd level spells in the fight.
Exploring in the evening they find the Whore's Boudior and loot it finding
- x1 Potion of cure moderate wounds
- x1 leather hip crocodile flask (25gp)
- x2 daggers
- x1 MW dagger
- x6 alchemist's fire
- x2 barrels of perfume (25gp each)
- x1 wedding dress w/ pearls and rubies (400gp)
- x1 whalebone corset w/ pearl (20gp)
- x12 silver hatpins w/ tiny obsidian (5gp each)
- x3 gems worth 256gp, 56gp, and 97sp

Nobody (not infected already) gets bit by a botfly and contracts the disease.
The next morning the group rows out to the Man's Promise. Mr. Plugg and the PCs get into an argument prompting a mutniy.
Beneath the deck, the PC's allied swabs, led by Ambrose and Rosie, quickly overwhelm Aretta, Jack Scrimshaw, Shivikh and Jaundice Jape.
On top of the deck, the tide shifts when Owlbear turns on Mr. Plugg with a devestating club over the head. Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge quickly cut the large man down.
Nogos, Sandara, and Tiberious all start climbing up the side of the ship while Eveeda and Dehemma summon swarms of bats off of the island to attack Plugg and Scourge on deck.
Ambrose ends up delivering a devestating crit sneak attack on Mr. Plugg from behind as revenge for everything that happened on the Wormwood.
Sandara is able to get to Owlbear right before he bleeds out and casts stabilize on him.
Shivikah was the closest to bleeding out (she made her stabilization role at -10 HP!)

Mid-morning Tiberious and Nogos show signs of Ghoul Fever.
With Eveeda's help in treating the disease (+8 heal) Nogos and Tiberious fight off the fever in a couple of days.

FYI: During the 1st week Dehemma adds the following spells from the skull to her spellbook:
- Alter Self (40gp)
- Black Tentacles (160gp)
- Slow (90gp)
- Touch of Idiocy (40gp)
- Vampiric Touch (90gp)