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Master of Ceremonies
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Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 18:31
Dusk's tent
Placed near Rum's tent slightly off from the residential tents sits Dusk's tent. Although smaller than the usual tents it is built with only a single person in mind.

The floormat is comfy and helps keep the cold of the ground from seeping into the tent.
The walls are also more ruggedly built and pegged down more securely.

What does it look like?
How has Dusk made it hers?
How does it differ from a less luxurious tent?

Master of Ceremonies
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Thu 27 Apr 2017
at 16:11
Dusk's tent
The soft sounds of a musical alarm clock chimes, it's been repaired many times and is at times barely functional but the music still comes out fine.

You were having a dream...You remember the roar of a great beast and a child with the face of everyone looking at you...