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Sat 8 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
After a few days of resting and restoring themselves onboard Man's Promise, the crew begins to grow restless.  Eventually, Sandara approaches Tiberious and the rest on deck, in the doldrums of the afternoon, sipping on a ration of rum.

"So...what now?  We have the ship.  I'm in mood to become pirates in our own right, now that we've a ship and no one beating us over it.  What say you all?"

The other survivors of the mutiny against Plugg and Scourge nod, and turn their attention to Tiberious and the rest, who they have come to see as natural leaders.
Tiberious Black
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Sat 8 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious grabs the magical cutlass and leaps up onto a box and puts one foot on a railing striking a dashing pose.

"Alright you scurvy dogs. How many of you are sick and tired of being whipped to death in exchange for paltry plunder. We were at sea for nearly a month before we got some action and it came to quick and the gold filling our pockets isn't nearly heavy enough.

Now I know many of you fought against us at the behest of the scoundrels Plugg and Scourge. They may have poisoned you against us with lies or promises, and hell we may have even fought time and time again..."

He glances over at Narwhale Tate, Jaundice Jape, and Aretta who had been a thorn in their sides.

"Hell a couple of you even tried to sink a knife in my back."

He glares extra long at Aretta.

"Captain Harrigan was an awful excuse for a captain. Plugg was a sadist with no clue how to be a first mate and for a master-at-arms, Scourge was an awful fighter. Scourge and Plugg went down like the dogs they were and so should any lingering senses of loyalty for to each of you I...we..."

He gestures at his friends. Nogos seems unconcerned but just his sheer massive presence was enough to keep the others in line. Dehemma had an aloof look that seemed permanent due to her elfy nature but at least Eveeda seemed interested.

"We offer you this choice. Sail with us! We will turn the seas red with the blood of  the weak and the pitiful and we will fill your pockets with more gold then you could spend in several lifetimes. Sail with us and feel what it's like to be real pirates and not scurvy dogs press ganged into service on a worm-rotted boat. Sail with us...or spend out the rest of your days on this ghoul infested isle. Now who's with me!"

Tiberious lets the crew cheer them on and build his audience to high energy. At least half the crew was already on his side and the others would keep their dissatisfaction quiet, at least until they thought they could take the ship...

Tiberious gives the command to sail off and while the crew is eager, without a command structure progress doesn't really happen. Having experience on a sailing ship and having just rallied the crew, Tiberious slides into the role of Captain. Nogos, Eveeda and Dehemma don't argue and instead rally behind that decision. Over the next hour Tiberious and the others fill the various officer positions on the ship and soon enough they are underway.

OOC: Ship roles assigned as follows (assuming the NPCs accept)

Captain - Tiberious Black
First Mate - Sandara Quinn
Sailing Master - Eveeda
Master-At-Arms - Nogos Vitsky
Boatswain - Rosie Cusswell
- Boatswain's Mate - Ratline Ratsberger
Master Gunner - Giffer Tibbs
-Gunner's Mate - Jack Scrimshaw
Quartermaster - Dehemma
Ship's Surgeon/Carpenter - Conchobhar Shortstone
Cook - Fishguts Kroop
Cook's Mate - Barefoot Samms Topping

And for extra show and ceremony Tiberious appoints Owlbear in charge of being the Captain's guard. He removes the chains and shackles and with Eveeda's help they clean off the rest of the feathers from him.

Once on the high seas Tiberious calls for their first officer's meeting. With no clear direction to go Tiberious offers the question up to the rest of his officers.

"So, we have a ship but it is stolen from under Harrigan's nose. While I've no doubt our crew is just as able I doubt we'd be able to stand up to Harrigan and his officers for long if we run into them. We will need to either disguise the ship or brave the Eye of Abendego and leave the Shackles for awhile although doing that puts us as risk of encountering the Chelish navy. Anyone have any other ideas?"

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Nogos Vitsky
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Nogos rubs his chin and grunts to get everyone's attention.

"If it's disguisn' yer after, Rickety's Squibs will set you right."

He pauses as the rest of the crew looks at him strangely. He sighs, uncomfortable having to explain things to a group that acts like it should know far more then him.

"Guy's got a place along the Slithering Coast probably not far from here. Probably where Plugg was headed 'fore we were blown off course. For a fee, change the superstructure and rigging to disguise a ship. Might be just what yer lookin' fer."

