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OOC 1.1
Howdy this thread is for Out of Character discussions.  I will also keep a running list of House-rules and Rules Clarifications and various misc stuff updated in the 1st post.

You need to pick unique voice colors.  When your character says something, please use it.

I use the following conventions;
blue=npc voice
yellow=magical treasure
Serif, Monotype, Cursive are used to indicate unusual accents or strange sounding voices.
I put spells in italic.
Louder/yelling is bold
whispers are small
red X's on a map character = dead
yellow stripe = down and/or dying

House-rules and Rules Clarifications
  > poison is For save for 1/2 (...is generally unavailable for pc's.)
  > Hp, max at 1st and 2nd, then fixed
  > No Guns (I don't like guns in my fantasy)
  > You may suggest a +2 to 2 skills feat, as long as the skills are related to each other.  If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.
  > You can crawl 5' as a move action and avoid the Aoo if you make a Acrobatics check of 5+opponents CMD (the same as moving through the opponents space).
  > Scrolls; I don't want to try and remember if a scroll is divine or arcane.  So a scroll is a scroll is a scroll and can be used by anyone who has the spell on their list.  Scroll usage, "The character must be able to see and read the writing on the scroll."  You must have some way to hold both ends of a sheet of paper.  That usually means 2 hands.  You can hold something in 1 of them.  If it is a weapon it does not threaten while using the scroll.
  > Barbarian/spellcasters cannot cast spells while in a controlled rage unless they have an ability that specifies they can.
  > White-haired Witches hair is treated as a lethal weapon.
    - It can be used to deal non-lethal damage, at the usual -4 penalty (and all appropriate rules: can't nonlethal using sneak attack).
  > Black Tentacles spell does not exist
  > Regeneration rules from 3.5

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Creatures with this extraordinary ability recover from wounds quickly and can even regrow or reattach severed body parts. Damage dealt to the creature is treated as nonlethal damage, and the creature automatically cures itself of nonlethal damage at a fixed rate per round, as given in the creature’s entry.

Certain attack forms, typically fire and acid, deal damage to the creature normally; that sort of damage doesn’t convert to nonlethal damage and so doesn’t go away. The creature’s description includes the details. A regenerating creature that has been rendered unconscious through nonlethal damage can be killed with a coup de grace. The attack cannot be of a type that automatically converts to nonlethal damage.

Creatures with regeneration can regrow lost portions of their bodies and can reattach severed limbs or body parts. Severed parts die if they are not reattached.

Regeneration does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation.

Attack forms that don’t deal hit point damage ignore regeneration.

An attack that can cause instant death only threatens the creature with death if it is delivered by weapons that deal it lethal damage.

A creature must have a Constitution score to have the regeneration ability.

  > Leadership; You may look for a specific type of cohort/followers, but I will create and control them.
     1)If you want to Cohort an existing npc/creature, I will increase their level to the appropriate level per leadership rules.
     2) Like an employer looking for an employee, you give me an idea of what you are looking for and I will give you npcs to choose from.  Depending on how specific you are, the list may be long or short.
  > Produce Flame;
     1) attack same round as casting = No
     2) multiple attacks in a round with produce flame = Yes
     3) You must have an open hand when you cast it.
     4) You can put something into that hand after you cast the spell.
     5) Bane be used on a spell such as Produce Flame = Yes, but only used once if you use the ranged attack option
     6)  Per stealth and produce flame. 
If you have the produce flame going I would assume you can cover it up (The flames harm neither you nor your equipment) so it doesn't glow, then you can stealth.  But then you can't use the flame.  It can be as simple as wrapping your hand in your cloak or as "difficult" (to regain access to) as a glove.  To use the flame you need to bring it out, negating stealth in almost all cases.  If the target is blind or somehow you are in an environment where having an open glowing flame in your hand is not noticeable you can still stealth.

