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+ RULES and Extra stuff/ misc
This will be for added/ modded shop inventory and future rules to use for this campain and some other misc stuff.


If you have general questions of the lore of the world, I will answer it into the game intro and possibly include a diagram in the maps section in the form of a diary entry or manuscript of some sort for better rpg feel.

LV.'s will be rewarded as exp

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CHARACTER SHEETS - I need a pdf, jpg, png, sai, or photoshop extension file to give to me. You may use whatever is convenient for you to make the character sheet, must be legible and organized.

for some reson rpols character sheets only exept .txt documents

you may use any kind of sheet to build a character either online or offline on paper, i just need a clear picture by either a scan of it if you did it on paper, or a screen shot if you did it on a phone or computer (on windows its the windows key+PRTSCR button) i just need a clear visual, you can also input it in the character sheet option in rpol by just using text if you would like.

Editable template (do not have to use but is good)


get th DND next character sheet pdf by the web coder v1.3, should be able to edit text and send it in pdf form by opening in your google chrome browser

the whole point of this is so we dont need to use roll20 by the way and play by posting, unless you absolutly want to use something or if it dosnt work well trash it and find somethin else
- btw heres the txt charicter sheet if needed

you can also find this in the rpol ressorses section charicter sheets

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starting equipment not specified by your class will be given to you if you ask

LV.5 Starting characters - favorite equipment - you may select one piece of equipment to be used as if it was +1(is not +1), you have used this nearly your whole life, or what feels your whole life, you may name it and your experience with this one weapon specifically gives you the +1, use this only for this weapon, not group of weapons

GOLD roll 5d10 for starting gold

roll for a cool new trinket to add to your backstory and backpack, just cool new non mainstream trinkets I have found

trinkets here


ignore rolls of 52-60 and rolling again
when designate reason for roll type trinket

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also if you have or gain spell slots replace them with mp points

1st level spells would cost 1 point, 2nd 2 points etc...

ex. 5-1st lv. spell slots, 3-2nd, 2-3rd, 1-5th would be 22mp points

1st lv.= 1point
2nd lv.= 2points

if you level up and gain EX. 1 more 3rth level spell slot, your max would be 25mp points

if you level up and gain more spell slots, instead increas your max mp acrodingly
you may find items or spells that restore,increas,or hinder these points across your travels

NO RACIAL MP POINTS - if you have a racial spell granted by your race you may cast that 1nce pr. day (or howerver often it says) this does not increase your mp points, (cantrips are free casts as always and don't increas anything)

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There will be an implication of the hunts system were you may duo or trio on downtime to go on a hunt, winners will not receive exp., but receive +gold +items and co-op points that will be used to buy items in the future

If the party decideds they may all go on a hunt together

Hunt board for posted hunts will be in the hunters guild in game

redeemable items for co-op points will be posted in the +rules notice

Hunts= money/items and co-op points

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