Tiberious rubs his goatee'd chin and casts a quick glance around the room. Dehemma and Eveeda both give slight nods and Tiberious seizes upon that.

"You head the man! To Rickety Squibs!"

Dehemma clears her throat.

"You mean Rickety's Squibs'

Tiberious gives her a mock scowl and clears his throat and shouts again even louder this time.


Everyone in the tiny captain's quarters covers their ears at the sudden outburst. It was clear, if nothing else, Tiberious had the lung capacity to be captain.
Pirate Commodore
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
The crew hustles to attention, some grumbling a bit, and take orders from their new captain.  Riggers ascend the masts, the sails are raised, and Tiberious commands the ship.  Besmara smiles on the crew, and an easy voyage of two days through wind-tossed seas brings them to their destination.

Rounding the tall headland reveals a hidden cove at the mouth of a wide jungle river, its sluggish brown waters staining the waters of the blue sea like an ugly bruise. A series of docks has been built upon this estuary, with buildings concealed beneath the overhanging limbs of the jungle beyond. A wooden watchtower stands upon the promontory of the headland, carefully concealed among the trees to provide a clandestine view of the seas.

As the Man's Promise sails past, a checkered flag of red and yellow is raised above the watchtower, and an answering flag in blue is hoisted upon the yardarm at the docks ahead.  A number of humanoid figures assemble on the dock, emerging from shaded buildings and gathering on the pier.  A small, single-masted longboat launches, and one of the crew yells up to you, asking you to drop anchor and discuss terms.
Tiberious Black
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious gives out the call to weigh anchor. Tiberious, accompanied by Eveeda, Nogos, and Dehemma, head to the side of the ship to speak to the man in the rowboat.
Pirate Commodore
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
at 18:28
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
An old man makes his way carefully to the front of the longboat.  He is short, and stoop-backed, with a leathery face worn from time, sun and weather.  He looks up, his watery blue eyes taking in the extent of the ship, and cracks a smile revealing more than a few missing teeth.

"Looking to squib your ship, eh?  Rickety Hake, at your service.  Throw down a boarding ladder and let's see what we're dealing with."

Rickety's sailors stand by on the longboat, while Rickety himself makes his way to the deck, his climbing ability testifying to his long experience on-board ships.

Accompanied by Tiberious, Rickety makes his way across the deck of the Man's Promise, examining the ship and her sails before pulling Tiberious aside to discuss terms, as well as any other interested party members.

"This looks to be a pretty quick job.  The ship's in pretty good shape, and not all that unique.  2,000 gp and 5 days in drydock, then she'll be on her way again.  If you'd like, while we're at it, we can install, compartments for getting supplies past any interested parties.  I can get those done for 500 gp each, and they'd be about 5' square.  Interested?"
Tiberious Black
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Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 00:29
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious gives a vigorous nod and shake's old Rickety's hand.

"Assuming you're fine with loot and coin you've got yourself a deal. I'm thinking one 'special' compartment should be fine for now. Perhaps if things go well we can come back for another!"

Tiberious heads back to the captain's quarters when he's done with Rickety and Dehemma can lead the crew into the dock. He goes through the chests that Plugg had left behind to gather up the coin, or the equivalent in gold and gems.

OOC: We got 2 points of plunder so I'm guessing we can use that plus some of the valuables looted in the last adventure to make up the 500gp.

I'm assuming that valuables would sell at the value listed as it isn't equipment but let me know if you are imposing a % discount on the value of items and I'll come up with a list of items I'm trading in like the hairpins or bars of silver.

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Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 16:09
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Rickety nods.  "Aye, loot and coin is what a pirate usually trades in.  I've taken all sorts of payments for squibbing.  Slaves can be trouble, but often new pirates are sellin' off their old mates to make it.  Don't worry about any of this, though."

Assuming the deal is struck, Rickety returns to his longboat to prep the squibbing operation.  One of his assistants acts as a harbor pilot, guiding the Man's Promise up the estuary, where others in canoes help pull the ship to the dry dock.

Decide what you're selling.  Goods can be sold for 50% of their value, plunder for face value.  (And you can bargain, if you'd like!)
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Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 16:35
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Main Game Map has been updated with a map of Rickety's Squibs
Key to Locations:
A1 - Godwin's Watch.  Watchtower you saw coming in.

