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NUMERIA - Setting Info
Land of Fallen Stars

Significant Locations

First Blade's Path
The northern border of the Numerian Plains is separated from Sovereign's Reach by what most call a riverbed, although it is too straight to be natural. This track runs for hundreds of miles to the Sellen River. At its absolute widest point, the Path measures approximately 3/4 of a mile across and 150 feet deep, but on average it is no more than 30 feet across and 12 feet deep. Locals believe that the path was created when the Herald of Gorum, the First Blade, dragged a deadly alien weapon from its tomb south of Starfall toward the east for an unknown reason. Priests of Gorum often walk the Path seeking visions from their god.

Sovereign's Reach

Silver Mount
This legendary mountain is the most well known feature in all of Numeria. Those who do not know of Silver Mount, really cannot claim to know of Numeria. The jagged metallic peak rises over 1,500 feet into the air at the highest point, and supposedly stretches even far down into the ground. It is controlled by the Technic League who guard their secrets as well as they guard the Silver Mount. People in general disagree on whether the Technic League have the entire mountain as their own home, or if the mountain is filled with such dangers that the Technic League still cannot make their way into the caves and tunnels within without risking never coming back.

What everyone does know, is that the Silver Mount is filled with such wonders as have never been seen on the face of Golarion. Most of the Technic League's wealth, and many of the amazing technological items found around Numeria, likely comes from Silver Mount or its surroundings.

Capital of Numeria, here resides the Black Sovereign - supreme ruler of all Numeria. Surprisingly, the Black Sovereign is not a part of the Technic League! The capital of Numeria could be expected to be its most prosperous city, but nothing could be more wrong. Established by the Technic League, the city is built on the backs of slaves, and not much have gotten better since. It is said that mysterious robotic gearsmen maintain order on the streets with uninhibited violence.

Aldonard's Grave
Several forts are built along Sellen River to accomodate the crusaders traveling to Mendev. Aldonar's grave is one such fort, named after a paladin of Sarenrae. As the story goes, Aldonar committed suicide in this fort after receiving some very fateful news as he traveled home from Mendev, and it is said that ever since, the fort is plagued by bad luck. However, the Church of Sarenrae maintains a presence there, and travelers are welcome to rest within the safety of the fort.

Sellen Hills

Chesed is the largest, most wealthy, and most well organized city in Numeria. The city is clearly outspoken against slavery; ever since a significant event when the city was under the largest barbarian attack ever, and the large slave population (it is said, inspired by Abadar himself) rose up to defend the city against the attacks. Today, any slave that enters the city and is not registered as such within one hour is declared free, and all slave trade is illegal. Industries lie on the east side of the Sellen River, with the majority of the city on the west side, and river traveling through Chesed has increased significantly with the crusaders passing through after the First Crusade.

This supposedly haunted location was the wintering grounds of the Mountain Crow tribe, which vanished more than 80 years ago.

This strangely lifeless field was the location of a battle which never took place. Supposedly, the two armies meant to meet both dropped dead just before the battle. The entire area is avoided by Numerians and wildlife alike.

This strange settlement is a sprawling junkyard of cast-off technology, useless refuse and debris stretching nearly 3 miles in length. It used to be one of the greatest sources of skymetal in Numeria, but this wealth is long since depleted. Scrapwall is now a place for outcasts and those who refuse the strict rule of the more civilized cities such as Starfall.

Numerian Plains

Named after the purple flame atop the central hill, this town features many expert smiths and attracts traveling merchants, scavengers, smiths and tourists alike.

Hajoth Hakados
Where the Sellen and Seven Tears rivers meet lies a settlement called Hajoth Hakados. It is known as a friendly and open city, and crusaders traveling to Mendev call it "the velvet caress of the north". The city even manages to keep taxes low. One of Numeria's greatest experts on skymetal and alien technology, the witchwyrd Cythrul, resides here.

The Choking Tower
This sooty black tower rises above the surrounding forest and bears a spiky crown of exhaust pipes and chimneys belching trails of smoke that can be seen for miles. It was supposedly built by a former member of the Technic League who has since died, but the tower is still alive with a clanging, whistling cacophony of sounds every night. Supposedly, the tower or the areas around it attract giants and other unusual creatures...

One of the largest towns of southern Numeria, Iadenveigh is surrounded by the Elkhorn Wall - named after the horns adorning it all around town. Since an incident with robots rampaging through the streets, all technology - including androids - have been entirely banned from within the walls of the town.


Plain of Ten-Thousand Swords
Thousands of years ago, this was the site of a major battle. As the story goes, the soldiers were all called by their warlords to fight until their death - but turned on and killed their leaders. It is said that their swords lie there still, the souls of the warriors bound to their weapons.

Scar of the Spider
This small valley is no strange at first sight, similar to other locations in the Felldales. A jagged gorge with a small creek running through it. Vegetation is said to grow unexpectedly well in the muck where the creek runs out into a swamp, but with an unhealthy color that most find it impossible to describe. What is extraordinary, and what keeps adventurers away, are the stories of the many and violent spider-like robots living here. Rumors insist that these monsters either seek or defend an odd enigma that dances and whistles in a coffin of glass.

Castle Urion
Built during the First Crusade, this castle is occupied by the Knights of Urion and their platoon of gryphon riders.

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Re: NUMERIA - Setting Info
Important Groups in Numeria

Technic League
The Technic League is a secret society with such widespread influence that everyone knows them. This rather peculiar situation means that no-one is quite sure who their leader is, and most people think Starfall is their headquarters but know that Starfall is not run by them. It is common knowledge that the Technic League collects taxes from pretty much every town or city in Numeria. Most people would assume that they also do have a presence in every city, but who their agent would be is unknown.

The Technic League captures and keeps slaves, they supposedly have access to massive technological and arcane power, and control most technology in Numeria - most of all Silvermount.

Black Sovereign
Black Sovereign is a title held by a Kellid barbarian who once took control of Starfall, and who is now the ruler of all Numeria.

The tribes of the Kellids are largely nomadic, even though many of the barbarians have taken up residence in towns or cities around Numeria. These tribes do pose a threat occasionally, as there have been both successful and unsuccessful invasions of most settlements in Numeria.

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