  > Dramatic Interrogation
     1) The creature threatened must be Helpless
     2) To threaten, you don't have to use a weapon, but you need to make a credible threat.  The target of the DimplomacyIntimidatePerform must believe you are capable of carrying out your threat on the Helpless creature.
     3) The threat and Helpless creature need to be appropriate to the situation.  You need to have information on the target of the DIP so that you know what/who they care about.
     4) You are threatening a creature, so the target of the DIP could dislike you afterwards.
  You threaten a Helpless creature, then make a Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Perform check(with a +5) vs a creature(can be the Helpless creature, but can be another creature) that has some sort of feelings toward the Helpless creature (any nonNeutral attitude).  In this situation you could threaten something Kaven had feelings (good or bad) for and get a bonus on DIP.
  Much like intimidation, this should be used carefully.  People aren't going to like it if you go around threatening creatures the like.
  I understand, "tell us what we want or this puppy gets it", who doesn't like (friendly, or helpful)puppies.  But I find it difficult to imagine "tell us what we want to know or this rabid rat gets it".  Who likes a rabid rat (hostile, unfriendly)?  I imagine if you want to threaten something the DIP target dislikes (hostile, unfriendly) you go "Hey, let's kill this rabid rat if you tell me what I want to know.  Come on it'll be fun."

  > Initiative and actions in combat
I will use your rolled initiative.  Post when you can and I will order them in initiative order.  If someone in front of you invalidates your action I will adjudicate what you do as best I can.  In rare cases when there is no obvious action your character would take I will ask for another action.
I'm also going with a new initiative model for combats.  If it matters (like in the surprise round) I will use your rolled initiative.  But once we are going you/them, I will just take your actions in your posted order unless you specify "I will wait for x(insert allies name here) to go" or it is obvious you are coordinating attacks.
  > Summon Swarm spell's swarms act according to the following;
1- it attacks all other creatures within its area.
2- If no living creatures are within its area, the swarm attacks or pursues the nearest creature as best it can.
As long as it does those things it may move and attack other creature if it can.
  > Swarm rules (RAW) are guidelines, not actual rules.  Swarms may exhibit abilities and powers beyond what is RAW.  1 example, all swarms have a shapeable area.
Swarms have so many questions and strange interactions with other things that I am going to take every swarm on a case by case basis.  Swarms are unpredictable.
  > Hybrid and Occult classes are all off limits.  Archetypes for other classes are on a case-by-case basis.

  > Wayfinders and Ioun Stones will use method 2(The Random Roll)(http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-...z/wayfinder-standard).
  > This part of the Wish spell is changed;
Grant a creature a +1 inherent bonus to an ability score. Two to five wish spells cast in immediate succession can grant a creature a +2 to +5 inherent bonus to an ability score (two wishes for a +2 inherent bonus, three wishes for a +3 inherent bonus, and so on). Inherent bonuses are instantaneous, so they cannot be dispelled. Note: An inherent bonus may not exceed +5 for a single ability score, and inherent bonuses to a particular ability score do not stack, so only the best one applies.
  You can use multiple wish spells over time to grant inherent bonuses, the do not have to be "cast in immediate succession".
  > Due to the nature of PBP you may not delay into the opponents turn.

Catalog of Nonstandard Magic Items
Fading Bracers
 Aura faint illusion; CL 3rd
 Slot Wrist; Price 4,6000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
 These bracers look to be simple leather made bracers with a single turquoise gem set in the center. When activated the bracers cause the wearer to warp and distort as if by the blur spell. Granting a 20% miss chance on attack against the wearer. This item can be used twice per day for a 3 minute duration each activation.
 Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, blur; Cost 2,300 gp

Bracers of mirror image, 2/day, command word, caster level 3 (1d4+1 images, 3 minutes) for 16,000gp
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Sat 1 Apr 2017
at 21:31
OOC 1.1
I am working on getting your characters ready so you can add a sheet, but it's been some time since I did it, so it may be awhile.

I have 1 question, why gnomes?

OK, got the character sheets up, find a character sheet you like and use it for all of them.  I am working on a few more threads.

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Billie Vitzerwink
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
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OOC 1.1
In reply to DM (msg # 2):

Working on the characters now!