A2 - Docks.  A pair of docks reaches out into the muddy waters of the estuary.  Three small dinghies are moored here beneath canopies made of wooden poles and dried palm fronds.

A3 - Boathouse.  Two piers extend out into the river from a long building of rough cut wooden planks with large openings to allow passage within.  Ropes, pulleys, and other equipment common to a boathouse hang inside.

A4 - The Commons.  A once-grand building with broad wings extending from its ground floor stands at the end of the docks, its octagonal dome topped by a cupola. It was obviously a fine villa in its day but time and the harsh sun and rains of the Slithering Coast have faded its paint and cracked its boards, leaving it a gray ghost of its former self. A painted board above the veranda names it  as “Rickety’s Squibs.” Smaller, less grandiose hovels and sheds clapped together of flotsam and jetsam surround the larger building and merge into the jungle behind it.

A5 - Dry Dock.  A massive, wedge-shaped wooden ramp rises directly from the river. It is large enough to hold a ship of the line and has huge mooring points to allow such a ship to be stabilized in place. Wooden scaffolding is erected all along its sides to allow workers easy access to all points of a ship and its hull.

 GM, 3 posts
Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 16:37
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
One of Rickety's assistants shows you The Commons, where you and your crew can stay, free of charge, while the Man's Promise is being squibbed.  (You must still purchase any food, drink or equipment.)

Let me know what you want to do on the first day.  You can gamble with some of the off-duty workers, carouse, spread stories, buy drinks, learn rumors, try and increase your infamy, watch the squibbing, etc.
Tiberious Black
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Thu 13 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
After some considerations Dehemma is made Quartermaster given how she had been obsessively going over each and every item they had recovered. Eveeda is made Sailing Master and Conchobhar is listed as ship's surgeon.

Dehemma pulls the following items:
  • x5 Bags of Pepper she evaluated at 10gp each = 50gp
  • x8 Sets of courtier clothing evaluated at 30gp each = 240gp
  • x3 Silver Shoe Buckles evaluated at 5gp each = 15gp
  • x1 Silver Hatpin evaluated at 6gp (actually 5gp) = 6gp
  • x2 Barrels of Fine Perfume evaluated at 25gp each = 50gp
  • x1 Wedding dress adorned with pearls and rubies evaluated at 400gp = 400gp

Grand Total: 761gp (actually 760gp)

Tiberious will cut up a bit to 850gp for the lot (a 5% markup).

Tiberious rolled a 10 on the bluff check and a 21 on the opposing sense motive check

19:41, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 10 using 1d20+8.

Depending on how the buyer rolls probably settling around 700gp which is fine by me.

Nogos meanwhile will search around for someplace to get a drink and Eveeda will wander up towards the watch post to feel the wind and ocean spray.
 GM, 7 posts
Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 01:53
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Rickety examines the merchandise with a critical eye.  "Hmmm...for all that, how about 700 gp?"

Rickety and Tiberious go back and forth for a little while and finally settle on 730 gp.  While Tiberious arranges the sale, Rickety's crew hauls in the Man's Promise, and repairs start.

Nogos wanders into the Commons, and finds a taproom and chow hall, where some of the off-duty workers are enjoying a bit of beer and stiff stew.  They are all too eager to hear pirating stories, given that most of their time is spent preparing ships for piracy.

Eveeda wanders toward the watchtower, finding that the only path is a treacherous, wandering path that winds along the ridgeline.

21:39, Today: GM, for the NPC Rickety, rolled 17 using 1d20+10.  Bluff.
21:38, Today: GM, for the NPC Rickety, rolled 29 using 1d20+10.  Sense Motive.

Tiberious Black
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Sun 23 Apr 2017
at 01:29
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious quickly agrees to the price and leaves Dehemma in charge of overseeing the transfer. He quickly makes his way to the tavern where Nogos is busy drowning himself in ale.

He hops up on a table and makes sure the whole crowd is listening.

"Let me tell you the tale of Bonewreck Island, the island where we faced ghouls and ghosts, scoundrels and squids! We faced the very terror of the seas, a big fat squid thing so large it would swallow you whole!"

