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Campaign Feats and Rules
Signature Skill may be taken once, plus once more per five levels.

Alternate Profession Rules in effect.  8 hours work = Twice the Check in Silver.

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These rules replace all previous rules for Dragonmarks and their related feats and items.

Dragonmarks now give the following bonuses, of which only apply to the Sphere in question.

Least1 Talent/5 Levels, +1 Caster Level, +1 Skill,
Lesser1 Talent/4 Levels, +2 Caster Levels, +2 Skill, 1 Metamagic/Dragonmark Feat
Greater1 Talent/3 Levels, +3 Caster Levels, +3 Skill, 1 Metamagic/Dragonmark Feat
Siberys1 Talent/3 Levels, +4 Caster Levels, +5 Skill, 3 Metamagic/Dragonmark Feats

DetectionPerceptionSphere: Divination
FindingPerceptionSphere: Divination
HandlingHandle AnimalSphere: Nature
HealingHealSphere: Life
HospitalityDiplomacySphere: Life
MakingCraftSphere: Creation
ScribingLinguisticsSphere: Mind
PassageSurvival or AcrobaticsSphere: Warp
SentinelSense MotiveSphere: Protection
ShadowDiplomacy or StealthSphere: Dark
StormAcrobatics or FlySphere: Weather
WardingPerceptionSphere: Protection

Siberys Dragonmark [Campaign Feat]:
Requires Greater Dragonmark, 13 Ranks in Two Skills, Completed Siberys Pilgrimage
This feat replaces the Heir of Siberys class.  The Siberys Dragonmark is now considered the Fourth level of a Dragonmark.

Dragonmark Adept, Prodigy, and Visionary now instead grant one additional Talent from the associated Sphere and a Spell Point that can only be used with that Sphere.  This special pool does not recharge during rest.

Dragonmark Battlestrike deals +4d6 with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Dragonmark Rage gives 4 Fast Healing with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Dragonmark Smite renders the target unconscious for One Hour with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Dragonmarked Summoner grants +4 Deflection to AC with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Eldritch Dragonbane increases damage to Dragons and Dragonblooded by an additional +3 with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Grace of Ghallanda may be used 4 times per day with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Mighty Dragonmark affects the associated Sphere.
Orien Battle Stride gives a 10-foot step with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Master of Wards doubles the range and resistance with a Siberys Dragonmark.
Quicken Dragonmark applies to the associated Sphere, a number of times per day equal to 3 plus 1 per Dragonmark feat.

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