>Why gnomes?
They're my standard race... I think many others have humans for the standard, or even elf or dwarf, and that's less strange because they're more human and more popular in fiction, so I understand why people react to my gnome preference.
In addition, I see several benefits to playing gnome: They're often playful, which is nice because roleplaying is about having fun! Their somewhat chaotic mindsetand their adventure lust is a great combination, they can gladly go along with anything fun or interesting that pops up without need for further incentives - and they like to come up with creative solutions to things meaning its easy for me to follow an adventure path while also attempting to solve challenges creatively. Also the inherent charisma bonus is a great thing for roleplaying obviously! +Constitution benefits everyone, -Strength is a tough obstacle for a fighter to get over but it can be done. :)
Billie Vitzerwink
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
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OOC 1.1

Here's a common set of houserules, I use it myself sometimes. In this case, there's one change I'm interested in.

It is the one regarding Martial Mastery (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/...astery-combat-human/)

Feats that specify one weapon may come to be of some importance to my fighter (weapon focus, weapon specialization, etc)... If I take them as-is, I'll have to chose one type of weapon: either picking a really good one (possibly with exotic proficiency), or going with a somewhat common one hoping to find good drops eventually. Or skip them and try to find other good feats (and of course there are many, even though the passive bonuses from focus and specialization are great). But the issue is about drops - it would be cool to be able to pick up a magic greataxe dropped by some dude, and use it! It would be more adaptive to the story, rather than saving a bunch of stuff to sell and then trying to buy expensive magic weapons of specific kinds.

So, the question: Would you allow that feats and features (such as weapon focus, finesse training) that specify one weapon (i.e. dagger, battle axe, longspear) instead specify one weapon group (as per the fighter weapon training groups, i.e. light blades, heavy blades, axes)? It's still a choice of direction, just one open to more adaptation :)

Second question I just realized I had: Unchained rogue allowed? Would come into play at level 2 for the sorcerer!
 GM, 9 posts
Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 14:07
OOC 1.1
Unchained rog is good to use.  I will look at the rest, but not till later today.

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Billie Vitzerwink
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Mon 3 Apr 2017
at 10:35
OOC 1.1
Characters are done!
 GM, 10 posts
Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 00:51
OOC 1.1
I will be looking over the characters for a couple of days.  Meanwhile, be sure to include what these characters are doing for a living, any other family in the area, any particular relationships with the town/npcs and how you think the town should view your characters?
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 4 posts
Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 06:54
OOC 1.1
Alright, will work on that! :)
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 5 posts
Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 13:08
OOC 1.1
Just noticed you wrote "max gp for class"! I had thought it would be average, not bothering to look that little detail up. That means more shopping to do! :) Is it okay to buy level 1 potions (such as pot of CLW) without any rolls for availability?
 GM, 11 posts
Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 14:35
OOC 1.1
Yes 1st lvl potions are mostly fine.  Tell me what you want and i will tell you if its available.  Mostly stuff that would be considered dangerous/rarer classes might not be available.

Bards weapons are blank

So the fighter is/was an apprentice smith, the cleric and bard went traveling, what was the sor "day" job?

Just not enough time to post till sat.  I am looking at the pcs.

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Billie Vitzerwink
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Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 05:45
OOC 1.1
Yeah, I'm trying to find the time to sit down and finish it up too, no stress - we'll get there!
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 7 posts
Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 18:18
OOC 1.1
There we go, updated! Grabbed a potion of Shield with the bard, if that's alright!
 GM, 12 posts
Tue 11 Apr 2017
at 11:08
OOC 1.1
Work is going sideways at the moment and I am having a little DM burnout from another game so I am going to take a couple of weeks off.
Billie Vitzerwink
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Tue 11 Apr 2017
at 12:35
OOC 1.1
Alright, no stress! I'll visit the page occasionally so tell me if you, after a good break, want to pick it up again!
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
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OOC 1.1
Put what level fc bonus
(Cleric 1, +1 skill
        2, ...
        3, ...)
Highlight the spell dc (bold, underline, different color) - it makes it easier to find
Name the choices in traits and feats
(Explorer - +2 to climb, one knowledge(local).)
Spells with a range of personal (such as shield...) cannot be made into potions.
Misspelled Cayden Cailean

sor Nitly
Padded armor not in ac section.  I guess you don't normally wear it.  Note; it does have a 5% spell failure chance.
How did you get climb to be a class skill?

cleric Nash
chain weighs 20lbs (you got it correct in 1 place and wrong in the other)