Tiberious weaves and embellishes a tale that is over the top in action and drama but lacking any real tangible details. Unfortunately he pushes the envelope too far and by the time they had killed their scoundrel of a captain Mr. Bugg, most of the crowd was back to drinking again.

OOC: Infamy check FAILED! Rolled a 14...
20:19, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 6 using 1d20.  infamy check vs. DC 21 (15 +.

Meanwhile Eveeda will continue on towards the watchtower, taking her time to ensure that she doesn't fall over the side.
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Although the watchtower is less than 400 yards from the rest of Rickety's complex, Eveeda walks over a mile through the jungle, past a few switchbacks and along the treacherous cliffs, before she makes her way to the base of the watchtower.  She sees little more than some gouges made in the hard forest floor, some kind of native pig rummaging for food, no doubt.

The tower itself is little more than a covered platform with some crude steps winding their way to the top, 60 feet above the ground.  The ground around the tower is littered with the remnants of an uncountable number of glass bottles, still smelling faintly of strong rum.  Above, Eveeda can faintly hear two voices: a human one, quietly singing an old sea-shanty (incredibly off-tune) and a parrot, its screeching voice joining in for the chorus.

Back at the tavern, the off-duty workers initially pay attention to Tiberious, but lose interest as his story progresses, most of them turning back to gambling and drinking by the time he is through.  When the would-be Captain steps down, one of the workers slams down a mug of ale.

"Nice try, bucko.  It's a hard start getting to be a feared pirate in these waters.  And most of these boys here have heard some sea tales already.  Come back when you've got more exciting things to tell us!  You're barely out of the shallows.  If you found something like the infamous haul of Captain Wolfe's at Mancatcher Cover, you'd make a name for yourself.  Or even if you could lay claim to Tidewater Rock.  You know the old pirate saying, eh?  'Good fortune and sure sail await what one can can crack the Tidewater Rock?"

Also at the tavern...

Nogos has attracted a like crowd of off-duty workers, and one of them takes a liking to him.  "You can down ale like a real pirate, even if your captain is a bit of a blow-hard.  What say you join the rest of us tomorrow?  We've got a nice cask of brew, not this rotgut, cooling in the river, ready for a special occasion.  We set up a game of nine-pins in the shade of the boathouse and enjoy some  real polite-like time.  What say you?"
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 13:04
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Eveeda approaches the watchtower and clears her throat, not wanting to surprise the guard and his musical parrot.

She'll spend the afternoon mostly just taking in the landscape and watching the horizons, feeling the wind in her hair but will chat with the guard if he is feeling talkative.

Tiberious is completely deflated that his first attempt at infamy fell so flatly. They had a big adventure but nobody seems to care. Perhaps he needed to embellish things even more...

The mentioning of Tidewater Rock and Mancatcher cove both intrigued him. Nothing spreads infamy like a pile of gold but perhaps it was too early to think about things like that. Cracking the rock was a daunting challenge...

Nogos grunted at first but needed no pestering to enjoy a good drink. He nods affirmatively.
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Eveeda hears a minor bit of commotion from up above, some clunks and the parrot screeching.  Finally, a man peers over the edge of the tower, squinting at Eveeda and rubbing his eyes before staring again.  "Eh?  I just got my delivery a few days ago.  But you ain't one of Rickety's.  From that ship that just came in?"  He sloshes a bottle of rum.  "If you come this far, might as well come  up and join me.  You can watch for ships while I rest my eyes a bit."  The parrot echos: "Ah!  Rest my eyes!"

The man nods.  And helps Eveeda into the tower.  "Lyle Godwin, and this here is Rotgut."  You notice Lyle is missing one arm below the elbow, and quite obviously completely hammered.  The entire watchtower smells of rum, and you're pretty sure the parrot might be a little bit drunk as well.
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 02:33
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Eveeda shrugs and gives Lyle a nod. She had come out there to watch the sun and feel the wind and helping a fellow pirate out was the least she could do.

"Rest easy, Lyle. I will let you know if I see anything worth seeing."

She gives him a nod and grins as she turns her face to the horizon.
 GM, 10 posts
Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 20:11
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Lyle nods and drops into his hammock, snoring quietly within minutes, his parrot joining him.

Eveeda stares out into the distance, at the empty sea and sky.

