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Master of Ceremonies
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Fri 31 Mar 2017
at 21:44
The Poison Chalace
Despite half a dozen floodlights and the workers light sources, no light seems to penetrate far into the Chalice, even during the day.

Every so often a shape is silhouetted by a passing light of one of the scavenger boats passing across the surface of The Chalice, disrupting the inky stillness of the water...although maybe not as much as it should.

The sounds of grunting scavengers and generators popping and spluttering rebound of the basins walls, doing strange things to the sound, sometimes you can hear your own voice echo'd back to you...even if you don't remember speaking.

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Master of Ceremonies
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 15:53
The Poison Chalace
When Chaplain and Clot arrive with at the chalice with Whistle, they are granted with the usual scene of the Chalice after dark, gun emplacements and spotlights pointed towards the black pool. The smell of the diesel generators and something else carries on the evening wind.
They are directed to a small set of structures, a series of tents around a gutted caravan, a crudely painted cross in red painted on the side.

Opening the screen door Whistle gestures for them to stay inside, she seems to be holding back slightly,as if scared.

Upon entering, Clot and Chaplain are hit with the unmistakable smell of blood and sepsis, the unidentifiable smell that was smelt outside is also there.

Two more men are holding Rebar down, who is thrashing and screaming out in pain, His left leg is a bloody mess, blood mixing with the yellow fluid of an infected wound.
The men holding him down seem to be struggling, grunting and sweating as they attempt to keep him restrained while avoiding his thrashings and keeping there distance from the wounded leg.

The stench is incredible.

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The Chaplain
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 The Chaplain
Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 16:53
The Poison Chalace
Chaplain unholsters 'Judgment' and looks to Clot.  "Final rights?"