Should know 1 lan for linguist (3 gnome, 1 trait, 2 int + 1 linguist)

General comments
The low con on a couple of characters could hurt their survival chances.
The small characters slow speed will be a big tactical issue.
You have no diplomacy in the group and the only social skill is intimidate.  Is this intentional or an oversight?
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 9 posts
Sun 16 Apr 2017
at 15:25
OOC 1.1
In reply to DM (msg # 15):

Thanks for the comments, that's quite an investigation you've conducted! :) It's great help, because keeping the vigilance up while filling out four sheets is hard! I'll reply to some of your questions and comments here, and will edit and correct things. I'm currently on vacation and I'm not sure yet if that means I've got more or less time for forum role playing, but either way I'll get back to you eventually. If I don't comment something you've written, I'll just edit it and get it right.

Spells with a range of personal (such as shield...) cannot be made into potions.
>Haha! Never bothered to read the potions rules all too much, I understand now that was a mistake because I thought perhaps only range: personal could be made into potions (which isn't logical because potion of CLW).

Misspelled Cayden Cailean
>It's a tough one to remember! :D

sor Nitly
Padded armor not in ac section.  I guess you don't normally wear it.  Note; it does have a 5% spell failure chance.
>Is meant to normally wear it - will correct! Nitly is going to dip straight into rogue and perhaps go SorcX/Rogue1 until she has sufficient spell level to multiclass into arcane trickster at which point she'll pick up the remaining rogue levels required. Might go Arcane Armor Training to deal with the arcane failure chance... But either way it's just a standard fumble chance - might be tough but probably worth it :D BUT: I see now that sorc isn't proficient with any armor... An unusual problem to encounter... I'll think about it.

How did you get climb to be a class skill?
>Mistake! Probably a combination of thinking about the Explorer racial trait and switching from editing another class.

The low con on a couple of characters could hurt their survival chances.
>Interesting, considering I'm playing a high-con race, that this becomes a problem! The ones with a +0 modifier are meant to be behind the others... I'll take another look at this.

The small characters slow speed will be a big tactical issue.
>Yup... I'll consider bumping Gontlebart's strength... Billie should eventually get back to better movement speed. I might have to trade their armors down one category and count the size bonus as a good enough bonus.

You have no diplomacy in the group and the only social skill is intimidate.  Is this intentional or an oversight?
>Tough prioritizing with skills. Nitly will get many ranks next level, as rogue. Gontlebart will be able to use his performance as diplomacy at level 2. And several of them have a good charisma score, so I thought that could probably be enough for level 1.
 GM, 14 posts
Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 00:17
OOC 1.1
I was sick since monday, but I am working on the 1st post now.  Do you have a recommendation for a good mapping software/website, preferably free?
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 10 posts
Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 07:08
OOC 1.1
Unfortunately I know no such software. Myself I've used the pathfinder arena map grids, shading unavailable areas, and printscreened parts of maps from the AP book. Characters are not completely updated yet I think, I'll probably get time to do it after my vacation (going home saturday!), or tomorrow :)
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 11 posts
Thu 4 May 2017
at 10:09
OOC 1.1
Sacrificing a little or a lot, my two weaker characters now have a much better constitution. :D Can't do too much about the speed however! I'll stick around and be ready whenever (if!) you're ready :) Got several campaigns I'm DMing so I totally understand where you're at, and I'll be patient - anyway being busy with other stuff sometimes :)
Gontlebart Alefizzle
 player, 1 post
Fri 26 May 2017
at 12:42
"How about the tale of Aetinduvial, the copper dragon?" Gontlebart had been pretty quiet for a time, leading his pony by a rope. Nash shrugged, she never got bored of Gontlebarts stories - but she never did pay too much attention to them either. He'd told them all before, and she usually just let his melodic voice go on in the back of her mind as she watched the landscape around them. "The part with the dragonslayers, or the part with the burnt down halfling village?" She looked at the farmlands far away on their right as she spoke to her brother. They had been wandering close to the Mushfens for a while now, but the road they followed was slowly turning inland towards drier and more civilized areas. "The dragonslayers!" Gontlebart replied, watching the road ahead as he thought of where to start. The siblings were used to traveling together, and it had been over a week since they left Wartle and even there they only stayed one night. Before that, they came from Whistledown, but they never used to stay long there either - it carried an eerie feeling they couldn't quite shake. Korvosa was the last place they lived in for more than a week.