The Next Day...
The second day at Rickety's, the sky is cloudless, and the sun beats down for another scorching day.  The jungle wilts under the unrelenting heat, and the river is shallow, murky and sluggish, with wide swaths of cracked mug exposed along the bank.

Nogos wandered by the boathouse, and just as promised, the game of nine pins is just getting started.  A half-dozen locals are setting up the game in the shade, while another pair is pulling on a rope, lifting a keg of beer from the water below, where it has been cooling overnight.

Suddenly, the rope jerks and a man is pulled into the water.  The woman helping with the rope screams, and holds up her hands, which are burned bloody from the force of the rope.

The man in the water below the boathouse screams and thrashes.  It is clear he is not alone.

You can choose to have Eveeda do whatever you want.  She can stay at the lookout, or wander back into the main part of Rickety's to participate.  Nogos could have invited anyone else along to join him, or they could simply be wandering by when these events happen.
Tiberious Black
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Thu 27 Apr 2017
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Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious and Nogos were well into their cups when the man was jerked into the water. Both of them rush to the edge. Tiberious stops at the water's edge but Nogos doesn't bother slowing down, diving into the water in one swoop.

Dehemma was pouring over her tome in the shade of a nearby tree but perked up at the noise. With a thought she commanded her familiar to fly high over the troubled water spot and see if this was an innocent blunder or the start of something more sinister.

Eveeda had chosen not to partake in the festivities, enjoying her time walking up and down from the watchtower as the mood took her. When she heard the commotion she runs forward, bringing out her wand of summon nature's ally ii just in case.

OOC: I know, I know 'DON'T SPLIT THE PARTY' but I just don't think Eveeda would have joined the rest. Hopefully the high flying hawk familiar can keep an eye on both of them just in case one side gets into too much trouble.
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Fri 28 Apr 2017
at 21:17
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
At the edge of that boathouse, Tiberious can see the man below is in danger - a large water snake of some sort is in the water with him, biting and thrashing at the hapless man, the spikes on its back causing as much injury as its teeth.  Suddenly, the creature's head is revealed, and Tiberious draws back.  This is no mere animal  -  the creature has a human-like face!

Nogos, in the water, quickly comes to the same conclusion, though he is also facing ten feet of scales, teeth, and spines.  Watching from above, Dehemma recognizes the danger, though not the nature of the monster they are facing.

OOC: I don't think we need a battlemap for this combat; it should be fairly simple.  The water is 10' feet, and Tiberious is standing 5' above the water.  Nogos will be adjacent to the monster (and its victim) upon diving in.

Roll iniatitve!  Anyone who beats a 19 can act.

17:15, Today: GM, for the NPC Monster, rolled 19 using 1d20+7.  Initiative.
17:14, Today: GM, on behalf of Dehemma Taligraer, rolled 10 using 1d20+9.  Know: Dungeoneering.

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Tiberious Black
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Sat 29 Apr 2017
at 18:52
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious hesitates at the edge of the lake. While he trusted Nogos could hold his own against the snake the bizarre and monstrous appearance of the creature made him worry for his burly companion. With a sigh he flexed his wrist sending the magical dagger they had purchased from the Wormwood to spring into his hand.

With a resolved sigh he jumped into the water on the other side of the snake to try and flank the creature.

22Tiberious1722/22+1 Animal-bane Dagger+71d4+1-
19Water Snake??????????-
11Dehemma1222/22Shortbow (22)+41d6-1-

Swift Action: Draw +1 dagger
Move Action: Dive into water next to naga for flanking
Standard Action: Attack hitting AC 20 (22 if flanking) for 5 pts of piercing damage (12 if sneak attack allowed)

(13:27, Today: Ship (NPC) rolled 37 using 3d20 with rolls of 18,3,16.  Group init (+4, +8, +2).

13:44, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 22 using 1d20+7 with rolls of 15.  attacking snake.

 GM, 12 posts
Mon 1 May 2017
at 17:58
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Tiberious dives into the water and slams his dagger into the snake-monster from behind, catching it off-guard.  The creature turns and hisses at the aspiring captain, then snaps at him with a tooth-filled maw.  "Ah!  Your blood will make up for this horrid drought!  I will become queen!"