"We begin our story when Jonatah, powerful transmuter; and Kinti, famous after the battle against the Ghoul Lord, have gathered a following of two dozen dwarves and humans and left Rifton village heading east, through the hills. The rumours of the dragon's plots to enslave the minds of every child in Rifton had been told for many years, but they had been stories used to scare the children to behave until young Kartz during her rite of passing into womanhood had suddenly spoken in the ancient tongue of the dragons, conjuring fantastic monsters out of the very earth. Fear spread through town, and she was soon driven out of the village - but the story of Kartz is a different one. Kinti, armed with a longspear shedding magical light as if containing a large bonfire, lead the villagers towards the hills..."

The rumbling and clanking noise from beyond the door didn't bother Nitly as she approached. Opening the door to Savah's Armory, she found Billie, her armor in her hands, standing with a pile of swords, greaves and other metal armor plates around her. "Well, help me pick it up!" Billie sighed, putting her splint mail next to her in a clear spot on the floor as Nitly burst into laughter before she could cover her mouth with her hand. Quickly, Nitly went down on her knees, stacking swords in a neat pile to make it easier putting them in the barrel that was knocked over. Trying to stop her laughter did not work out, and her occasional giggling bursts made her drop the swords several times - when she nearly cut herself on a sword it only got worse. "Alright, alright!" Billie smiled with her sister. She was done with her work for today - had been before she made a mess trying to open the door carrying the armor in her hands - and was about ready for the evening. "So, hrrm..." Nitly, cleared her through, trying to stop the laughing. "I talked to Cracktooth, and our plans are on for tonight! We'll just swing by there and grab the ale and sausages right after this... Were you planning on bringing that along?" Nitly looked at the armor her sister had been carrying. "No, no, I was just making some adjustments - I'll drop it off at home!" Billie were placing the last of the pauldrons on the display shelf. "Right! So, he told me we don't have to pay much - a silver for the sausages, and these are nice sausages! Told me I'll make it lavender to him when that shipment arrives, in a week or so. Nice, right?" Billie nodded, sausages on that hill overlooking the south-eastern lost coast road would make for a nice evening.

"When it emerged from its magical hiding place in the rock ceiling, the dragon had a sly look on its face. He thought he had won, the trap was sprung and the dwarves were all busy hacking away at the rock floor holding their catapult in place - not knowing it was now nothing more than a statue. It was at that time that Jonatah finished his spell, and all of the armed and angry humans grew to the size of trolls! Kinti yelled out, her voice mighty as it echoed through the chamber. COME OUT NOW, AND FACE US! But they did not know where the dragon was before-" "I see Sandpoint!" Nash interrupted Gontlebart for the first time throughout the story. The sun would soon set, and they stopped to watch for the roofs underneath the streams of smoke that rose from their chimneys. "You're right! We're soon there!" Gontlebart pulled the pony as they again started walking, their pace slightly higher, both smiling. "I can't wait to meet our cousins!"

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 GM, 15 posts
Mon 29 May 2017
at 13:46
work in progress
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 12 posts
Mon 19 Jun 2017
at 20:32
Thank you so much for taking your time for this, as I understand you're a busy GM. As are we all :D I've actually joined a real life RotRL group now as a player, so I will not be able to begin this campaign. Not sure if that is annoying to hear for you, if you've prepared a lot, or if it's a burden lifted from your shoulders. Either way, thanks for taking the time to do this - perhaps one day we'll end up playing together :)
 GM, 16 posts
Thu 22 Jun 2017
at 00:11
Im' sorry about flaking out.  I thought that a game so close to the other I am running could work, but I just couldn't find time.
Billie Vitzerwink
 player, 13 posts
Thu 22 Jun 2017
at 10:42
In reply to DM (msg # 23):

No problem at all! I think that's a thing we do, we who like to DM, take on a bit more work than we're actually capable of doing... I do that all the time :) I was going to play a real life campaign anyway and the choice among the rest of the group happened to fall on RotRL, which I didn't say no to. Thanks again!