OOC: Tiberious hits the monster for 12 damage.
Monster: AC 21/Touch 18
13:55, Today: GM, for the NPC Monster, rolled 14 using 1d20+10.  Attack Nogos Tiberious
Nogos and Dehemma may take their Round 1 actions, and Tiberious make take his actions for Round 2.

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Tiberious Black
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Tue 2 May 2017
at 04:24
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
Nogos lets his fury overtake him and reasoning and logic flood out of his mind replaced with pure, raw orcish hate and rage.

He brings his axe down with all his might but the water hits the side of the blade and pushes it off target and he buries it into the soft dirt at the bottom.

Move Action: Pass
Standard Action: Attack hitting AC 18

Dehemma summons her magical powers and causes Nogos to rapidly swell in size. Nogos grows twice as large and his head pops up above the water.

Move Action: Moving to edge to get LOS to Nogos
Standard Action: Casting Enlarge Person

Round 2

Tiberious continues to swim and maintain his flanking position despite the giant snake's attacks however his quick strike with a dagger fails to reach the target as he has to quick dodge back to avoid its thrashing tail.

22Tiberious1722/22+1 Animal-bane Dagger+71d4+1-
19Water Snake21X-12??+10??-
18Nogos1337/37+6Greataxe+93d6+9Rage (1/12), Enlarged (1/30)
11Dehemma1222/22Shortbow (22)+41d6-1-

 GM, 13 posts
Tue 2 May 2017
at 14:36
Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
The snake monster writhes around again, bringing her fangs to bear on the larger threat, striking out at Nogos and hissing again.  This time, the fanged mouth sinks into the orc's arm, and along with drawing blood, Nogos can feel some sort of insidious poison working its way through his system.

Water Monster hits Nogos for 11 damage + Poison, detailed below:
Nogos must make a DC 19 Fort Save or take 1 con damage this round.

Bite—injury; save Fort DC 19; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con damage; cure 2 saves.

22Tiberious1722/22+1 Animal-bane Dagger+71d4+1-
19Water Snake21X-12??+10??-
18Nogos1326/37+6Greataxe+93d6+9Rage (1/12), Enlarged (1/30) Poisoned?
11Dehemma1222/22Shortbow (22)+41d6-1-

10:35, Today: GM, for the NPC Water Monster, rolled 1 using 1d2.  Con Damage.
10:33, Today: GM, for the NPC Water Monster, rolled 11 using 2d6+5.  Damage.
10:33, Today: GM, for the NPC Water Monster, rolled 18 using 1d20+10.  Attack Nogos.

Nogos Vitsky
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Tue 2 May 2017
at 21:42
Re: Book 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea
In the midst of his fury Nogos barely registers the attack. His ferocious ork constitution fends of the snake's poison as he slams his axe into the beast. The water takes a lot of the sting out of the blow but he still lands a telling blow.

Resisted poison with 21 fort save
16:21, Today: Nogos Vitsky rolled 21 using 1d20+6.  fort save.

Standard Action: Attack hitting AC 27 for 8 pts of slashing damage.

16:23, Today: Nogos Vitsky rolled 27 using 1d20+9.  attack (+2 flank -2 swimming).
16:24, Today: Nogos Vitsky rolled 16 using 3d6+9.  and then halved because water.

Dehemma begins conjuring up an aquatic animal to assist the others in their underwater combat. Her arms swirl as she weaves the energy in the air in front of her, visualizing the creature she is about to summon from ethereal energy.

Move Action: Pass
Standard Action: Casting Summon Monster I for a celestial dolphin (will complete at beginning of next turn)

Round 3

While the snake is distracted by Nogos, Tiberious swims up and plunges his dagger in where the kidneys would be. Or should be if this was a humanoid. With a giant half-man half-snake he was really trying to guess.

Move Action: Swim check (pass)
Standard Action: Sneak attack hitting AC 24 for 9 pts of piercing damage

16:40, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 5,4 using 1d4+1,1d6.  sneak damage.
16:28, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 24 using 1d20+9.  sneak attack.
16:28, Today: Tiberious Black rolled 18 using 1d20+4.  swim check.

22Tiberious1722/22+1 Animal-bane Dagger+71d4+1-
19Water Snake21X-29bite+102d6+5-
18Nogos1332/37Greataxe+93d6+9Rage (2/12), Enlarged (2/30)
11Dehemma1222/22Shortbow (22)+41d6-1-

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